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  • TV-PG
  • 2003
  • 1 Season
  • 6.6  (168)

This series is set in Tokyo in the year 2023. The city is being attacked by beings known as the Lucifer Hawks. The all female police led by Katsumi have to fight off these creatures and keep the people of Tokyo safe.

Silent Mobius
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26. Tomorrow
April 26, 2003
Katsumi is horrified by what she finds after breaking out of Medium's control. At a press conference, the government comes clean about the existence of Lucifer Hawks and AMP. The AMP crew takes stock and vows to continue onwards to total victory over the Hawks.
Count Down
25. Count Down
April 25, 2003
As AMP headquarters is steadily taken over by the Lucifer Hawks, Kiddy and Lum Cheng confront Katsumi and conclude that attempting to reason with her is hopeless. Mana decides to employ the desperate L-Mission self destruct program in hopes of destroying the Hawks en masse. The building, and later Tōkyō as a whole, is ordered to be evacuated. But the AMP members are torn between obeying orders to flee and attempting to rescue their comrades.
Hell Road
24. Hell Road
April 24, 2003
The AMP team is in a shambles, with Katsumi having turned into their most powerful enemy and the ESPer Yuki being driven to hysteria by her visions about different possible futures. Rally is summoned by Ganossa to meet him alone; she goes, despite knowing that this is in all likelihood a trap. And then another AMP member turns out not to be what she appeared to be.
Life Again
23. Life Again
April 23, 2003
What with Katsumi a traitor and AMP about to be disbanded, morale is low. Yuki cannot believe what has happened and her abilities are out of control. Kiddy gets a disturbing piece of information from Ralph. Along with Lum Cheng and Lebia she is dispatched to the huge Cyclotron below the town - and the three are shocked by what they find.
22. Crying
April 22, 2003
Katsumi seems to be in anguish over Lebia being seriously injured, but Mana and Rally wonder if she may have intentionally caused the accident herself. They fear that she has been possessed by the demon sword "Medium", and staged the crash to remove the most skillful defender of the Police computer files. This would enable Ganossa to seize the "Avalanche files" about Project Gaia - something he absolutely needs.
Dark Side of the Moon
21. Dark Side of the Moon
April 21, 2003
During the six months following the death of Roy De Vice there have been no serious Lucifer Hawk incidents and the importance of AMP has been drastically downgraded. After being missing for all this time, Katsumi finally shows up again. However, based on some disturbing comments made by AMP's second chief Mana Isozaki, Kiddy is uncertain as to whether she can be trusted anymore.
20. Love
April 18, 2003
Katsumi and Roy struggle to escape from Ganossa, and in so doing realize their love for one another. But their problems have just begun...
Back of a Coin
19. Back of a Coin
April 17, 2003
It's been a week since Katsumi has last spoken to Roy, but if she's the one who chose to end the relationship, why does she look so glum? It's both their day off today, and though they were originally supposed to spend it together, Katsumi is now sitting alone in a diner, drowning her sorrows in a plate of cookies. Unfortunately, Lum Cheng -- the only person she'd want to see less than Roy at this point -- comes into the restaurant and sits in the booth behind her. Lum Cheng has a thing for Roy, and Katsumi is shocked that she isn't out with him right now, especially since after dumping him she told her that she was free to move in for the kill. After some heated words, something that usually accompanies a conversation with the obnoxious Lum Cheng, Katsumi tries to smooth things over by offering her AMP teammate a cookie. Lum Cheng's reply is to tell Katsumi to stop offering things to her that she not longer wants, because she isn't a trash can. Despite that verbal barb, Katsumi soon
18. Domull
April 16, 2003
Katsumi and Roy are out on another date, but the results are the same as before: At least one of them has something else on their mind. This time it's Katsumi, who excuses herself from the table and goes home even before their meal arrives. She continues to act strangely the next day at work, moping around the office, until she finally seeks advice from Rally. Katsumi asks her if she's ever been in love, to which Rally responds that she's given up all hope for happiness, and instead takes comfort in her work. Though they both possess Lucifer Hawk blood, Rally insists that Katsumi's situation is different from her own, that she is much further removed from her evil heritage. Though what Rally says is true, it's of little comfort to Katsumi, especially when Roy has said he would not be able to kill her if she eventually turned into a Lucifer Hawk. Roy was recently unable to kill a co-worker transformed into a monster during the course of a top secret police investigation, so there's no w
17. Destiny
April 15, 2003
Tokyo isn't much fun these days, especially if you're a cop. The police department already had its hands full with the Lucifer Hawks, but now there's also a serial killer on the loose. After a dozen people are strangled, the cops finally crack the case. Unfortunately, the suspect in custody is AMP member Kiddy Phenil. Given her violent temper, Kiddy is certainly capable of murder, but she's no serial killer. She was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. After investigating a scream she heard coming from a dark alley, Kiddy encounters the real culprit, a killer cyborg known as a megadyne. Kiddy tries to battle the megadyne, but after touching it she feels too weak to go on. The megadyne flees, leaving Kiddy with blood on her hands and surrounded by cops. Things only get worse for Kiddy when her boyfriend, Ralph Bombers, is thrown off the case after a run-in with the commissioner. Ignoring orders from above, Ralph sets out with Katsumi to find to real killer while the rest of the te
16. Labyrinth
April 14, 2003
As Yuki window-shops, an antique coffee grinder catches her eye. It would make a lovely addition to her café, but she can barely afford the beans, let alone the grinder. Yuki tries to walk away, but she doesn't have the willpower. She turns around to pick up her latest purchase. Walking into the store is easy. Asking the price is the hard part. But the elderly shopkeeper stuns her by saying he isn't interested in money. For this generosity, he wants only one thing in return: her life. The shopkeeper reveals himself to be a Lucifer Hawk, and he has orders from Rally's sister Rosa to exterminate the AMP, one member at a time. The battle ends in a standstill with Yuki unconscious and on the grass in a park far from the antique shop. There's definitely something strange going on. After she wakes up and picks up a newspaper, Yuki figures it out. The date is 1997. Yuki has woken up a full 30 years in the past. She's freaked out at first, but Yuki eventually finds a friend in Toru Washio, who
Lum Cheng
15. Lum Cheng
April 11, 2003
The war with the Lucifer Hawks has taken a turn for the worse. The Lucifer Hawks have joined forces with humans looking for food. The Ghouls -- the gang that terrorized Katsumi and Roy during her training -- rob and beat an unsuspecting target, and the Lucifer Hawks then swoop in to finish the job. It may be time for the understaffed AMP to expand. Though he's too old to join the battle, Avalanche Wong, a longtime ally of Rally, can offer the services of his last apprentice -- his granddaughter Lum Cheng. But it doesn't take Lum Cheng very long to get on everyone's nerves. First she dumps Yuki's tea because it's the wrong flavor, then she refuses to clean the kitchen. Her nasty disposition has her AMP teammates ready to ship her back to China, but Katsumi, remembering how difficult it can be living far from home, decides to take Lum Cheng under her wing. Katsumi refuses to believe that the new recruit is as rude as she seems, and after some tense moments at dinner, Lum Chen
Mobius Klein
14. Mobius Klein
April 10, 2003
Troubled by the news that she is half Lucifer Hawk, Katsumi runs away from the AMP and six months later, she seems to have finally gotten her life in order. That serenity will disappear in an instant, however, when she comes to the aid of three men attacked by a Lucifer Hawk on the beach near her home. Instead of being grateful, the men turn on Katsumi, assuming correctly that she is a category four Lucifer Hawk, the offspring of creature and human. She's whisked away to safety by the very creature that she just injured, but their hiding place is soon discovered. In an effort to save Katsumi, the Lucifer Hawk sacrifices himself to divert the mob's attention. Instead of fleeing, Katsumi goes outside to confront them, where she herself is about to be killed. With a wave of his hand, Ganossa Maximillian freezes time, stopping the bullets inches from her body. He tells her that that last six months have actually been an illusion, and she is back where she was shortly after storming out of
Category 4
13. Category 4
April 9, 2003
Rosa, Rally Cheyenne's sister, arrives at AMP headquarters after a long absence, but it's only with the intent of destroying both the AMP and its leader. Rally is able to overcome her evil sibling, but not before she reveals to the officers of the AMP that their leader is half Lucifer Hawk. Choosing to believe that Rally is more human than bloodthirsty creature, they all pledge to continue to follow her, with one notable exception. Rosa also tells Katsumi that she possesses Lucifer Hawk blood as well, and the revelation proves too much to bear, as Katsumi runs off, resigning from the team in the process. That was six months ago, and Katsumi seems to have finally put the past behind her. She's doing data entry work from home, a home she apparently shares with Roy. He's preparing for a promotion exam that will allow him to spend more time with her, and he also seems to have plans to propose sometime soon. Life is good, until Katsumi turns on the television one day and sees the f
12. Sister
April 8, 2003
After laying low for a little while, the Lucifer Hawks are back, and their feeding frenzies are more numerous than ever. When a woman is cornered and killed in an alley, it marks the fifteenth such incident this month alone, meaning the AMP will soon need outside help if the frequency of attacks doesn't let up. Katsumi, meanwhile, is out on a date with Roy, but the recent murder spree is weighing heavily on his mind, and all he can talk about is his job. Their time together is mercifully cut short when they both receive a phone call from work, which for Katsumi means yet another rash of Lucifer Hawk appearances that draws her and most of the team away from headquarters. Rally, however, remains in her office, suddenly stricken by memories of her and her sister Rosa being hunted down by an angry mob. Rosa, fed up with the treatment they receive, says that she is going to a place where she will be accepted, despite Rally's protests. That was the last time Rally had seen her sister -
Alice in Logic-Space
11. Alice in Logic-Space
April 7, 2003
Though they take their jobs very seriously, the officers of the AMP are always up for a good party, and judging from the looks of Lebia's apartment, this was a good one. The hostess is at her computer and compulsive neat freak Nami is attempting to clean up the mess, but their other four teammates are all passed out around the pool. When they do eventually awaken, however, the chaos that is going on outside Lebia's window will quickly make them forget any hangover they may have incurred from the previous night's festivities. Thanks to an unknown hacker, every computer system in Tokyo has crashed, and because of the city's reliance upon artificial intelligence, life has ground to a halt. The team soon learns that not all of Tokyo is down; six locations, including Lebia's own apartment, are still functioning as if nothing has happened. What do places as seemingly random as a bread factory, a train station, or an amusement park have in common with one another? They aren't sure yet,
10. XRP-77
April 4, 2003
Three little girls have escaped from a prison-like facility, but they aren't safe yet, as the vehicle in pursuit is unwilling to let them go so easily. One of the girls points to the city of Tokyo across the bay, and tells the other two, named Lisa and Hiroko, that there are people there who can help them. Despite the rough seas in front of them, death is apparently a better fate than what they just left behind, and they jump in. It turns out that the third girl instructing them to jump was Yuki, whose bubbly demeanor belies this troubled past. The smile leaves her face, however, when she sees a news report at AMP headquarters about the recent murder of two women -- named Lisa and Hiroko. Troubled by the news, Yuki leaves work early and finds herself reminiscing about her two deceased friends. She is interrupted by a shadowy figure approaching her door, which turns out to be Annie, another friend from the past, who warns Yuki that someone is trying to get rid of them. Yuki comfor
Tokyo Antique
9. Tokyo Antique
April 3, 2003
An encounter with a category three Lucifer Hawk leaves Katsumi badly injured, but the hospital is the safest place for her to be, considering that the creature is still on her trail. A strange voice in her head, however, prompts Katsumi to leave behind the AMP protective barrier that surrounds the building, an action that places her in grave danger. Surprisingly, the voice does not belong to the Lucifer Hawk, but rather to Grosspoliner, the mystical sword that once belonged to her father. Freeing Grosspoliner from the tower that has served as its prison since the turn of the century, Katsumi finds both a new companion and a powerful ally in the battle against the Lucifer Hawks. Katsumi is eventually healthy enough to return to active duty, but it's her life outside of work that's now in shambles, as she learns that her apartment has been destroyed. Unfortunately, payday isn't anytime soon, so a hotel is out of the question. Instead, it looks as if she and Grosspoliner will be spe
Yes, My Master
8. Yes, My Master
April 2, 2003
The category three Lucifer Hawk that has appeared to Katsumi Liqueur twice in the past has resurfaced, still intent of bringing her back to his world. The outcome of their rooftop battle is different from the last time they met, however, as the creature has had ample time to analyze her powers, meaning Katsumi's spells are no longer effective. The Lucifer Hawk also swore after their last confrontation that he would show no mercy the next time they met, and he's got Katsumi right where he wants her, dangling helplessly from the end of a pole. At the last possible second, Katsumi uses her dagger to wound her unsuspecting assailant, but she is herself badly injured as a result and must be hospitalized. Katsumi's father brought the Lucifer Hawk into this world, which is why they feel it's her responsibility to open the gates of Nemesis for them. It's for that reason that they'll never stop hunting Katsumi, and why she's particularly vulnerable now, unconscious in a hospital bed. H
Kagome Kagome
7. Kagome Kagome
April 1, 2003
Though things got off to a rocky start, Kiddy's relationship with Sergeant Ralph Bombers seems to be working out, or at least that's what the grin on her face at work would lead her AMP teammates to believe. Emerging from yet another daydream, Kiddy finds the rest of the group laughing at her giddiness, and she's none too happy about it. She needn't be embarrassed for very long, however, as attention shifts toward Nami Yamigumo's shocking revelation that she never even thinks about having a boyfriend. Nami usually keeps her feelings bottled up, but this statement is far too interesting not to investigate further. Unfortunately, any probe into her personal life will have to wait, as Nami's sister unexpectedly arrives at AMP headquarters with the intention of brining her home. At her grandfather's request, Nami is to take a leave of absence from her police duties so that he may pass on to her a sacred sword in a ceremony naming her as heir to the powerful and revered Yamigumo clan.
6. Megadyne
March 31, 2003
The Lucifer Hawks haven't shown their faces much lately, which means a lot of sitting around for the AMP. Most of the group relishes this rare opportunity to relax, but Kiddy, the muscle behind the group, gets antsy when she isn't killing something. Luckily for her, Sergeant Ralph Bombers is heading her way in the corridor. She has already choked him twice during the course of AMP's investigations, and she also beat him up at their recent party, throwing him into a pile of garbage for good measure. For some reason, Bombers still hasn't learned his lesson. He just loves to get under her skin, and this latest confrontation is no exception, as she chokes him again. His response to the latest beating? He asks her out on a date, and for some strange reason, Kiddy says yes. They of course argue throughout dinner, but he must be a glutton for punishment, because he asks her out again. They argue over everything from his boring personality and her need for a makeover to what vegetable is
Let's Have A Party
5. Let's Have A Party
March 28, 2003
Katsumi isn't on the job very long before she starts making waves, as her disregard for orders incurs the wrath of both her superior and teammates. Though she truly believed she was capable of confronting a Lucifer Hawk on her own, the only thanks she receives comes in the form of a stern reprimand from Rally Cheyenne and a cold shoulder from the others. How does Katsumi respond? By again striking out on her own to chase down a Lucifer Hawk. This time, however, she walks right into an ambush and is quickly surrounded by far more of the creatures than she can possibly handle on her own. Yuki, the only AMP member who has made any effort to get to know Katsumi, has just finished a long heart-to-heart talk with her, so she's luckily close enough to send out a distress signal. Thanks to some persuasive words from Yuki, Katsumi finally earns the friendship of all the AMP members. Fighting side-by-side against a Lucifer Hawk proves to be quite a bonding experience as well. Though eve
Break In
4. Break In
March 27, 2003
Although Katsumi has been invited by Rally Cheyenne to join AMP, she still needs police training. And based on her abysmal performance, she'll need all the help she can get. A police sergeant just back from suspension is assigned to act as her tutor. He has his work cut out for him. Though they crash land in the most dangerous part of the city, Katsumi is able to carry her injured and unconscious partner to safety, barely eluding a gang of masked criminals with a particularly strong hatred for cops. The sergeant never thought she'd get as far as she did, which can only mean that her training is complete. Unfortunately, his problem with authority may have rubbed off on Katsumi, because she disobeys orders and runs off from the rest of the group to confront a category two Lucifer Hawk on her own. When she's confronted by Cheyenne she makes things worse by saying that she thought she could fight the creature by herself. This enrages her boss and alienates her teammates, who consi
Tokyo Underground
3. Tokyo Underground
March 26, 2003
Upset over the real reason Rally Cheyenne brought her to Tokyo. Despite what they thought was an adequate barrier against the Lucifer Hawk, one manages to penetrate AMP's defenses and make contact with a sleeping Katsumi. By the time two officers reach her room, a category-three Lucifer Hawk has already shown Katsumi secrets from her past. What she learns is apparently interesting enough to make her go to police headquarters with her two AMP bodyguards. While there, she again meets up with the creature that offered her a glimpse into her past. To the dismay of AMP, she seemingly decides to join him in their world, a place called Nemesis. She ultimately rejects the creature, but she'll have some backup against his future wrath, as she finally accepts AMP's invitation to join their elite force. There's only one small problem -- she was a secretary in Hawaii only days earlier, and her utter lack of skill clearly shows through. To ensure her improvement, AMP brings in a talented bu
2. Decide
March 25, 2003
Haunted by visions of her deceased mother, Katsumi Liqueur heads off to Tokyo at the request of Rally Cheyenne, a police officer who claims to have information concerning her mother's mysterious death several years earlier. Expecting a smooth landing, Katsumi instead notices the Lucifer Hawk that sensed her arrival to the city standing on the wing of her plane. She awakens to burning pieces of the aircraft -- and to the creature as well, which chases her down and corners her. The members of AMP arrive just in time, but their efforts to control the Lucifer Hawk are for the most part ineffective. Katsumi then calls upon a power she herself didn't realize she had, and destroys the creature. Cheyenne arrives shortly afterwards to explain as much as she can. Though information concerning the threat she just faced is scarce, it is known that there are three types of Lucifer Hawks. Category one is the most plentiful but least intelligent, and category two is somewhat smarter, and cap
1. Awake
March 24, 2003
The year is 2024, and it's a rainy night in Tokyo. Getting soaked is the least of one man's troubles, however, as he is fleeing from something that has him visibly shaken. One wrong turn down an alley, and the man becomes a bloody crime scene, courtesy of a towering, shadowy figure. Two detectives converge on the alley to collect evidence, but they're interrupted by four females belonging to AMP (the Attacked Mystification Police Department), a division of the Tokyo police force. Judging from how they are greeted by the two male cops, their organization doesn't command much respect from others in the department. AMP is there because they specialize in destroying the Lucifer Hawk, the perpetrator of this crime and a life form discovered at the turn of the century that feeds on humans. Unfortunately, the creature is still around, and emerges from through a wall ready for another meal. Something, however, captures its attention and it takes off in pursuit. What the Lucifer Hawk s

This series is set in Tokyo in the year 2023. The city is being attacked by beings known as the Lucifer Hawks. The all female police led by Katsumi have to fight off these creatures and keep the people of Tokyo safe.

  • Premiere Date
    March 24, 2003
  • IMDB Rating
    6.6  (168)