The Flintstone Kids: Rockin' In Bedrock

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The Flintstone Kids: Rockin' In Bedrock is a ten episode collection from the first season of The Flintstone Kids. The Flintstone Kids is a fun spin on the classic Flintstones animated series, featuring all of the original, main adult characters, Fred, Barney, Wilma, Betty, and even their pet Dino, as children. The Flintstone Kids go on all kinds of fun adventures through Bedrock in this stone age, animated, children's series. Anybody who loved the original Flintstones is sure to want to watch this cute little spin on the original.

Warner Bros.
1 Season, 10 Episodes
March 27, 1987
Cast: Tress MacNeille, Hamilton Camp, Peter Cullen, Jim Cummings
The Flintstone Kids:  Rockin' In Bedrock

The Flintstone Kids: Rockin' In Bedrock Full Episode Guide

  • Ed repairs rock star Brick Stonespring's equipment, so Freddy brags that he can obtain tickets to the sold-out concert. When Rocky gives fake tickets, Freddy's got a lot of explaining to do.

  • Fred reaches a wrong conclusion when he hears his parents talking about a "little visitor." The Bedrock kids and parents compete in the parent-kid games.

  • When Dino takes a valuable prehistoric pillow from the Bedrock Museum, Freddy and Barney fear that they'll be arrested.

  • Edna Flintstone volunteers to coach Freddy's perennially losing baseball team, the Bad News Brontos. After Edna transforms the kids into a winning team, Rocky challenges them to a game.

  • It's rich Dreamchip's birthday, but her snooty parents won't allow her to have a party. Freddy and the gang secretly go to her mansion to help her celebrate.

  • While visiting Freddy, Barney (voice of series star HAMILTON CAMP) answers the phone and wins a trip to Hollyrock. A feud over the prize nearly wrecks Freddy and Barney's friendship.

  • Freddy's attracted to his shapely substitute teacher. His friends try to cure his distraction before he competes in the Grammar School Games.

  • When the carnival arrives in Bedrock, Fred and Barney baby-sit Barney's brother Dusty to earn money for tickets. But they have to take Dusty to the carnival, where the little boy disappears.

  • At her Halloween party, Dreamchip wears the Gemstone Diamond, a valuable bauble that carries a curse. When a thief snatches the diamond, Philo tracks down the criminal.

  • When a big city car dealer comes to town, he buys Bob Rubble's car lot. The Rubbles plan to move out of Bedrock.