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"The Killing" is based on a hit Danish television show of the same title. Relocated to a perpetually rainy and gloomy Seattle, the US version focuses in its first two seasons on the murder of a teenager, Rosie Larsen. The show's Pacific Northwest setting and plot revolving around the death of a young girl with a secret sordid life caused many comparisons with the early 90s cult television show "Twin Peaks."

Two police officers are the main characters in "The Killing," Sarah Linden (Mirielle Enos) and Stephen Holder (Joel Kinnaman). Tension arises between the two almost immediately because Holder was hired as Linden's replacement, yet Linden cannot seem to let go of the case to begin her new life with her fiance in California and instead remains on the job.

The show also focuses on how others in Rosie's life are coping with her death, particularly her parents and younger brothers. Rosie is from a working class background, and the show gradually reveals that her family has a few secrets of their own.

Many of the episodes center around a character identified as a key suspect in the case before debunking that character's involvement and moving on to a new hypothesis. As the first season progressed, the candidates and staff in the city's mayoral race came to prominence as more information surfaced about possibly corrupt and criminal activities at the highest levels. The show's decision to end on a cliff hanger for the first season was controversial among viewers and critics, leading show runner Veena Sud to reassure fans that the crime would be solved in the second season.

The second season widened the potential political conspiracy to include the police and continued to explore the storylines and relationships established in the first season. As promised, the show did finally solve the crime with its season two conclusion.

Sunday 8:00 pm on AMC
4 Seasons, 44 Episodes
April 3, 2011
Cast: Mireille Enos, Joel Kinnaman, Billy Campbell, Liam James
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The Killing Full Episode Guide

  • Linden and Holder's partnership spirals into chaos as they are confronted with the shocking truth behind the Stansbury murders.

  • Information about the family murders comes to light as Kyle's memory returns. Holder's loyalty is tested when confronted about Skinner's death.

  • Linden and Holder target a student with a sordid past, and a tip from an informant leads Reddick to a shocking discovery.

  • Reddick digs deeper into Skinner's disappearance. Linden and Holder try to keep their crime under wraps while preventing it from going cold.

  • A neighbor's knowledge leads to a revelation about one of the victims. Meanwhile, Reddick begins to investigate the disappearance of Lt. Skinner.

  • While covering up Skinner's disappearance, Linden and Holder investigate the brutal murder of a family with ties to a military academy.

  • Sarah risks her life after someone dear to her suddenly goes missing. Meanwhile, Holder's past is used against him.

  • As the dust settles, the detectives pick up a new unnerving case. Lyric is tempted by her old life. Danette says goodbye.

  • Seward divulges the truth, Holder deals with personal issues, and Sarah pays the consequences of former choices in her life.

  • The hunt for the pornographer leads to a disturbing discovery, and Holder seeks someone to blame. Sarah deals with the consequences of her past transgressions.

  • Sarah disappears. Meanwhile, Bullet decides to save Lyric and happens a dark secret.

  • Sarah and Holder finally get a lead in the case. Seward fights against his own mortality.

  • Sarah and Holder catch up to the latest victim. Seward's past catches up with him. Out in The Jungle, Bullet has a difficult time with the truth.

  • Bullet bloodhounds for Sarah and Holder, racing to find a victim on the run before someone else does. Seward is an unkind host to surprise visitors.

  • The task force shuts down a business; Sarah and Holder team up in their pursuit of "the voice.''

  • Sarah has a hidden agenda when she joins the task force. Holder finds a new street informant; Seward ignites an old rivalry.

  • Sarah's past leads her in a cruel direction.

  • In the third season premiere, Sarah's past creeps up on her. Holder catches a disquieting case. Prisoner Ray Seward's personality comes out.

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The Killing News

Netflix Gets Exclusive Rights to 'The Killing'

Netflix announces it alone will be streaming "The Killing" after season three wraps, due largely to its influence being a major boost in returning the cancelled show to television.

'The Killing' Might Continue on DirecTV or Netflix

Could "The Killing" be un-killed? It looks as though the AMC show might find a second life on DirecTV or Netflix, as digital outlets are showing interest.

'50 Shades of Grey' Movie Now Hiring Writers, Including the Guy Who Wrote 'Cars'

Would you want the writer of "Cars 2" to adapt the movie version of "50 Shades of Grey?" Well, that might happen, as the studio is now in the process of finding a writer... which includes the writer of "Cars 2."

AMC Cancels 'The Killing,' Develops New Area 51 Drama

Fate doesn't afford all failed shows the luxury of dying early. Not often, but sometimes, a show makes a fatal error, then bleeds out over a fair length. "The Killing" was wounded by one bad decision at its first season's end, and with the second wrapped up, AMC has passed on giving it a third.

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