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  • 1971
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From 1971 to 1977, children across America were introduced to The Electric Company, a groundbreaking educational television series aimed at improving literacy skills in young viewers. The show, which aired on PBS, starred a diverse cast of talented actors and musicians, including Morgan Freeman, Rita Moreno, and Bill Cosby.

At the heart of The Electric Company was its commitment to teaching reading and writing skills in a fun and engaging way. The show featured a variety of segments, sketches, and songs, all designed to help children master the basics of language. Some of the most popular segments included "The Adventures of Letterman," a superhero who used his ability to transform into letters to teach children about vocabulary and spelling, and "Silent E," a musical segment that introduced kids to the concept of silent vowels.

One of the key features of The Electric Company was its use of what became known as "multimedia literacy," a revolutionary approach to teaching reading and writing that combined words, images, and sounds in innovative ways. The show's producers understood that children learn differently than adults, and that traditional methods of teaching literacy were often boring and ineffective. By using music, humor, and visual effects, they were able to capture children's attention and make learning fun.

Another important aspect of The Electric Company was its commitment to diversity and inclusion. The show's cast was made up of actors from a wide range of racial and ethnic backgrounds, and its content was designed to appeal to children from all walks of life. Whether you were a white suburban kid or an inner-city minority, The Electric Company had something to offer you.

Over the course of its six-year run, The Electric Company continued to grow and evolve. In later seasons, new characters were introduced, such as the popular "Easy Reader," played by Bill Cosby, and "Jennifer of the Jungle," a Tarzan send-up played by Judy Graubart. The show also began to tackle more complex literary concepts, such as metaphor and satire, as its young viewers grew older and more sophisticated.

In addition to its television series, The Electric Company also produced a number of spinoff materials, including books, records, and games. These materials helped extend the show's reach beyond the small screen and into the hands of children across the country.

Today, The Electric Company remains a beloved part of many adults' childhood memories. For an entire generation of Americans, it was a source of education, entertainment, and inspiration, a shining example of what can happen when creativity and learning come together in a meaningful way. Whether you grew up watching Morgan Freeman, Rita Moreno, and the rest of the colorful cast, or are discovering the show for the first time, its legacy continues to live on, inspiring new generations of young learners to embrace the power of language and imagination.

The Electric Company 1970s is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (41 episodes). The series first aired on October 29, 1971.

The Electric Company 1970s
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Episode 32
32. Episode 32
November 30, 1976
Featuring: Rita on the Run, Witch in the Kitchen, and Mel Mounds' song, "The Sweet Sweet Sway."
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The Electric Company 1970s is available for streaming on the PBS website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Electric Company 1970s on demand at Amazon.
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    October 29, 1971
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