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This is the classic 1966 Hanna-Barbera series Space Ghost as originally aired, accompanied by Dino Boy in the complete series of twenty episodes. Space ghost follows the sci-fi adventures of the hero of the same name in his crime fighting space ship The Phantom Cruiser accompanied by his young sidekicks Jace and Jan as well as their monkey Blip. Space adventures about as they are beset by such villains as Moltar, Zorak, Lokar, Black Widow, the Creature King, Metallus, Brak and his brother Sisto. Much mischief and action is in store as at least one of the assistants will be kidnapped by the villains and Space Ghost will have to make a heroic rescue.

Meanwhile Dino Boy in the Lost Valley follows a young boy named Todd who parachuted from a nose-diving plane with his parents still on board straight into a mysterious and uncharted South American valley full of dinosaurs and cavemen as well as strange tribe or Moss Men, Rock Pygmies, Worm People, Vampire Men, and many more. Luckily Todd is found by the caveman Ugh and his pet Brontosaurus Bronty, and the three become fast friends having adventures and surviving the strange prehistoric world they find themselves in.

1 Season, 60 Episodes
September 10, 1966
Animation & Cartoons
Cast: Gary Owens, John David Carson, Tim Matheson, Don Messick
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Space Ghost and Dino Boy Full Episode Guide

  • Moltar has trapped Space Ghost in one of his ovens and begins to pour in 300,000 degree molten material! But Space Ghost's freeze field protects him. He blasts an escape tunnel, but Moltar sends molten fire rockets after him. Space Ghost deals with them using his Scatter Ray and his Destructo Ray, then returns to deal with Moltar. As he does, Moltar sends synthothermal robots to capture Jan and Jace - their sensors can pierce the twins' inviso-power! Space Ghost must surrender lest Moltar vaporize Jan and Jace. Moltar then puts Space Ghost on a ship and sends him to Amzot. Unfortunately for Moltar, Amzot hosts the Herculoids, who easily free Space Ghost. Space Ghost returns and overloads Moltar's furnaces with his Heat Force, forcing Moltar to flee. But Brak has an arsenal of rays, and he's up next...

  • Zorak has lured Space Ghost with a false distress signal, and blasted him from ambush! Luckily, Space Ghost realized a distress signal from Moltar's Planet was likely a trap, and projected an image ahead of the real Ghost Ship - that's what Zorak destroyed! Zorak next send a Space Hive full of killer insects that traps Space Ghost. Zorak also traps Jan and Jace in a capsule and ejects them into space. They crash on a watery planet where Moby Dick the Super Whale frees them. Meanwhile, an electric centipede threatens Space Ghost; Jan and Jace return in time to activate his power band, enabling him to dispatch the horror and escape the hive. But Zorak has trapped Jan and Jace in a cave, and Moltar has plans...

  • Space Ghost defeated Metallus, only to run afoul of the Creature King's horrible monster! A hundred feet tall, it breathes fire! The electro-shock force field frees the Ghost Ship, so Creature King returns to his world to direct his creatures personally: sulfur bats! Space Ghost deals with two of them, only to fall to the third one's noxious breath. In Creature King's arena, Space Ghost must fight the King's creatures without his power bands! Fortunately, Blip distracts Creature King and recovers the power bands. But Jace's error sends Space Ghost and a monster into the past, where Mightor and Tog help him defeat the beast. Before Space Ghost returns, Creature King escapes! But Zorak and Moltar wait to pounce...

  • Six of Space Ghost's most dangerous foes have gathered. Metallus, Spider Woman, Creature King, Brak, Zorak and Moltar have joined forces as the Council of Doom! Its purpose is the utter destruction of Space Ghost! Metallus strikes first with an armada of super robot rockets. A Borer Robot bypasses the force dome, forcing the team to flee into the clutches of Freeze Robots! Jan and Jace flee the doomed Ghost Ship only to fall to capture robots; Metallus orders Space Ghost to surrender. Blasted into space inside a missile, Space Ghost escapes when Blip activates his power bands, and then returns to deal with Metallus, causing an explosion that makes Metallus' robots attack his own ship. But the Ghost Ship is badly off and Space Ghost lands to repair it - on the Creature King's planet! A monster grabs the Ghost Ship! Is this the end?

  • Brak lurks in wait for a gold shipment. His sleeping gas missile easily penetrates the gold ship's armor and he makes off with the entire gold shipment! Space Ghost sends Jan and Jace back to the Ghost Planet has he follows Brak's trail. Before they can leave, Brak's ship lands on the planet where they're picnicking, and Blip inadvertently leads Jan into a pit that leads to Brak's treasure cave! As Brak prepares to "disappear" Jan, Space Ghost and Jace burst in! Brak and his henchman hide inside ray shelters and nearly overpower Space Ghost before Jace knocks out the henchman and Space Ghost's Destroyer Ray finishes off Brak!

  • Dino Boy discourages a falcon from killing a crane with a well-placed slingshot bullet. But the falcon belongs to a Spear Warrior, and that Spear Warrior is angry! He charges the pair atop his triceratops mount. Ugh manages to seize his spear and pitch him to the ground. He responds by blowing into a shell, summon more of his people. Surrounded by spear warriors, Dino Boy and Ugh are captured! Their chief explains that they have attacked Boltar, their champion, who must have revenge. Their choice is combat on the field or honor or death in the torture dungeons!

  • Moltar, of the Molten Planet, has created molten men who obey his orders. Formed of molten rock and imbued with energy, they are the means by which Moltar will bend the universe to his will! Jan and Jace have the ill-fortune to be patrolling in the area when Moltar needs a test subject, so he choses them! A molten man in a molten ship forces down their Space Coupe. As the molten man attacks, they reach Space Ghost, and Moltar dispatches his entire molten fleet! Space Ghost wins round one, but Moltar has a limitless supply of molten men! Space Ghost breaks into the base, but Moltar traps everyone in a huge oven! Space Ghost blasts free, and the sudden inrush of cold causes a chain reaction, destroying the Molten Planet!

  • The Sorcerer has accumulated vast power by studying the greatest sorcerers ever. He longs for an opponent able to challenge him. And then Space Ghost's face appears in his crystal ball and warns him to stop using his great powers for evil! When Space Ghost comes in person The Sorcerer sends a giant moth to stuns him with a ray and wrap him in a cocoon. Then he transforms Jan and Jace into larger versions of Blip! The Sorcerer next materializes a Divido-cyclops that splits into identical duplicates when Space Ghost hits it! Space Ghost's Reversing Force finishes it off. Then The Sorcerer puts all his power into a dragon that nearly burns through Space Ghost's ice force field, before he dispels it with hypno-force mind power. Before The Sorcerer can do more, Jace grabs his wand and transforms The Sorcerer into a giant vulture!

  • The Creature King's giant ark travels through space bearing the vanguard of his army of mind controlled creatues with which he intends to conquer Jupiter and then the universe! Space Ghost orders the villain to surrender. The Creature King refuses, so Space Ghost destroys the ark's power, forcing the King to land. But that just means the first target of the creatures is Space Ghost and his companions! The King releases laser-eyed bats, spiny armadillos, scaly apes and deadly winged serpents to destroy Space Ghost! Space Ghost knows he has to stop this at the source, so he tunnels under the King's force field and smashes his control helmet. Then he and his friends prod the animals back into their cages.

  • A vicious fight leaves Ugh a captive of the sinister Sun People, who take him to their walled City of the Sun, there to be a sacrifice to their Sun God. The Sun God is actually an immense statue that moves down a track and crushes the sacrifice when the high priest pulls a lever. The Sun People tie Ugh to their altar to await the dawn, which will be his last. Dino Boy discovers the fight scene and from the debris there realizes who has taken Ugh. Entering the city through a river port that passes under the wall, he knocks a guard cold and starts to free Ugh, but the high priest surprises them and captures Dino Boy - until Ugh grabs him and hurls him onto the altar. Before he can escape the Sun God crushes him. Dino Boy and Ugh flee the city before the guards can recapture them.

  • Jan and Jace set the Space Coupe down on a strange planet for repairs. But they have inadvertently picked the site of the fabled City of Glass, home of the sinister Glasstor, a twenty foot tall villain made entirely of glass! Glasstor captures the twins, but Blip uses their signaler to contact Space Ghost, who demands Glasstor free the twins. Glasstor responds with a ray that creates a glass shell around Space Ghost, freezing him in place! Thinking quickly, Blip rams the glass prison, shattering it and freeing Space Ghost, who makes short work of the glass men. Glasstor launches the twins on an endless journey into space! Space Ghost frees the twins, and returns to discover that Blip has trapped Glasstor in one of his own glass prisons!

  • Jan and Jace spot a wrecked cruiser and investigate. A strange ray disables their Space Coupe, and when they check out the wreck they see that it is only a shell. They've fallen into a trap constructed by Zorgat, Ruler of the Rock Robots, who turns his stony sentinels loose on the pair! Fortunately, Space Ghost hears their plea for help. Arriving, he learns Zorgat wants to pool their power so they may rule the galaxy together! Space Ghost turns him down flat and then fights an army of Rock Robots, one of which overpowers him. Fortunately, Jace escapes and helps Space Ghost recover the use of his power bands. Zorgat tries his full power against Space Ghost's full power, causing a huge explosion!

  • The Sun People are up to no good - they've loosed their lizard hounds to hunt down a captive! Ugh tells Dino Boy that the lizard hounds never give up until they kill! The captive soon escapes, but Dino Boy leans out too far, dislodging stones and drawing the attention of the Sun People! Now Ugh is the quarry! He draws the lizard hounds from Dino Boy, but they corner him in a tar pit swamp. His only chance is to climb a log and jump to a nearby rock ledge, but he can't quite make it! As he dangles, the lizard hounds climb the log after him. Fortunately, Dino Boy finds a handy vine and rescues Ugh as the lizard hounds leap! They fall into the swamp, never to surface. Enraged, the Sun People begin hurling spears - and when one of these glances off a large "boulder," it raises a toothsome head and roars in rage! The hunters have become the hunted!

  • The evil Zorak's minions have devised a super robot called Titanor to challenge Space Ghost. It's force ray can shatter an indestructible sheet of styranatanium, and its force field can shrug off Space Ghost's attack! Zorak challenges Space Ghost: if he can defeat Titanor, Zorak will leave and never return, but if Space Ghost loses, he must leave and never return. Space Ghost accepts. Titanor has no problem defeating Space Ghost, who prepares to keep his promise. But Jan and Jace discover that Zorak prepared for the fight by replacing Space Ghost's power bands with less powerful copies! His power bands restored, Space Ghost has little difficulty smashing Titanor to junk with a Pile Driver Ray.

  • Trying out his new kite as a paraglider, Dino Boy suffers a mishap! The rope breaks and the winds sweep him to a strange red cliff - whose many shallow caves host the Vampire Men and their King! Ug rescues Dino Boy before the King can make a meal of him, but with many vampire men on their trail, they must dive into a river for safety, and then survive a tall waterfall. Luckily, Ug sent Bronty for help from Tusko, a mammoth, who plucks them from a branch over the waterfall with moments to spare. Dino Boy then develops a new kite, but none of his friends will let him try it; Tusko grabs it and smashes it to pieces!

  • Evil Metallus invites Space Ghost aboard his Man of War, where he shows off his latest creation - metal men. These creatures can track down and destroy any object, anywhere. After the demonstration, Metallus reveals his plan to launch thousands of the metal men in just one hour. But Space Ghost won't wait - he launches a pre-emptive strike while on Inviso-Power. Unfortunately, Metallus has also mastered invisibility, and has many more metal men all designed to track and destroy Space Ghost!

  • Having captured Jan and Jace, Dr. Nightmare demonstrates some of the creatures he's created to help him take over the galaxy, including the ferocious Gargoyloid. Using a plasto-mask and a gift for imitating voices, he tricks Space Ghost into coming to his base on Arc 43 in the Omicron sector, where he plans to steal Space Ghost's brain and use it to power his most destructive creation yet! But when Space Ghost escapes and frees Jan and Jace, the Doctor looses his brainless monster. Then a near-miss angers it, and it turns on its creator!

  • Dino Boy and Ugh rescue Goomwah from the Birmen - men who ride giant, prehistoric birds - who hunt him. Then they must brave a dangerous river, fend off a hungry octopus, dodge giant bees, evade snake men and escape dangerous rapids in order to escort Goomwah to his home. As the tired pair return to their home, they discover that Goomwah has followed them - he had so much fun that he wants to do it all again tomorrow!

  • Jace, testing his new Time Regressor, accidentally sends Jan back to Viking Days, where she becomes the slave of Tarko the Terrible! He travels back to rescue her but soon finds himself in trouble, overpowered by Tarko's men. Luckily, Space Ghost realizes where the pair has gone and follows them. He overpowers Tarko, earning the Viking's respect and an invitation to his lodge as guests. But they must return - Space Ghost remembered what Jace didn't - to see the automatic recall computer.

  • When a strange metal bird destroys several satellites, it wrecks havoc with communications. Jan and Jase summon Space Ghost, who quickly runs into a different metal bird - a Metallo-Hawk. Driving it off, he abandons the Phantom Cruiser and follows the metal bird to its roost on Inviso-Power. But the master of the metal birds detects him and locates him with a Silhouette Ray that casts shadows even of invisible objects! The twisted master of metal birds plans to destroy all communications satellites, everywhere. A sneak attack drops Space Ghost, but Jan and Jace come to his rescue. They evade the birds for awhile until a Metallo-Hawk seizes the Space Coupe - and when it arrives at the madman's base, it's empty! Jan and Jace ejected under Inviso-Power. They free Space Ghost who easily deals with the remaining bird guards, while Blip traps their master in the Space Coupe!

  • Dino Boy flees a saber-toothed tiger on the back of his dinosaur Bronty. But he fails to see a low hanging branch; moments after escaping the giant cat, the branch knocks him off Bronty and leaves him stunned! Then Rock Pygmies trap Bronty and try to cage him! Fortunately, Ug has a few friends of his own, including Tusko, a giant mammoth. With its help, Dino Boy and his friends manage to send the Rock Pygmies fleeing and rescue Bronty.

  • Fleeing an erupting volcano, Dino Boy and Ug are separated, and Dino Boy pitches over a cliff! The tree he grabs gives way, dropping him - but a huge web breaks his fall. Unfortunately, the giant spider that made the web has dinner plans! Dropping down in one of the web lines, Dino Boy next faces a huge caterpiller - everything is king sized in this canyon, including dragonflies! Then something scares off the dragonfly, and Dino Boy discovers what's even worse - giant red fighting ants! Dino Boy escapes the ants by climbing to a ledge, where Ug finds him and helps him fend off the ants with a flood.

  • Brago and his henchmen have laid siege to a small settlement for two days. Before they run out of food and water, a child from the settlement escapes through a secret tunnel and contacts Jan and Jase, who in turn summon Space Ghost. Using inviso-power and trickery, Jan and Jase keep Brago and his men hopping until Space Ghost arrives to put them out of business for good.

  • The Space Sargasso, a region choked with strange growth, contains many wrecked ships. It is also the home of The Lurker, who is responsible for most of them! Using his Purple Sleep Mist, he captures passing ships and loots their cargo. When he captures the Phantom Cruiser and Space Ghost, he plans to sell the law enforcer to whichever of his enemies will pay the most! Fortunately, Jan and Jase managed to evade capture, but unfortunately, they must surrender when The Lurker threatens to vaporize Space Ghost. Looks like Blip will have to save them all again!

  • A lone Bird Rider - a member of a tribe from far away that is small enough to ride on a large prehistoric bird - passes overhead. But he draws the attention of the Rock Pygmies, enemies of his tribe, who knock him out and knock him off his bird. Ugh and Dino Boy rescue him, and bring the wrath of the Rock Pygmies down on themselves! As the Pygmies launch rocks, arrows and logs, the Bird Rider manages to signal his mount to go for help - at the cost of his own freedom. Hard pressed, Ugh, Dino Boy and the Bird Rider are grateful when his people arrive to lend a hand to the battle, and send the Rock Pygmies running.

  • Impersonating Space Ghost, Lokar tricks Jan and Jace. When they arrive at Lokar's base, he sends his metal eating locusts to destroy their spaceship and capture them! Space Ghost arrives too late to prevent the kidnapping, and must rescue his friends from Lokar's suspended animation chamber. At the same time, he must deal with Lokar's army of locusts, whom the maniac has grown to ten times their normal size!

  • Two mysterious cruisers chase down Jan and Jase. They call for Space Ghost, who arrives and dispatches one cruiser following a tough battle. He captures the second with his Magno-Ray, and investigates. Inside, he discovers that The Schemer sent the cruiser, and concludes its purpose was to capture his friends! But he's wrong - it's purpose (as the Schemer himself reveals) was to capture all three of them! And it does, as metallic bands spring from the ceiling to snare the trio! Then The Schemer sends his trap cruiser hurtling towards the nearest supernova, where it and the trapped Space Ghost will burn up!

  • Ugh faces a sinister stegosaurus and swings away on a vine. It breaks, dropping him unconscious to the ground amidst the hills of the miniature Ant People! They quickly tie him down with many vines and tiny stakes! Bronty fetches Dino Boy, who investigates. He arrives as a giant sloth menaces the ant people and their prisoner Ugh; they flee and leave Ugh to his fate! Dino Boy cuts Ugh loose, and the friends, along with the ant warriors, drive off the terrible creature.

  • When Jan and Jase must stop to repair their space coupe, the evil Cyclo dispatches his Cyclopeds - one eyed robot ships - to herd the pair into his Maze of Horror. There they must struggle to find their way out while evading the various dangers Cyclo put in the maze to test inferior life forms. Fortunately, Blip evaded the Cyclopeds and can tell Space Ghost where his friends are. But how can even Space Ghost fight the CycloTerror that shrugs off both his heat force and his energy force?

  • An alien scientist accidentally creates an immense creature made of pure energy. It smashes free of his lab despite his best efforts to neutralize it. Nearby, Jan and Jase feel the explosion and investigate. Then the creature corners them and traps them in a cave-in! Fortunately, Space Ghost arrives. His plan? Feed the creature more and more energy until it blows apart. But his first efforts merely make the creature even larger!

  • Jan and Jace, on patrol, spot a band of hijackers as they attack a space freighter, forcing it to the ground and plundering its cargo. They set a homing device to summon Space Ghost, but the raiders leave before Space Ghost arrives. So the pair follow the raiders to their lair - and then the raiders turn the tables on them, capturing them! When Space Ghost arrives, he'll have to free his young assistants and defeat the sinister leader of the raiders!

  • Wolf people descend on Ugh as he rests! With a half dozen or more of their number, they overpower him and knock him out. Later, Dino Boy and Bronty return to camp. On the way, they hear the howling signals of a pack of Wolf People on the hunt, and follow Ugh's advice to hide. But then Dino Boy sees the Wolf People have captured Ugh, and resolves to free his friend. With a long rope, a little distraction and some luck, Dino Boy frees Ugh, but can Ugh battle all the Wolf People? Dino Boy can't help - he's managed to snag himself in his own rope! Luckily, Bronty lends a... head.

  • From his frozen holdfast, evil Zerod aims an Ice Ray at the Ghost Planet. It interrupts the flow of life-giving sunlight, turning the Ghost Planet into a frozen waste. Barely escaping, Space Ghost and his friends board the Phantom Cruiser and trace Zerod's Ice Ray back to his base, where they must battle snow wolves and the Ice Ray itself. Finally, Space Ghost launches a heat seeking missle to release the heat stored in the planet's core - but will that be enough to melt Zerod's ambition?

  • Metallus takes advantage of Space Ghost's absence to invade the Ghost Planet with hordes of robot missiles. Smashbots, needlebots, cannonbots and disintegrator bots all converge on the planet, forcing Jan and Jase to flee for their lives. But soon Space Ghost returns, and takes the fight to Metallus, right in his own headquarters.

  • A monster snow creature menaces a village. Its thick fur and hide protect it from their spears, and its power lets it use whole trees as clubs! It seizes a little girl and leaves. The tribe abandons her; no one returns from Snow Mountain. But Dino Boy won't give up; he follows the monster. As they watch, the Snow Creature seals the girl in a cave. Ugh distracts the monster while Dino Boy and Bronty free the girl. Ugh enrages it as Dino Boy opens the cave so the girl can escape. They flee, but the monster follows! It chases Dino Boy until Ugh knocks it down with a well placed boulder and the villages pitch in to drive it off!

  • Metallus the Metal Monster demonstrates a powerful destructive missile and then shows Space Ghost the similar missile pointed at Earth! Space Ghost must surrender, without his power bands, or Metallus will launch the deadly weapon! But when Space Ghost takes off, Blip stows away. Thinking quickly, Jan and Jace follow the homing device in Blip's collar. It leads them right to Metallus! They're able to return Space Ghost's power bands seconds before disintegrator robots dispatch him. Metallus escapes through a secret door, and launches his death missile. Magno-force can't stop it, force beams can't deflect it. Finally, as it nears Earth, Space Ghost uses his Heat Force to overheat it and explode it!

  • A mysterious black spaceship evades the alarms and emits a solitary figure, who burns his way into the Ghost Headquarter and leaves a strange device in the Phantom Cruiser. After he leaves, the device comes on. It's a drone - a robot that pilots the Phantom Cruiser, smashing it through the door and taking to the Black Planet! Space Ghost must follow it, and when he gets there, he must fight his own drone piloted Phantom Cruiser as it tries to kill him!

  • Every so often, the Saber-Tooth people send their Fire God out to collect slaves for their mines. When Dino Boy tries to rescue an infant caveman, the Saber-Tooth people capture him, and Ugh vows to rescue his young friend. Inside the Fire God, Dino Boy discovers the whole thing is a sham - simple tricks and slave power that operates under the control of the Saber-Tooth people and their leader. Deemed too small for the mines, Dino Boy is to be sacrificed to the Fire God - until Ugh turns the god to his own use, distracting the Saber-Tooth leader and smashing through their walled compound.

  • Space Ghost, Jan and Jase inadvertently enter the territory of The Evil Collector. Using a Mirage Ray and a Paralyzer Beam, the mastermind captures the Ghost Team, and then subjects him to his most fiendish invention, the Minibeam. It reduces their size to just six and a quarter inches! At that height, they're easy prey for The Evil Collector's sinister eight-legged cat Drakto - unless they can turn the tables on the fiend!

  • Mysterious clouds of sand engulf men near the desert. When the clouds disappear, the men are gone! It's the work of the sinister Sandman, who is kidnapping the men to his underground lair. He gets Jan and Jace, and uses his brain control technology to turn them against their friend Space Ghost. When Space Ghost disguises himself as a patroller and gets kidnapped, Jan and Jace are there - to take his power bands and turn them over to the Sandman! The Sandman intends to control the minds of everyone, but before he can, he must destory Space Ghost's mind completely. Fortunately, a "bleep" from Blip at just the right time snaps Jan and Jace out of their trance, so they can return Space Ghost's power bands and help him defeat the Sandman.

  • A reactor failure forces the Space Coupe down on a strange, forlorn planet in Sector 17. There, Jan and Jace evade a huge scaly ape that nevertheless finishes off the Space Coupe. Switching on Inviso-Power, they take to the skies, only to encounter giant bat creatures! All of these monsters serve The Creature King, who believes Space Ghost sent Jan and Jace to spy on him. When Space Ghost arrives, The Creature King sends all of his monstrous minions after the hero, who must defeat them and rescue his friends. He does it, with a little help from Blip, but one of the bat creatures carries off The Creature King. Even Space Ghost doesn't know if it carries him to escape... or death.

  • Running from a tyrannosaur, Ugh and Dino Boy must take the plunge - over a cliff and into the Death Pool, home of the Moss Men! They grab Dino Boy and prepare to sacrifice him, but a little work with a rope enables Ugh to free his friend. They they must fight off the increasingly frantic efforts of the Moss Men to recover their captive, a battle that ultimately creates an earthquake! Fortunately, the quake opens a hole to the surface and the friends can escape. But unfortunately, that tyrannosaur is still up there!

  • A colony ship disappears in Area 2. Soon after, Jan and Jace disappear in the same location. A beam snares their Space Coupe and drags them in. They've run afoul of the Lizard Slavers, who capture passing colony ships and sell the colonists into slavery. It's an operation Space Ghost has been trying to stop for a long time. Fortunately, he finds the planet and follows a slave cargo ship to the secret slaver base. Inside, he makes short work of the villains and rescues their prisoners.

  • Zorak, the Evil Insect, breaks out of prison with help from several henchmen. Then they fly to the Ghost Planet to get revenge on Space Ghost, but discover only Jan and Jase there. Taking them prisoner, Zorak lures Space Ghost to his own world where he orders the hero into a small, weaponless ship without his power bands. Space Ghost must outfly Zorak's hungry mosquitoids to survive! When Space Ghost retrieves his power bands, Zorak ties Jan and Jase into a flying bomb - a spaceship that will explode as soon as it launches. But Space Ghost manages to rescue his friends and turn the flying bomb around, sending it back to Zorak!

  • When killer wasps attack, and sting Ugh, Dino Boy must go to Mist Island to obtain a choka leaf, the only thing that can cure the poison of the wasp's sting. But Mist Island is an unpleasant place, home only to the Mist God. He must brave giant dinosaurs, pterodactyls and crocodiles just to get there. Once he gets there, he finds the place overrun with Moss Men, who like to make sacrifices to the Mist God! To prevent them from making a sacrifice, Dino Boy fashions a costume from leaves and branches and scares them off - only to receive a beating from the terrified sacrifice! Finally, he gets the choka leaves - Ugh will recover, but it will take many days.

  • The Heat Thing, a thirty foot monster made of molten rock, emerges from Jupiter's Crater Area 3. Jace investigates, only to have the Space Coupe shot down by a lava bomb - the Heat Thing can literally throw pieces of itself! Space Ghost arrives and selects Inviso-Power, but the monster senses the Phantom Cruiser anyway, and hits it with a lava bomb. Space Ghost and Jan manage to extinguish the fire, but the monster shrugs off Space Ghost's most powerful attacks. Finally, Space Ghost uses the dangerous five over five setting to force the monster back into Crater 3, where Jan and Jace seal it in.

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