The Brontes of Haworth

"The Bront

1 Season, 5 Episodes
September 3, 1973
Drama, Romance
Cast: Alfred Burke, Vickery Turner, Ann Penfold, Barbara Leigh-Hunt
The Brontes of Haworth

The Brontes of Haworth Full Episode Guide

  • Charotte's wide acclaim as an author brings her father much pleasure, and her quiet life takes a surprising turn when she receives a marriage proposal. In the end, however, Mr. Bronte suffers a mournful existence: outliving all his gifted children.

  • The year 1847 brings excitement for the sisters with the publication of their novels and a life-changing voyage to London to prove to their publisher that each sister is an author in her own right. But sorrowful events soon overshadow the glow of success.

  • As Mr. Bronte's health fades, his daughters find success in crafting their stories, and Charlotte publishes a book of poems. Branwell's self-destructive behavior takes a turn for the worse, reducing him to a shadow of his once-brilliant self.

  • Branwell finds his artistic hopes dashed and makes a painful decision, while Charlotte and Emily further their education in Brussels. Anne has challenges as the governess of a wealthy family, and a cholera epidemic strikes back home with tragic consequences.

  • The comfortable childhood shared by Charlotte, Emily, Anne, and Branwell Bronte instills in them boundless creativity and a passion for learning. But their sheltered upbringing creates difficulties as each makes his or her way into the world.