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A long time ago dragons ruled a world of elves, dwarves, vampires, homunculi, and humans. In the present dragons have all but disappeared, so the ones left chose to live together, and their appearance came to resemble that of humans. The year 2x19 in Tokyo is mostly a time of peace, but a group called the Nine cause chaos in their quest to obtain the dragons' powers and change the world. The police form a unit consisting of various experts to fight against Nine; the Special Crime Investigation Unit - Special 7 (Tokunana). These individuals have abilities that surpass the average human, to the extent that there are rumors of rebellion against them. A rookie, Seiji Nanatsuki, enters the unit. While teased by other members with colorful personalities, he sets out to solve cases involving Nine with his bright mind and straightforward thinking. Will he be able to find justice in the most grueling circumstances?

Special 7: Special Crime Investigation Unit is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on October 6, 2019.

Special 7: Special Crime Investigation Unit is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Special 7: Special Crime Investigation Unit on demand atAmazon, Hulu, Google Play, iTunes online.

Sunday 9:00 PM et/pt on AT-X
1 Season, 13 Episodes
October 6, 2019
Animation & Cartoon, Anime
Cast: Yûko Kaida, David Matranga, Toshiyuki Morikawa, Kenji Nomura
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Special 7: Special Crime Investigation Unit Full Episode Guide

  • Nanatsuki finds a file on Nijo's first case with Special 7, and it shows Nijo being held for questioning! What could have happened to bring the straitlaced Nijo under suspicion?

  • Warlock has unleashed his dragon powers and is preparing to destroy the final seal! Will Nanatsuki's powers be enough to stop him, even with the rest of Special 7 backing him up? The fate of the world is riding on the answer!

  • Nijo is missing, Special 7 is on the run, and Nanatsuki is at his lowest point. When Warlock and his followers occupy police headquarters, can Kiryuin hold the power-hungry dragon off long enough for his team to come to his aid?

  • Warlock's trial has finally begun! All eyes are on the courthouse as a familiar-looking attorney mounts the stand and insists that the infamous terrorist leader is innocent. But how could that be, and how will Nanatsuki deal with the answer?

  • Special 7 is assigned to guard Taisuke Biwajima, a former member of Nine who has taken a plea bargain to testify against Warlock. But is Biwajima in more danger from his former comrades, or from a vengeful Nijo?

  • Bellemer is kidnapped off the street! The rest of Special 7 searches for her, but every possible lead seems to be a dead end. Will they be able to find Bellemer, and will she be able to survive long enough to give them the chance?

  • After their close call with a dragon, Special 7 takes a day off. While most of the unit spends time with friends and family, Kiryuin takes Nanatsuki to the grave of a former member. Nijo, meanwhile, is on the verge of a shocking revelation.

  • Special 7 reunites in the terrorist-occupied mall, but five of them be enough to rescue the hostages and prevent Nine's ritual? And what are Warlock and his mysterious second-in-command really after?

  • Nine finally makes its move! Nanatsuki, Ichinose, and Nijo are stranded without backup when the shopping mall they're investigating is taken over by heavily armed terrorists. Can they evade capture long enough to foil Nine's plans?

  • Nanatsuki is partnered with Nijo to investigate a father suspected of murdering his sons for insurance money. Nanatsuki feels sure he isn't guilty, but Nijo has his doubts. Can the pair learn to work together and uncover the truth?

  • Nanatsuki's first case with Special 7 is the murder of four politicians in a single night! Could an angry blog post hold the key to the mystery?

  • Rookie detective Nanatsuki gets involved with a bank robbery and hostage situation, and encounters a special police squad who enlists his help in handling the situation.