The CollegeHumor Show

Having debuted on February 8, 2009 on MTV, the CollegeHumor Show ran for approximately 6 episodes for one season. The run time of each episode was approximately 21 minutes in length. The show starred cast members that have contributed to the CollegeHumor site over the years. Long time fans of the website will likely want to check out the series, since it offers many skits that contain similar humor as well.

Unlike the site though, the show actually contains vignettes and story lines contained in every episode. This will add to the overall depth of the series and help people get in to what it has to offer. The series stars Ricky van Veen, who actually features prominently in many episodes. But there are others who star in the series as well, including Amir Blumenfeld and Jake Hurwitz.

The series did spawn a spinoff shortly thereafter, which was known as Pranked. The two series would frequently appear side by side during their initial syndication. Both shows tended to feature the same kind of humor, which appealed to a younger audience. The CollegeHumor show itself was created in the style of the Hardly Working short film series featured online.

1 Season, 6 Episodes
February 8, 2009
Cast: Pat Cassels, Dan Gurewitch, Jake Hurwitz, Sam Reich
The CollegeHumor Show

The CollegeHumor Show Full Episode Guide

  • The staff believe the Web site will be shutting down at the conclusion of season 1, so they make their own version of a "Bucket List" believing that this is their last day in the office.

  • Amir and Patrick fight to win the heart of a sexy new co-worker, while Dan and Sam break up with each others' girlfriends.

  • With attractive interns in every corner of the office, the CH staff learns that maybe you can have too much of a hot thing.

  • Watch the brand new MTV show "The CollegeHumor Show"

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