The Bronx Is Burning

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The Bronx Is Burning is an eight part ESPN drama series focusing on the 1977 World Series bid by the New York Yankees. Oakland superstar baseball player Reggie Jackson (Daniel Sunjata) has come to New York to play for the Yankees, who have been stuck in second place behind the Boston Red Sox for years now. The outspoken Jackson soon finds himself butting heads with team manager Billy Martin (John Turturro) and alienating his teammates. Martin meanwhile has to deal with his own conflict with team owner George Steinbrenner (Oliver Platt) who is determined to win the World Series.

The sports drama takes place against the backdrop of a city dealing with a severe financial crisis and a punishing heatwave, as well as paranoia over the Son of Sam killings plus an infamous blackout that led to widespread looting and vandalism.

The show was directed by Jeremiah S. Chechik and is based on Ladies and Gentlemen, The Bronx Is Burning by Jonathan Mahler.

1 Season, 8 Episodes
July 9, 2007
Drama, Sports
Cast: John Turturro, Oliver Platt, Daniel Sunjata
The Bronx Is Burning

The Bronx Is Burning Full Episode Guide

  • The New York Yankees are facing the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 1977 World Series, and seems ready to explode off the field. However, the warm California sun serves them good as they find their baseball stride exploding on the field winning two of three in LA and head home on the doorstep of winning their first World Series in fifteen years.

  • Excitement is truly at a fever pitch in the Big Apple as the Dodgers and Yankees meet in the 1977 World Series. The town is alive as it is the ninth time they have faced each other in the Fall Classic.

  • The New York Yankees are in the heat of a baseball pennant race and he manager Billy Martin (John Turturro) is looking for a raise. However, in order to earn the big raise the Yankees team must dominate the postseason.

  • New York City is on the brink as the Son of Sam strikes again and a terrorist group also provides panic in the city. However, New York Yankees manager Billy Martin (John Turturro) feels confident he provided a much needed spark to his team when he makes some adjustments to his batting order hoping to put both New York City and his team into a baseball frenzy.

  • Thurman Munson (Erik Jensen) goes to the press in hopes of helping manager Billy Martin's (John Turturro) cause of staying manager of the New York Yankees but it completely backfires with owner George Steinbrenner (Oliver Platt). A twenty-five hour citywide power blackout causes unprecedented looting and arson which causes great concern in New York City as the anniversary of "The Son of Sam's" first kill approaches.

  • Billy Martin (John Turturro) pulls Reggie Jackson (Daniel Sunjata) out of a game for a lack of hustling and the two men come to blows in the dugout on national television. George Steinbrenner (Oliver Platt) wants to fire Billy Martin over the incident and getting swept by the rival Boston Red Sox doesn't help Martin in trying to keep his job. However, it remains to be seen whether Steinbrenner and Martin can co-exist any longer.

  • The regular season has begun as George Steinbrenner (Oliver Platt) and Billy Martin (John Turturro) are feuding over where Reggie Jackson (Daniel Sunjata) is batting in the New York Yankees lineup. Reggie also offends a certain teammate in an interview he gives to SPORT Magazine. There is also much trouble taking place on the streets of New York City as a serial killer sends letters to the NYPD. The serial killer is later dubbed "Son of Sam" as a special task force called Omega is instructed to hunt him down.