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The year is 2020. Mars has been invaded by the evil android Zelda who plans the total destruction of the human race. On Earth, an elite fighting force, the Terrahawks, stands ready at its secret base to counter Zelda's first attack! Written by Gerry Anderson Directed by Alan Patillo

Terrahawks is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (38 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 1983.

Where do I stream Terrahawks online? Terrahawks is available for streaming on ANDERSON ENTERTAINMENT, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Terrahawks on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Tubi TV online.

3 Seasons, 38 Episodes
January 1, 1983
Animation & Cartoon, Action & Adventure, Science Fiction
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Terrahawks Full Episode Guide

  • Zero discovers by chance that Zelda has, at last, found her way to Hawknest. Written by Ann Teakstein Directed by Tony Lenny

  • Zelda teams up with Cold Finger - a deadly creature who can use ice as a weapon! Written by I.C. Bergstein Directed by Tony Bell

  • Two miners smuggle a Sporilla to Earth in order to sell it, but under Zelda's control it grows to gargantuan proportions. Written by Manny Pheakstein Directed by Tony Lenny

  • Mary is plagued by terrible visions of destruction, as Lord Tempo once again tries to plunge the Terrahawks into a timewarp. Written by Major Daystein Directed by Tony Bell

  • On the Moon, a one-eyed monster hatches from its egg and starts growing, watched by Zelda...Written by Lita Beerstein Directed by Tony Lenny

  • 'Stew Dapples' UFO sighting claim meets with disbelief. Only one person believes him - Kate Kestrel. Written by Ewan Istein Directed by Tony Bell

  • How did an exact likeness of Yung-Star come to be inside a museum on Earth? Written by Albert Zweistein Directed by Tony Lenny

  • A race against time ensues when Battletank returns to Hawknest with a bomb on board. Written by Edward E. Barestein Directed by Tony Bell

  • Ninestein warns General Cord that his plan to attack Zelda's complex is doomed to failure. Written by Polly Phillestein Directed by Tony Lenny

  • Yung-Star and It-Star accompany Captain Goat on a mission to entrap the Terrahawks. Written by Fred Barestein Directed by Tony Lenny

  • Cy-Star's baby, It-Star, is already capable of mounting an attack on the Terrahawks... Written by Sue Donymstein Directed by Tony Bell

  • The Terrahawks plan a surprise attack on Zelda's complex while the androids celebrate the birth of Cy-Star's child. Written by Kay Itstein Directed by Tony Lenny

  • Zelda recalls her monsters' various unsuccessful attempts to defeat the Terrahawks, and unveils new creatures with still deadlier powers. Written by Rory Peetstein Directed by Tony Bell and Tony Lenny

  • Zelda and the Terrahawks form an unlikely alliance to halt a gigantic spaceship on its course of universal destruction. Written by Ivor Purstein Directed by Tony Lenny

  • It's left to Zero to save the day when space blooms render the Terrahawks powerless. Written by Otto von Lowestein Directed by Tony Bell

  • On a mission to locate Hawknest, Yung-Star and the time- and space-travelling Lord Tempo encounter a famous English monarch. Written by Sheik Spearstein Directed by Tony Lenny

  • Having won the World Song Contest, Kate is poised to compete in the interstellar league; Zelda, however, issues a challenge. Written by B.O. Garstein Directed by Tony Bell

  • Hawkwing flies too high in pursuit of a ZEAF, leaving the crew trapped helplessly in space. Written by Andre le Chatstein Directed by Tony Lenny

  • Assuming that the Terrahawks will be distracted by seasonal festivities, Zelda launches a Christmas Day attack on Earth. Written by Kate Noweestein Directed by Tony Lenny

  • MOID, Zelda's Master of Infinite Disguise, uses his most devastating weapon: the cloak of invisibility. Written by Felix Stein Directed by Tony Bell

  • "Stew" Dapples of Anderburr Records becomes a mindless puppet under Zelda's control - and Kate becomes his hostage. Written by L. Inkstein Directed by Tony Bell

  • Kate Kestrel is held captive by Yung-Star and the deceptively cuddly Space Bear, Yuri. Can Zero and Dix-Huit free her? Written by Tom Angeristein Directed by Tony Lenny

  • Hoping to wreak economic chaos on Earth, Zelda dispatches Krell to destroy the space equivalent of Fort Knox. Written by Trevor Lansdown and Tony Barwick Directed by Alan Pattillo

  • Zelda sets a trap for Ninestein using two hostages captured on board a commercial space transporter. Written by Claude Backstein Directed by Tony Lenny