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Slings & Arrows follows the ups and downs of a theater company in Toronto led by the passionate but unstable Geoffrey Tennant. The New Burbage Shakespearean Festival is facing criticism for becoming too commercialized when its artistic director Oliver Welles dies in a sudden car accident. His estranged friend and former partner Tennant is brought in to replace him, but soon finds himself clashing with old friends and rivals and literally haunted by the ghost of Welles. Things are made even more complicated by the presence at New Burbage of Ellen Fanshaw, Tennant's old flame and high maintenance leading actress.

Slings & Arrows is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (18 episodes). The series first aired on November 3, 2003.

Slings & Arrows is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Slings & Arrows on demand atApple TV+, Amazon Prime online.

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3 Seasons, 18 Episodes
November 3, 2003
Cast: Paul Gross, Martha Burns, Stephen Ouimette, Susan Coyne, Mark McKinney
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Slings & Arrows Full Episode Guide

  • The forced cancellation of King Lear brings severe consequences to the actors and festival staff, especially Geoffrey and Anna. Refusing to surrender, however, Geoffrey reassembles the cast and crew for a single, illicit, underground performance of the play--for Charles, for themselves, and for their art.

  • Anna, the festival's efficient assistant manager, steps in to help Geoffrey with Charles. But King Lear loses its Regan as actress Ellen Fanshaw flees the festival for the promise of a big payday on TV.

  • The final rehearsal of King Lear turns into a full-on train wreck, as Charles fumbles dozens of lines. With East Hastings a smashing success, Richard--now known as "Big Dick" among his youthful admirers--proposes the heretofore unthinkable: moving the Shakespearean tragedy into the workshop stage and the musical into the main venue.

  • Charles's erratic behavior becomes more and more disruptive, prompting Geoffrey to consider replacing him. As tensions grow within the cast of Lear, personal and professional jealousies widen the rift between the Shakespearean actors and the eager young players in the musical.

  • Charles Kingman--the theatrical lion whom Geoffrey has recruited to play Lear--brings some secret demons of his own to the production and immediately alienates cast and crew alike. Meanwhile, the festival's general manager, Richard Smith-Jones, flexes his creative muscles.

  • Geoffrey resorts to drastic measures to ensure an excellent performance from his lead actor. Darren tinkers with his disastrous vision of Romeo and Juliet

  • After a passionate rehearsal, Sarah and Patrick spend the night together. Geoffrey is coaxed into asking Henry Breedlove to return to the production of Macbeth, causing their egos to collide.

  • After clashing with Ellen, Geoffrey moves into an old storage room at the theater. The festival's contentious advertising campaign brings even more financial woes.

  • A heavy pall hangs over the festival when Geoffrey's former nemesis Darren Nichols steps in as director on Romeo and Juliet after a tragic accident. Meanwhile, Froghammer Advertising launches a controversial ad that causes an uproar among subscribers.

  • After the demise of Ellen's proposal, she rekindles her romance with Geoffrey. Geoffrey has his hands full when he realizes the theater is going broke. Richard employs an advertising agency to come up with an idea to generate some money for the theater.

  • With a triumphant version of Hamlet now behind them one would think that New Burbage's Theater Festival would be relieved of its financial troubles, but that isn't the case.

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