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The A-List: Dallas is a reality television series that focuses on the lifestyles of wealthy, gay men in Dallas, Texas. Chase, Taylor, Philip, James and Levi are the five men whose adventures and dramas make up the series. Taylor and Levi are in a romantic relationship that has a lot of ups and downs. They are constantly breaking up and making up. James is a complete party boy who struggles with alcohol.

Chase ends up having a big pool party in which a lot of drama goes down. Taylor pushes Philip and Levi into the pool, ruining their expensive outfits. Both men are furious, but Taylor refuses to apologize. Taylor and Levi's friends are annoyed with their constant relationship drama so the men try to keep their official couple status a secret. This only results in more anger and drama with the group feeling as if they have been lied to. One of the most serious events the group faces is when Philip decides to come out of the closet to his mother. Before he does this, he ends up reconnecting with his father who he has not spoken to for years.

Levi and Chase end up having an affair, and their partners catch them cheating. Taylor and Ashley, their respective significant others, are furious and vow to make their partners pay for their cheating. Fights are limited to romantic couples, however. James and Philip, who are friends, end up having a massive blowout that reverberates throughout the group.

Meanwhile, Taylor and Levi have officially broken up, and Chase really wants to start a relationship with Levi. Levi, however, is playing hard to get. Chase then decides to play hard to get with Levi, thinking that maybe if he leaves for a long trip, Levi will want him when he comes back. Levi ends the year on a high note as he is chosen to be the face of Dallas' gay rodeo.

The A-List: Dallas is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (11 episodes). The series first aired on October 10, 2011.

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1 Season, 11 Episodes
October 10, 2011
Cast: Taylor Garrett, Chase Hutchinson, Ashley Kelly, Ashley
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The A-List: Dallas Full Episode Guide

  • The guys reunite to discuss the season.

  • In the season finale, the drama definitely continues. Levi is chosen as the face of the gay rodeo and his friends are thrilled to celebrate with him. Especially Chase and Taylor who can't seem to stop fighting!

  • Levi still refuses to officially commit to Chase, so Chase decides he needs space, hoping that distance will make Levi's heart grow fonder. Meanwhile, Taylor still hasn't forgiven Chase for stealing his cowboy crush.

  • Fresh off of his fight with Phillip, James tries to cope with the help of his friends. However, things don't patch up so easily for James: Ashley won't stop texting him, and he is "dead" to Phillip.

  • James seeks his mother's approval, so he decides to stop his partying ways and focus on his new planning.

  • Levi's life seems to be going downhill. His relationship with Taylor is on the rocks and the boys are pissed about being kept in the dark about the new couple.

  • Phillip & Levi have a score to settle after getting pushed in the pool at Chase's party, but Taylor can't be bothered to apologize to anybody. Meanwhile, Levi focuses his energy on his new underwear and swimsuit line.

  • Relationships are tested and parties are ruined as the drama continues in Dallas. Chase enlists Ashley to help plan his annual theme party and this year's sure to be a splash...if only the boys would learn to behave

  • Welcome to Dallas, ya'll! The new A-List series hits the city of bulls, boots, and boys, boys, boys! In this premier episode, meet our wildly successful Texas A-Listers: Chase, Philip, James, Taylor and Levi, who are determined to wrangle anything their heart desires, even if it means stirring up a little drama.

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