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This animated series follows the misadventures of the League of Freedom, an over-the-hill superhero team that's struggling to stay relevant in a world dominated by younger, cooler superheroes. The series debuted on the Crackle streaming platform in 2015, and it aired in the Adult Swim programming block on Cartoon Network beginning in January 2017.

Supermansion is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (25 episodes). The series first aired on December 31, 2014.

Where do I stream Supermansion online? Supermansion is available for streaming on, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Supermansion on demand at Amazon, Microsoft Movies & TV, FandangoNow, Apple TV online.
2 Seasons, 25 Episodes
December 31, 2014
Animation & Cartoon, Comedy
Cast: Bryan Cranston, Heidi Gardner, Tucker Gilmore, Zeb Wells
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Supermansion Full Episode Guide

  • Rex tries to prepare the SuperMansion for Halloween, a stressful holiday when evil taunts the world's superheroes. Despite Rex's best efforts, Robobot gets possessed, Ranger goes on a date with a ghost (Lake Bell), Cooch wages war on a bad trick-or-treat house, and Saturn tries to get laid

  • The League of Freedom must band together to save Christmas when an interstellar imp, Mr. Skibumpers (Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory), unleashes a real-life Santa Claus (Gary Anthony Williams, The Boondocks), who experiences an existential crisis and runs amok.

  • To protect the League, Rex has gone into hiding, working as a lumberjack far from civilization. While Rex tries to cope with his new identity as a regular joe, Robobot attempts to get a downtrodden League of Freedom back together to take on a dire threat to Storm City.

  • After years of searching, Rex's brother, Titanium Dax (Dax Shepard), becomes the second Subtopian ever to breach Earth's surface. He and his rock monster slave, Liplor, are thrilled to find Rex alive, but their reunion is soured when Dax threatens to reveal a secret about Rex's origins.

  • After Black Saturn resigns from the League, he takes on his first solo case: a string of kidnappings, all women who used to model for a famed '70s photographer. As Saturn tries to track down the photog, Titanium Rex's old secret identity comes back to haunt him.

  • The League is called upon to stop an enormous space alien from obliterating planet Earth. With the help of NASA, the League embarks on their mission, but Rex and team prove dangerously ill-suited for the stresses of space travel.

  • A Black Saturn from the future travels to present-time Storm City to stop an event that will trigger a global apocalypse: Zenith and Ranger having sex. While the older Black Saturn helps The League stop Zenith's goddess mating ritual, present-day Saturn is sent to a hellscape future.

  • When actor J.K. Simmons (J.K. Simmons) expresses interest in playing Rex in a movie, the League invites him to the mansion and Rex is starstruck. But as Dr. Devizo, Lex and the other villains regroup in their lair, Devizo reveals that Simmons's visit to the mansion plays right into his sinister plan.

  • The League's newest member, Portia Jones (aka Zenith), unveils her plan for restoring public opinion of the League: a themed pizza restaurant and arcade. Rex and the team try to make the best of the embarrassing new venture, and Jewbot has an existential crisis.

  • To boost the League's dismal approval ratings, Rex seeks the help of TV host Portia Jones (Yvette Nicole Brown) at Champston University. As League members descend on the world of academia, each finds their college niche, but in the process unleash a campus villain.

  • The League is still in turmoil after Dr. Devizo destroyed the SuperMansion and released all of the villains into Storm City. While American Ranger helps Cooch get over the death of Brad, Titanium Rex and Jewbot must stop a mysterious internet cult from leaking sensitive League information.

  • In the season finale, Dr. Devizo orchestrates a jailbreak of the League€™s most dangerous villains. Rex€™s past comes back to haunt him and the rest of the League€™s worst fears are realized.

  • Billionaire defense contractor Ivan Whiff tries to lure Lex away from the League. Meanwhile, Jewbot administers routine physicals for the League, causing Ranger to disavow modern medicine and Brad to discover he may be allergic to Cooch.

  • The League of Freedom prepares for the worst as the resourceful Dr. Devizo plans his escape from the mansion€™s underground prison. Rex attempts to match wits with Devizo while Black Saturn goes undercover and American Ranger seeks retribution for Gloria€™s betrayal.

  • When Black Saturn is cut off financially, he confronts his rich parents and involves Lex in a bid to restart his allowance. Jewbot explores the life of a caregiver with Black Saturn€™s little brother, Dudley, and Titanium Rex attempts to cancel the mansion's cable subscription.

  • Brad€™s nefarious origins are revealed and his checkered past catches up with him while the rest of the League looks for any kind of escape from Titanium Rex€™s game night. American Ranger discovers the joys of the modern internet.

  • Black Saturn gets into the dating scene after a cat burglar breaks his heart and Rex, Ranger, and Brad try a sadistic new workout regimen with personal trainer Johnny Rabdo. Meanwhile Lex tries to get on Cooch€™s good side as Jewbot struggles with gender identity.

  • Titanium Rex is stunned when Lex Lightning shows up on his doorstep claiming to be his illegitimate daughter. While Rex grapples with fatherhood the smitten American Ranger, Black Saturn, and Brad start a rock band to impress Lex.

  • When Sgt. Agony discovers that Cooch is illiterate, the League of Freedom bands together to help her study for her GED. American Ranger embarks on a road trip in search of the American dream and Jewbot yearns to be an inspirational influence.

  • American Ranger€™s former sidekick and current Secretary of Defense Kid Victory joins the League for dinner at the mansion. Rex tries to secure more funding while Ranger struggles with Kid Victory€™s lifestyle and the rest of the League goes grocery shopping.

  • After an embarrassing encounter with interstellar super villain Blazar, Titanium Rex resolves to salvage his public image. Black Saturn launches an investigation to find out who has been eating his food while Brad tries to take advantage of Cooch being in heat.

  • When Titanium Rex€™s old colleague Omega Ted is found dead, the League of Freedom must care for his orphaned Omega Pets. While Jewbot, Cooch, and Brad cope with pet ownership and a jealous Black Saturn, Rex and American Ranger investigate Ted€™s mysterious death.

  • After damaging a national monument, the League of Freedom gets called before Congress and investigated by military accountant Sgt. Agony. Black Saturn embarks on a showdown with his nemesis, the Groaner. Robobot investigates his origins while the team struggles to solve its budget crisis.