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Takat shows us the day-to-day life of an independent-minded pooch in Barcelona, who doesn't want to take orders, or be anyone's pet. He knows exactly how to get what he wants: a bite to eat, and the freedom to live for the moment, without worrying about the future.

1 Season, 46 Episodes
May 3, 2010
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Takat the Dog Full Episode Guide

  • The smell of the fresh cakes and pastries just out of the oven attracts Takat to a bakery. He eats all the goodies which have a dangerous effect on Takat ́s stomach.

  • It's very normal for Takat to see big cars, but he doesn't know what happens when a car with his size rolls over him. He takes a chance to face it and wins.

  • Takat chases a round cheese ball that falls down the sewer where a big rat also pursues Takat ́s objective.

  • The dogs ranking exists but it's also true that liberty is a valuable aspect to have in mind for who will laugh last.

  • Takat walks by a street musician, he stops and listens to the music that catches his attention and dances along, attracting the passer-by public. The musician and Takat will have a very pleasant dinner with the benefits of the show.

  • A circus has been set at an area where Takat normally takes walks. Some strange sounds catch his attention. Finally he manages to enter in a very distinctive way.

  • A clueless tourist turns out to be Takat ́s target for food, a good strategy along with his intentions.

  • There is an ice cream car at a fair and Takat watches the ice cream cones as they come out of the truck for the children. He tries to catch them but finally he realizes the ice cream factory could be a better option.

  • Takat has just woken up from his box and he is feeling a little lazy. A black cloud crossing by his box scares him. He discovers it's just the road sweeper, sweeping everything on his way; including his "house". Takat will recover his "house" wisely.

  • Takat walks by the street when all of the sudden a skater almost rolls over him. He follows the skater and tries to bite him until they arrive to the Macba square where there are a lot of skaters.

  • During a horse police parade, Takat thinks he has just seen a pigeon attacking a policeman. He does everything to release the poor rider from the claws of an attacking animal.

  • Some animals have a different behavior when it's a full moon. Takat gets annoyed with the public demonstrations of the cats ́ meow.

  • A janitor from a building also lives there at a little apartment. He hates dogs but loves pigeons. Takat will do everything to steal the pigeons' food and annoy the janitor.

  • As Takat walks by the street he sees a boy carrying a sandwich that he doesn't want to eat. Takat looks at it and follows up until he finds his reward.

  • Our street dog is hungry and passes by a food truck that has a picture of a big sausage. He presumes what's inside and prepares a strategy to eat them all.

  • Takat is at a bench at Parc Güell. He dreams with a big spaghetti dish until a hand steals it and he is brought back to reality.

  • There's a piece of gum on the floor. Takat finds it and eats it. The problems arise when everything gets sticky.

  • Takat rests at the park when all of a sudden something hits him on the head. The rabbits are playing soccer and accidentally hit him.

  • Night time is when Takat searches for food. He enters an urban garden but bumps into unpleasant inhabitants: rabbits.

  • Some people at the beach fly kites and Takat loves flying. He will try and fly without an engine.

  • The flies and the bees appear with the heat. These annoying insects will make Takat loose his patience and they know it. They set the limits.

  • Little drops wake up Takat as he is lying right under a bush at a public park.

  • The market offers a variety of food that makes Takat drool. He'll try to find as much food as he can from basket to basket.

  • Takat is annoyed by the constant noise made by the parrots living on the palm tree where he is sleeping. He tries to find an effective way to get rid of them but he can't seem to manage.

  • The police is looking for Takat and he finds out they are chasing him. He'll do and try everything to hide from them.

  • There's construction and the workers are busy with the asphalt. They have just poured fresh cement. Takat can't avoid stepping on the fresh cement with his paw and then the other paw. He enjoys making drawings on the pavement until one of the workers catches him.

  • Takat and his feathery beach enemy find each other at the beach. This creature makes Takat ́s life impossible until our street dog finds the way set a trap to teach the evil bird a lesson.

  • Takat is wondering around the beach where people are walking, sunbathing, and playing games. While two kids are playing with a Frisbee, Takat ́s attention is caught by the round object which makes him jump to try to catch it and find out what's the flying object for.

  • While taking a nap under a tree, Takat dreams about a good meal. A family decides to have a picnic in front of where he is laying. What will Takat find when he decides to wake up and open his eyes?

  • Inside a trashcan Takat finds a box. This box holds many surprises that will make will make him turn into a magician by accident.

  • Takat has a friend that owns a deli store. Every once in a while, when Takat is wondering around, he gives him a bone. One day a thief will try to steal at the store and Takat stops him.

  • Takat ́s curiosity for knowing what happens on the breakwater where the fishermen are makes him fall into the sea along with the fishes. Finally, he finds his way back to main land.

  • Takat watches as Babs is put in a car and taken to a ship at the port. He tries to come along but he just isn't good enough and falls.

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