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  • TV-14
  • 2013
  • 7.5  (286)

The Dr Blake Mysteries is an Australian crime drama series that aired on ITV from 2013 to 2017. The show stars Craig McLachlan as Dr Lucien Blake, a medical practitioner who also serves as a police surgeon in the town of Ballarat in the late 1950s. Dr Blake is a complex character who is haunted by his experiences during World War II and faces personal demons related to his family history. He is often at odds with the conservative values of his community and is a thorn in the side of the local police force due to his unorthodox methods of solving crimes.

Despite these challenges, Dr Blake is a master detective and has a reputation for being able to crack the toughest cases. The show follows his investigations into a range of crimes, from murders and robberies to kidnappings and political conspiracies. Each episode is a standalone mystery that keeps viewers guessing until the final reveal.

One of the strengths of The Dr Blake Mysteries is its attention to detail in recreating the atmosphere of 1950s Australia. The show features authentic period costumes, music, and locations which add to the immersive experience for viewers. The cinematography is also of a high standard, with the lush landscapes of Ballarat serving as a stunning backdrop to the action.

Alongside Craig McLachlan, the cast of The Dr Blake Mysteries features a talented ensemble of actors who bring the town of Ballarat to life. Nadine Garner plays Jean Beazley, Dr Blake's receptionist and confidant who is fiercely loyal to him. Charlie Cousins plays Constable Charlie Davis, a young police officer who is torn between his respect for Dr Blake and his duty to his superiors. The show also features a host of guest stars, many of whom are well-known Australian actors, adding to the show's appeal.

The Dr Blake Mysteries is not just a crime drama, but also a character-driven show that explores issues such as race relations, gender roles, and social class. Dr Blake's personal life is often intertwined with his investigations, and viewers get a glimpse into his complicated romantic relationships, particularly with his former lover, Jean.

Despite its popularity, The Dr Blake Mysteries came to a sudden end in 2017 following allegations of sexual harassment against lead actor Craig McLachlan. The final season was not aired in the UK, leaving fans of the show disappointed. Despite this, The Dr Blake Mysteries remains a well-crafted crime drama that is worth watching for its gripping mysteries, excellent performances, and attention to detail.

In conclusion, The Dr Blake Mysteries is a must-watch show for fans of crime dramas and period pieces. With its intriguing mysteries, well-drawn characters, and stunning visuals, it is easy to see why the show was so popular during its run. Although its abrupt ending was disappointing, the show remains a standout example of Australian television and will continue to entertain audiences for years to come.

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  • Premiere Date
    February 1, 2013
  • IMDB Rating
    7.5  (286)