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Yearly on CBS
71 Seasons, 76 Episodes
January 25, 1949
Awards Show
The Emmy Awards
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The Emmy Awards Full Episode Guide

  • Honoring excellence in television at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles; Stephen Colbert hosts; scheduled performers include Christopher Jackson.

  • Jimmy Kimmel hosts the 68th Emmy Awards to celebrate the very best of primetime television.

The Emmy Awards News

Donald Trump Tweets Fake News About Emmy Ratings

It wasn't the biggest audience to ever watch an Emmy broadcast, but it wasn't the worst ever, either.

Sean Spicer Lies About Emmys Audience Size

It was not the largest audience to ever watch an Emmys broadcast, period.

Will the Emmys Be an Epic Evening of Trump Bashing?

Host Stephen Colbert has not exactly been admiring of the president over the past few months.

Emmy HBO is a Big Winner Recap

It was a big night for HBO at the Emmys, but that wasn't the only news of note. Two of the show's major awards went to actors whose wins were, in different ways, ground-breaking.

2014 Emmys: Full List of Winners

See who went home with a trophy from last night's Emmys

Watch the Emmy-Nominated Short-Format Programs Right Here

If you check out the list of 2014 Emmy Awards nominations, and look all the way down at the bottom of the list, you'll see a category with a confusing name: "Best Short-Format Live-Action Entertainment Program." What the heck does that even mean? Basically, a short-format program is anything that's not a full half-hour or hour-long show. As a result, you usually only see these nominees in the form of online videos that accompany full shows, as is the case with this year's "Parks & Recreation" nomination.

2014 Emmy Nominations: See If Your Favorite Show Made the List!

It's that time of year again! Time to celebrate over your favorite show's victories or rant at no one in particular over how your favorite show got snubbed. It's Emmy season. The nominations were announced this morning by Carson Daly and Mindy Kaling, and while many of the shows are familiar ones on the Emmy lists ("Breaking Bad" or "Mad Men" for example), there are some newcomers like "Orange is the New Black" and "True Detective" making a big splash.

Emmy Awards to Feature Memorial for Monteith and More

Since the last Emmy telecast, the television industry has suffered major losses with the deaths of several of its brightest and most respected stars. The Emmys will acknowledge the losses with a special extended version of its "In Memoriam" segment featuring speeches by co-stars and friends.

A Cheeky Thing Happened On Sofia Vergara's Way To Accept An Emmy

When it comes to breakage, zippers are apparently the honey badgers of the clothing world: they don't give a s**t, they break when they want. And last night, Sofia Vergara's precariously low zipper wanted to give out shortly before the curvaceous Colombian "Modern Family" star was due onstage.

Best 'Emmy' Quotes

Nothing like celebrities uncensored. Here's a few choice tidbits from the red carpet.

'Emmy' Fashion Fails

Who wore the worst gowns of the evening?

Best of: 'Emmy' Fashion!

The top 10 gowns of the evening!

2012 Emmys: Full List of Winners

Tonight is the 2012 Emmys, with potential for historical moments: will Bryan Cranston of "Breaking Bad" set a record? How about "Mad Men?" Tune in here for an updated list of winners.

See Joe Manganiello (And His Blurry Butt) in Jimmy Kimmel's Emmy Promo

Since Jimmy Kimmel is hosting the Emmys, it looks like TV stars everywhere are trying to get on his good side... at least that's the premise of this star-studded promo for the Emmys. Watch it here!

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