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Caitlyn "Cat" Sullivan (Chyler Leigh) is a New York detective chock full of attitude. Besides having an enormous chip on her shoulder, a cop father murdered under mysterious circumstances, an ex-husband who's an FBI agent, and a serious case of cute, she goes off like a firecracker at the slightest stimulus.

Into the life of this petite partner-less detective comes Leo Romba (Jacky Ido), a Brooklyn cabby with nearly irresistible charisma. Leo's an immigrant from Marseilles, endowed with Gallic charm and a different set of cultural street-smarts than Cat has. He also has a deep vein of compassion and kindness that Cat can't help responding to. As unlikely as it seems, they become unofficial partners, solving one violent and bizarre crime after another.

Other characters populate the episodes of Taxi Brooklyn: there's Cat's boss John Baker (James Colby) who's also Cat's god-father; drop-dead-gorgeous Monica Pena (Jennifer Esposito) as chief forensic investigator; Cat's slightly slimy ex-husband, Gregg (Bill Heck); and Raul Casso as Leo's friend Ronnie.

1 Season, 12 Episodes
June 25, 2014
Action & Adventure, Drama
Cast: Chyler Leigh, Jacky Ido, James Colby, José Zúñiga
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Taxi Brooklyn Full Episode Guide

  • Leo's son shows up with his wife, but their plans go awry. Cat is forced to prove her innocence amid an investigation.

  • The team investigates the shooting of a motorcycle messenger delivering heroin. Leo makes an unexpected discovery while involved in an amateur basketball tournament.

  • Cat arrests a gang member during a citywide blackout, but he manages to escape on the way to booking and shoots two officers at the precinct.

  • The investigation into the murder of a maid from El Salvador takes an unexpected direction when Cat and Leo discover the woman is actually a former police woman from Venezuela who's in Brooklyn to avenge the murder of her parents.

  • The NYPD is on high alert upon the discovery of a man who has been exposed to a bizarre weaponized toxin. Leo believes that there's a zombie outbreak in the city.

  • Evidence suggests a female is responsible for murdering three men. Leo decides to go undercover as bait.

  • A copycat killer forces Cat to seek answers from the man who held her hostage: the Park Slope Stalker.

  • Cat investigates the ambush of a prison-transport van that leaves two female prisoners dead and four prisoners on the run.

  • Cat and Leo investigate the murder of a foster mother, but the case hits too close to home for Leo.

  • Cat and Leo examine the death of a holocaust survivor and a friend of Leo's. Cat becomes Leo's sponsor to speed up the immigration process.

  • An out-of-control fashion scion vanishes as Cat and Leo unravel a motive.

  • In the series premiere, Detective Cat Sullivan pairs up with a cab driver to solve a robbery and to find her father's killer.

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