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This reality series follows a family that went from medium-sized to extra large overnight. Parents Courtney and Eric had three boys until Courtney gave birth to sextuplets, suddenly making them a family of 11. The series airs on the TLC network, which has aired other series about extra-big Christian families.

Sweet Home Sextuplets is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (25 episodes). The series first aired on September 18, 2018.

Where do I stream Sweet Home Sextuplets online? Sweet Home Sextuplets is available for streaming on TLC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Sweet Home Sextuplets on demand at Philo, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, FuboTV, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes, TLC, Science Channel, Discovery Life online.

Tuesday at 10:00 PM on TLC
3 Seasons, 25 Episodes
September 18, 2018
Cast: Blu Waldrop, Layke Waldrop, Rawlings Waldrop, Rayne Waldrop
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Sweet Home Sextuplets Full Episode Guide

  • After years of renovations, the Waldrops finally move into their new home. School is starting for the boys, and fears of COVID-19 lead Courtney and Eric to consider homeschooling. They also decide to send the sextuplets to a speech pathologist.

  • Coronavirus has hit the Waldrops hard. School and sports are on hold, and Courtney's parents can no longer provide much-needed help during the day. In addition, Eric stops construction on the remodel as the family faces an uncertain financial future.

  • Courtney and Eric take the babies on special individual dates, revealing surprising facets of each baby's personality. Wales and Bridge have their first karate test, but Bridge makes a shocking decision. A bombshell leaves the family's future uncertain.

  • The Waldrops must evacuate the mobile home when a tornado touches down nearby. A school is destroyed during the tornado, so the boys hold a fundraiser to help the teachers. The babies compete in the First Annual Waldrop Sixtathlon with help from the boys.

  • This Christmas, the Waldrops aren't decking the halls; they're going stir-crazy inside the mobile home walls; they have to get a tree, visit Santa and try to keep Christmas special for the kids; Courtney opens up about her postpartum hair loss.

  • The Waldrops are feeling cramped in their mobile home as construction starts on their house. Courtney wants to combine nine birthdays and potty train six toddlers.

  • Courtney and the babies are running late to Kayleigh's wedding because of a dead car battery. The Waldrop family moves 11 people into a 1500-square-foot mobile home during construction, right before having to cook a Thanksgiving feast for 20 people.

  • It's time-out time at the Waldrop house as Courtney and Eric start disciplining the sextuplets. The big boys are treated to a fun getaway, leaving Ramona and Popsie alone with all six babies. The family receives shocking news about their new mobile home.

  • Courtney and Eric start the babies in preschool to help with their development but worry about leaving them. The older boys try karate but face a tough decision when it comes time to choose between their other sports. Courtney and Eric tour mobile homes.

  • The Waldrop family celebrates Halloween like never before; the sextuplets get an early start on the chaotic 'terrible twos;' the babies get their first haircut; and Courtney and Eric debate the next phase of their remodel.

  • Eric and Courtney are having a difficult time containing their sextuplets. The boys and the babies go on an Easter egg hunt competition.

  • Courtney is worried about the sextuplets' speech and enrolls them in various baby classes, which also helps get them out of the house and away from construction mishaps. To thank Eric for all he does, Courtney and the big boys plan an Appreciation Day.

  • As major construction begins on their house, Courtney and Eric decide to take their first family vacation with the sexuplets. But between baby and big boy meltdowns, they struggle to keep everyone happy at the same time.

  • Courtney bonds with the big boys while Eric plays Mr. Mom, watching the babies and planning a Valentine's Day surprise for Courtney. After a big scare in the house, the Waldrops must decide whether to stay in their home during the remodel or rent a house.

  • Flu season strikes the Waldrop house as Courtney and Eric fight to keep all their kids healthy; Layke's follow up visit to the cardiologist brings an unexpected result.

  • Courtney struggles to pay attention to the big boys when they celebrate their combo birthday party and must deal with her separation anxiety when it comes to the babies. Eric's plan to save the farm puts him at odds with Courtney.

  • It's Christmas and the first with the sextuplets at home. Courtney and Eric disagree on whether to sell their house and land while trying to continue their family traditions. The boys put their parents to the test when they want to keep a puppy.

  • A sneak peek at the new season. Courtney and Eric stress about hosting a charity event, while making sure the babies' development stays on track. Tough decisions need to be made as they will soon lose their nanny and Courtney's maternity leave pay.