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The Electric Company that premiered on PBS in 2009 was the first version of this show. The first version premiered in 1971. The first version of this show was mostly known for stories featuring Spider-Man and occasional appearances by Bill Cosby. As this was PBS, the appearances of Spider-Man and Bill Cosby were supposed to be educational, though kids were so excited by the appearance of one of their favorite superheroes that they probably forgot the lesson that the story was supposed to teach.

The 2009 version of this show started with a four-episode mini-marathon in January of 2009. The show was then shown only on a weekly basis with a new episode every Friday. In September of 2009, they began having a new episode on a daily basis. The show was produced by the company called Sesame Workship. This workshop canceled the show in April of 2011. Sometimes, the 2009 show was titled as The New Electric Company to distinguish it from its 1971 version. The 2009 version was part of PBS Kids Go!

The Electric Company is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (57 episodes). The series first aired on January 19, 2009.

The Electric Company is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Electric Company on demand atHBO Max, Amazon Prime, Amazon, HBO NOW, Vudu, Google Play online.

Fridays at 6:30 pm on PBS
3 Seasons, 57 Episodes
January 19, 2009
Kids & Family, Comedy
Cast: P-Star
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The Electric Company Full Episode Guide

  • Francine and Jessica are in a head to head rush to break the same neighborhood record.

  • Marcus is the only member of the Electric Company left for the holiday weekend. The Pranksters decide this is the best time to pull off a big prank. Marcus must be the one to stop them.

  • Francine desperately wants to win a spot as the next assistant for the Ronald. She has to cooperate with Hector and the Electric Company to get 100 cookies done before 5:00.

  • Marcus and Manny compete on the TV show Tip It or Dip It. Manny and the Pranksters try to cheat so that Manny can win.

  • Danny and Annie receive a zero at the banana sculpture contest and try to seek revenge against Paul the Gorilla's banana festival.

  • Jessica and Marcus are hitting the sidewalk sales to try to find costumes for the neighborhood costume party.

  • Manny borrows the Skeleckian Shrinkinator 3002, and causes a lot of trouble as he discovers the power it has.

  • Hector and Manny go head to head to see who has the better beatboxer on their side, Shock vs Wikiwiki Walter.

  • Jessica and Danny Rebus go head to head in a Charity fund raising event. Things go wrong for Jessica as she finds out that Danny is cheating and has to prove it.

  • Marcus falls for one of Francine's products that is a hoax.The Electric Company goes all out to help Marcus prove Francine's ball a fraud.

  • The neighborhood Wordball Games is set to begin and Hector sprains his ankle. The pressure is on to see if Marcus can handle Hector's event.

  • The Electric Company discovers Marcus Barnes who has the start of wordball power. The gang helps him learn how to use this new power.

  • HD. 'A Fist Full of Confetti.' It's Neighborhood Record Day, and Francine and Jessica are both trying to break the same record.

  • HD. 'Tip It or Dip It.' Marcus and Manny are this week's contestants on a game show called 'Tip It or Dip It.'

  • HD. 'Shrink, Shrank, Shrunk.' When Marcus and Jessica accidentally get shrunk, The Electric Company has to get them back to normal size!

  • HD. 'Wiki Wiki Walter.' Hector challenges Manny to find a beatboxer better than Shock. Featuring Doug E. Fresh as the beatboxing judge.

  • HD. 'The Incredible Return-a-Ball.' Marcus buys Francine's latest invention, but quickly discovers that it doesn't work.

  • Lisa helps PJ with his writer's block as he pens a western that takes place in the refrigerator.

  • Francine and The Electric Company dive into the characters of Casey Calloway to solve a mystery earn the title of Master Detective.

  • Things are turned upside down when the Pranksters are being nice and The Electric Company is being tricky.

  • Lisa and friends want to make a movie. Manny Spamboni wants the film to be about him, but needs to learn to work with The Electric Company to accomplish what he wants.

  • Annie's Uncle Sigmund needs The Electric Company's help to talk to an old friend who has come back to visit the neighborhood.

  • Lisa works hard to clear her ancestors name.

  • Hector tries to debunk the myth of a mysterious creature called Bluefoot.

  • Jessica is named Junior Ambassador to the planet Skelecki, that is, until she makes an intergalactic faux pas.

  • The Electric Company circulates a petition to save a famous literary landmark from destruction.

  • The Electric Company and the Pranksters have to work together to preserve their ability to use their special powers in the neighborhood.

  • Hector and Danny join forces in a doubles ping pong tournament. Will they find friendship in victory?

  • Jessica and Manny work together on a project for the Mighty Bright Knight comic book convention.

  • Francine decides to be a nicer person, but is it just a ploy to get invited into The Electric Company?

  • Annie Scrambler and her aunt go head-to-head with Lisa and Hector on a semi-popular game show.