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For over a decade, this extravaganza of comedy, song and dance defined entertainment for TV viewers. Taped live, The Carol Burnett Show brought the actors and audience close together. The Lost Episodes contains 44 episodes from the first five seasons (1967-1972) that have been locked in the vault, unseen, and never released until now.

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3 Seasons, 44 Episodes
November 3, 1968
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The Carol Burnett Show: The Lost Episodes Full Episode Guide

  • Season 5 concludes with a Family Show that's a tribute to Betty Grable from the 1945 movie The Dolly Sisters. Carol and Vicki play Jenny and Rosie, they pack houses everywhere and even help end WWI. All is wonderful until Jenny's car crash. She develops amnesia. The act is kaput. She winds up waitressing in a nightclub where Harry performs. His old song jogs her memory and they reconnect.

  • Garry Moore, Durward Kirby and Carol Burnett performing together means physical comedy wrapped in a warm blanket of nostalgia. Vicki Lawrence and Lyle Waggoner share a rare duo moment singing the pop hit Call Me. Carol honors lead dancer Don Crichton with a slot for his own showcase, set to the tune of Give My Regards to Broadway.

  • Song-and-dance serviceman Ken Berry initiates a party with plenty of fancy footwork, booze and babes. Since all the citizens of Canoga Falls are nuts, there's never a sane moment in As the Stomach Turns. Marian tries to console her friend Estelle, who's hysterical after discovering that she's a werewolf. Golfing buddies Rabbi Feldman and Father Colucci drop by for comic relief.

  • With a couple of guys like Robert Goulet and Lyle Waggoner by her side, Carol's in Hunk Heaven. Carol and guest star Imogene Coca go on a European holiday looking for men. Everyone participates in the spectacular crazy-quilt fairy tale Cinderumplewhite. Heroine Carol almost slips into Tarzan yell mode during her love duet with Prince Goulet.

  • Cass Elliot looks to the past with the '30s pop standard There's a Lull in My Life. "George and Zelda" are at it again, Love in an Avalanche, focuses on the career of three-time Olympic figure skating champion Sonja Henie. As Sonja Honey, Carol charms composer Johnny Jones and leaves Norway with him for Hollywood. The ice skates remain laced up during their South Seas musical.

  • Debbie and Carol are offered the chance to do a coffee commercial. In a "Carol and Sis" scrapbook sketch, Carol recalls her traumatic honeymoon with Roger (Harvey). The cast and guest stars "update" the classic 1943 film So Proudly We Hail!

  • We finally learn how lovebirds "George and Zelda" got hitched. Carol and Cass Elliot sing Nobody's Heart. Debonair Ricardo Montalban and Carol spoof the Fernando Lamas and Esther Williams. For his first appearance on the show, famous clown Emmett Kelly meets Carol's Charwoman at the circus. He teaches her a few tricks; she reciprocates with two heartfelt songs.

  • Lana Turner speaks, sings and dances her way through Heavenly Music. Gorshin croons a little I Love You, You Love Me to introduce a barrage of celebrity impressions. Lana and Frank join Carol and Harvey in a fresh take on the Bluebeard tale. Carol weighs in as Julia Wild. How can she top that? By donning scuba gear for By the Beautiful Sea, a choreographed duet with Gorshin.

  • Guest stars are Diahann Carroll and Tim Conway. Carroll delivers a strong version of Leon Russell's A Song for You. Harvey (Count Fettuccine) and spinster Carol enjoy a Venetian fling in Arrivederci, Summertime. Tim, Harvey, Diahann and Carol all take part in the finale.

  • Martha Raye joins Carol in a snappy medley of songs. Burnett's at her nasally, nagging best playing Zelda, who drives George into a bit of Walter Mitty-like escapism. Ballet stars Edward Villella and Violette Verdy provide Carol's Charwoman with her greatest challenge yet-dancing Swan Lake while wearing army boots.

  • Bernadette Peters and Mike Douglas guest star. and joins Carol for a medley of hits from the Partridge Family and the Carpenters. Funt & Mundane (Harvey and Carol) go way off Broadway to Nebraska. In The Most Happy Stella, farmer Nick (Harvey) receives Carol as his mail-order bride. The whole gang unites as a "Gray Brigade" of ex-actors planning their return to the bright lights of Broadway.

  • George Carlin performs his parody of The Tonight Show with J. Edgar Hoover replacing Johnny Carson. Carol and Lucille Ball play rival BWA stewardesses. Lyle Waggoner and Vicki Lawrence spread some good-time sunshine singing, while Harvey, Carol, Lyle and Lucy lampoon modern morality in their version of the recent hit movie Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice. But leave it to Carol and Lucy to save the day.

  • Ray Charles performs Melanie's What Have They Done to My Song Ma, which he reinterprets as Look What They've Done to My Song, Ma. The Tearjerker Theatre presents the "classic" Sinful Woman, starring Carol while Tim as a priest tries to sell her lotto tickets! Carol's Charwoman character wanders into a duet with Ray Charles that becomes an extended medley of Ray's hits.

  • The show's opening Q&A segment produces one of the coolest. Carol summons a game volunteer to help her demonstrate the stretches and sit-ups she says are responsible for trimming nine inches from her figure. The spotlight soon turns to Ernie Flatt Dancers, with guitarist Tony Rizzi. Fittingly, this 1970 season closer concludes with Carol's Charwoman reflecting on its indelible highlights.

  • Bernadette Peters and Mike Douglas guest star. Carol performs a medley of hits from the Partridge Family and the Carpenters. Funt & Mundane go way off Broadway to Nebraska and battle the elements and the livestock. The whole gang unites as a "Gray Brigade" of ex-actors planning their return to the bright lights of Broadway.

  • Peter Lawford had, a telling fashion effect on Harvey and Lyle, who come onstage sporting psychedelic unisex outfits straight out of the Summer of Love. Grand Ole Opry sensation Minnie Pearl brought her slice-of-rural-life comedy monologue and greeting-"How-dee! I'm just so proud to be here!"-just prior to breaking out nationally on a wildly popular new CBS show called Hee Haw.

  • The fourth season's final show finds the fab four cast regulars (plus guests Paul Lynde and Nanette Fabray, who meld with Carol, Harvey, Vicki and Lyle playing together in almost every sketch and illustrating how tight-knit an ensemble they had become. Funny, yes-but abundantly life affirming too. Classic Carol.

  • Gwen Verdon, features choreography reminiscent of her husband Bob Fosse's sensuous style. Harvey and Carol's beloved "The Old Folks" sketch finds them engaging in a kind of geriatric Apache dance. Later, Carol, Harvey and Lyle are at their acid-etched best in satirizing troubled relationships in "The Ham Actors" Pat Boone provides a magical moment singing Biff Rose's Molly.

  • TV comedy pioneer Nanette Fabray returns with a powerful, poignant sign-language version of Over the Rainbow. Valley of the Dollars perfectly captures Valley of the Dolls' kitschy ennui among the beautiful and bored, and Guess What's Coming to Dinner? tackles prejudice of a different color when doting son Harvey brings home his new girlfriend-a green-finned, green-haired mermaid (Nanette).

  • In a hospital sketch, Nurse Carol gives the heave-ho (again out a window) to her idol, entitled "international sex symbol" Harvey. Oscar winners Shirley Jones and George Chakiris offer classy musical interludes-Shirley with a Broadway medley of When Did I Fall in Love and Somebody Somewhere, and sleek George performing a smoldering Greek love dance.

  • Satire abounds, starting with "Fireside Chat," a wickedly funny send-up of the actual occupants of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue featuring America's "new chief executive" Marilyn Horne and Eileen Farrell, perform an operatic version of The Three Little Pigs. Lyle Waggoner plays the world's most good-looking man to arch perfection, Bob Hope, in a priceless cameo.

  • "You better sit down, kids," as Cher sings in her 1967 pop hit. Carol deftly turns this hour into a short course on TV comedy history. "Office Triangle" finds Nanette Fabray. Carol and Harvey clumsily attempt to conjure the Sonny & Cher musical chemistry-much to the faux bewilderment of the real musical duo.

  • It's girls' night out on this episode, as Barbara Feldon and Joan Rivers. The priceless moment of the episode belongs to Harvey and Carol as a bickering elderly couple whose love shines through, as reflected in the 1908 popular song Cuddle Up a Little Closer, Lovey Mine.

  • Carol sets the tone in her opening Q&A by inviting guest Jonathan Winters to join her onstage. Dionne Warwick, then in the midst of an incredible run of top-tier pop hits, adds poignancy to the mix with a sensitive, measured rendition of her 1968 smash (Theme from) Valley of the Dolls.

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