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  • 2016
  • 1 Season

Technique Critique is a YouTube show where a highly experienced and talented martial artist named Ramsey Dewey critiques the technique of martial artists from various backgrounds and disciplines around the world. Ramsey is a former professional MMA fighter who fought in both the United States and China. He has decades of experience in various martial arts, including Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, and Wrestling.

In each episode, Ramsey provides expert commentary and analysis of a specific martial artist’s technique. The show’s focus is on highlighting both the strengths and weaknesses of each martial artist’s technique, with a particular emphasis on how the martial artist could improve their technique to become more effective in their respective discipline.

Each episode begins with Ramsey introducing the martial artist and their discipline. Then, the martial artist performs a specific technique, such as a kick, punch, or submission hold, which Ramsey analyzes in detail. He provides commentary on the martial artist’s stance, footwork, technique, and overall effectiveness, among other factors.

In addition to analyzing the martial artist’s technique, Ramsey also provides suggestions on how the martial artist could improve their technique. He often provides anecdotal evidence from his own experience, sharing different training techniques and drills that could help the martial artist more effectively hone their craft.

One of the things that sets Technique Critique apart from other martial arts YouTube channels is Ramsey’s honesty and straightforwardness. He does not sugarcoat his feedback and is willing to critique even the most experienced martial artists, going beyond the superficial praise that many other martial arts content creators offer. Ramsey’s feedback is balanced, including praise where it is warranted and constructive criticism born out of his deep knowledge and expertise in the field.

Notably, Ramsey also does not shy away from offering critical feedback that runs counter to popular beliefs about martial arts. For example, in one episode, Ramsey addressed the common belief that a fighter should keep their hands up to defend themselves at all times. Ramsey argued that this belief is not always accurate and provided multiple reasons why a fighter may have better success with different guard positions.

Technique Critique is long-form content, with most episodes running between 30 minutes to over an hour. The emphasis on detail likely results from Ramsey’s deep and insightful knowledge of martial arts, and the video editing, which includes zoomed-in shots and slow-motion replays, provides the viewer with a more in-depth analysis of the martial artist’s movements.

The show’s format, in which Marshall Artists submit their videos for critique, makes it engaging for both martial artists looking to improve their skills and casual viewers who may enjoy watching and learning from practical demonstrations.

These critical analyses are not limited to just striking styles, but also grappling styles, which is often overlooked in martial art discussions. Ramsey also introduces in different martial artists as guests on the show, giving viewers a taste of different fighting styles and philosophies of different proponents.

To summarize, Technique Critique is an insightful and honest show that showcases the deep expertise and experience of martial artist Ramsey Dewey. His feedback is grounded in his witness accounts, experience in various styles and discipline – and he offers objective critiques that praise what is done well, provide solid coaching suggestions to help Martial Artists improve, and at times debunks some common myths in the martial arts community. The show is a must-watch for anyone interested in martial arts, whether they are a seasoned practitioner or just a curious viewer looking to expand their knowledge of the sport.

Technique Critique
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