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The Loop is a TV show that follows the wacky antics of a young professional, named Sam Sulivan (Bret Harrison) who becomes an executive at a major airline and finds himself way over his head. Sam lives with his immature brother Sully, (Eric Christian Olsen) and Piper ( Amanda Loncar) who has been his friend and crush since college.

1 Season, 17 Episodes
March 15, 2006
Cast: Bret Harrison, Eric Christian Olsen, Mimi Rogers, Philip Baker Hall
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The Loop Full Episode Guide

  • Russ asks his staff to come up with crazy ways to make the company money like his recently deceased friend, Crazy Goat, would.

  • Sam must make a difficult decision when an experienced veteran of the airline industry offers to help him out, as his involvement will cost the involvement of one of his dear friends.

  • Sam wears a fat suit to better understand how obese people experience air travel. During the flight, Russ wants Sam to keep an eye on his girlfriend, who he suspects is cheating.

  • Russ pressures his staff to generate some moneymaking ideas. With this in mind, Sam looks to facilitate a business merger by arranging a date between Derek and Darcy.

  • Sam is put in charge of a product-placement partnership between the airline and a chewing-gum company. He ends up hooking up with the sales rep and allows the branding to get way out of hand.

  • Russ wants the airline to have a family-friendly icon, and Sam submits an idea from Darcy. Though Russ likes the icon, he opts for a doodle drawn by Sully that inevitably causes more than a few headaches.

  • A scramble to find the perfect gift ensues as Russ' birthday approaches. Sam discovers Russ once owned an exotic bird, so he sets out to track one down.

  • Russ crashes into Sam's car and covers it up. To ease his guilt he lends Sam his motorcycle, which also gets destroyed causing Sam to take extreme measures to replace the bike.

  • The second season kicks off with Sam attempting to make inroads with an Icelandic airliner, while also trying to make inroads with Trans Alliance's new receptionist.

  • Piper's favorite band, The Dandy Warhols, are in town and Sam sees this as the perfect opportunity for him to take Piper out on a date. After hitting Meryl up for Trans Alliance company tickets to the concert, and promising Piper tickets to the show, Sam gets stuck at a brainstorming session at work, leaving Piper, desperate to go to the show, forced to take Derek up on his offer to go with him. Knowing Sam has to work, Russ gives the company tickets to his son Keith. Once Sam discovers Piper is going with Derek, and torn between his job at the airline and the girl of his dreams, he begs Meryl to cover for him at the office so he can meet Piper at the concert. Sam must race to rescue Piper from sleazy Derek and get back to the office in time without Russ knowing.

  • Sam's college experience in Beijing, China, pays off when Meryl seeks his expertise to assist with a vital presentation she's giving to the Chinese Department of Transportation in order to save Trans Alliance Air from potential downfall. Meanwhile, things at home get out of line when Sully starts a dog-sitting business. Sully mistakes Sam's flash drive, containing his presentation information, for a dog biscuit. As the presentation meeting approaches, Sam and his roommates scramble to come up with a quick-fix idea to retrieve the flash drive but it's Meryl who comes to the rescue.

  • Sam reconnects at the bar with Jolie, a girl he ditched on their third date. Meanwhile, Sam's boss Russ claims they're being beaten in the airline business by Virgin Airlines and Sir Richard Branson. Russ has assigned Sam to take the Virgin flight to Hong Kong and investigate all the first class amenities Virgin offers in order to beef up their own TransAlliance airline.To make up for his previous date debacle with Jolie, Sam trades in his first class ticket for two coach tickets and invites her to accompany him on the flight, but while she's in the airport restroom, Russ boards the plane and after a minute has seen enough, insisting that Sam leave with him immediately - and the plane takes off with Jolie on it. Back at home, Sully's started his own sandwich business in his latest entrepreneurial brainstorm. After leaving Jolie in the lurch yet again on the flight to Hong Kong, Sam's determined to pick her up at the airport but the decision puts his job at risk

  • When Sam's boss Russ gives Sam the prestigious assignment of creating a low-cost airline carrier for their company, Sam relishes the challenge. Meanwhile Lizzy's friend Jenna, a VP ("veteran partier") for a tequila company, tries to convince Sam to compete against her in a tequila challenge. Sam is determined to excel at both, but Jenna's persuasiveness lands him on the beach in Cabo San Lucas the morning his presentation is due, forcing him to think on his feet and come up with the big idea that will prove to Russ he is up to the challenge of his assignment.

  • Sam thinks he just might have a chance with longtime crush Piper when she and her boyfriend Marco break up days before her birthday. Sam, Sully and Lizzy go all out on plans to make her birthday special, with Sam hoping Marco's absence will finally give him the chance to express to Piper how he feels about her. But Sam's feelings for Piper get in the way when he generously makes her an offer he soon regrets.Meanwhile, Russ pressures Sam and his fellow executives to come up with a creative cost-cutting measure and Sam, in a sudden brainstorm, suggests canceling the one remaining perk his fellow employees at the airline enjoy, which doesn't endear him to his co-workers.

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