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  • TV-14
  • 2002
  • 3 Seasons
  • 6.7  (3,319)

The Lost World is a British television series based on the novel of the same name by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The show premiered on BBC in 2001 and ran for three seasons. The series is set in the early 20th century and follows an expedition team as they journey deep into the Amazon rainforest in search of a lost world full of prehistoric creatures and exotic civilizations.

The expedition team includes Professor George Challenger (Bob Hoskins), a brilliant and eccentric scientist who has devoted his life to proving the existence of this lost world, Lord John Roxton (James Fox), an expert hunter and adventurer who is driven by his desire for wealth and fame, and Edward Malone (Matthew Rhys), a young journalist who is desperate for a scoop that will launch his career.

As they venture deeper into the jungle, they encounter various obstacles and dangers, both from the natural environment and from the indigenous tribes they encounter. They also come across a number of prehistoric creatures, including dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and giant insects.

The team soon discovers that the lost world is not just the home of prehistoric creatures, but also of advanced civilizations that have managed to survive for centuries without the influence of the modern world. These civilizations include a tribe of Amazonian warriors, a race of telepathic humans, and a group of Victorian explorers who went missing in the jungle years ago.

Throughout the series, the characters find themselves caught up in a variety of adventures and mysteries, as they try to unravel the secrets of this lost world and its inhabitants. Along the way, they encounter a number of guest stars, including Peter Falk in a recurring role as a wealthy American industrialist who bankrolls the expedition.

One of the strengths of the series is its engaging characters, who are well-drawn and complex. Bob Hoskins is particularly memorable as Professor Challenger, bringing both humor and pathos to the role of a brilliant but flawed scientist who is haunted by the memory of his dead wife. James Fox and Matthew Rhys also give strong performances, and Elaine Cassidy brings a compelling presence to her role as a native Amazonian warrior who joins the expedition.

Another highlight of the show is its production values, which are impressive for a television series. The jungle sets and special effects work are convincing and immersive, and the series does a good job of balancing action and adventure with character development and mystery.

Overall, The Lost World is an engaging and entertaining adventure series that is sure to please fans of both science fiction and historical fiction. While it may not be entirely faithful to the source material, it manages to capture the spirit of Conan Doyle's original novel while adding plenty of its own thrilling twists and turns.

The Lost World is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (68 episodes). The series first aired on June 10, 2002.

The Lost World
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Heart of the Storm
22. Heart of the Storm
May 13, 2002
In the final chapter of Lost World, the plateau itself is threatened. A rift in time and space collides with the explorers, as Finn and Veronica are briefly transported into a post-apocalyptic future while Roxton outruns 17th-century Conquistadors, and Marguerite is captured by Druids as a human sacrifice. An ominous storm approaches the plateau and threatens all of its inhabitants.
21. Trapped
May 6, 2002
Jungle exploration puts Marguerite and Roxton in peril when an explosion leaves them trapped in an underground cavern. Their only hope to escape is Challenger... who was also injured in the explosion, leaving him with amnesia. With Challenger's memory of who he is and where his friends are erased from his mind, Marguerite and Roxton are left to fear for their lives and confront their feelings.
20. Legacy
April 29, 2002
Led by a dream, Veronica uses her mother's pendant as a guide to find her parents. She finds herself at the site of a stone monolith with strange carvings, and discovers that the pendant fits like a key into one of the etchings. A blast of energy surges from the stone, causing Veronica to recall new memories of her last day with her family.
19. Tapestry
April 22, 2002
Challenger and Finn discover the wreckage of a World War I transport plane, and with it, the pilot that has been guarding its cargo for the last five years. The pilot, Lt. Drummond, takes Challenger captive, but they discover that their lives are connected in unexpected ways. Challenger, Roxton, and Marguerite are all forced to recall old memories and secrets from five years earlier.
The Elixir
18. The Elixir
April 15, 2002
Challenger takes on the problem of food shortages by inventing a nutritional elixir that would eliminate world hunger. He decides to test the concoction himself, but an unintended side effect causes him to experience vivid hallucinations. An apparition of his younger self appears in his lab, urging the older professor to shun his comrades and pursue glory at any cost.
The Imposters
17. The Imposters
April 8, 2002
The explorers and Finn search a cave in hopes of finding a portal that can cross dimensions. But once inside, an ghostly visage appears that sends Finn running. Marguerite, Roxton, and Challenger are unable to resist the glowing apparition's pull, and are replaced by three spirits that have escaped from a world of darkness.
16. Suspicion
March 2, 2002
A team of archeologists discover a burial urn, but the discovery becomes dangerous when one of the student explorers suffers convulsions and illness after she opens the artifact. The leader of the expedition suspects urn's skeletal remains may have transmitted an ancient diseases, but an inscription warns that an evil demon is imprisoned within.
15. Finn
February 23, 2002
When Challenger constructs a machine that harnesses the plateau's energy lines, the explorers hope that they have found a way back to London. The device may prove dangerous, but finding a way out of the Lost World seems worth the risk. After their test run lands them in the they same place that they started, they assume failure and return to the Treehouse, only to find that it's not there.
The Secret
14. The Secret
February 16, 2002
A stranger attacks Veronica, knocking her unconscious and leaving behind a white tile with a mysterious insignia. While Roxton takes Veronica to the treehouse, Marguerite is sure to cover up the tile, an artifact that she recognizes as the calling card of a dangerous character from her past. Marguerite must reconcile with the dark secrets of her former life.
13. Phantoms
February 9, 2002
Veronica is drawn through the jungle by the sound of mysterious piano music. Passing though a layer of mist, she emerges in a village from previous century. There, she finds that the source of the music is a handsome gentleman named Thomas Ducart. When he tells her that he wrote the piano piece for her, she becomes instantly taken.
The End Game
12. The End Game
February 2, 2002
The seemingly invincible Roxton comes face to face with Death when the Grim Reaper, determined to claim his soul. Trapping him in the jungle, the beautiful and seductive Death challenges Roxton to play for his life in a series of games. To raise the stakes, Death puts not only Roxton's soul but his friends' souls on the line.
Ice Age
11. Ice Age
January 21, 2002
A new Ice Age threatens the ecosystem. The explorers investigate the site of a meteor crash, and try to help a frosty-skinned woman. Not knowing who she is, they are targeted by the her cold-blooded subjects.
Brothers in Arms
10. Brothers in Arms
January 19, 2002
After Keeran Raiders attack, Malone is struck by a poison dart that conjures long suppressed memories of his time as a battlefield correspondent in World War I. Malone's hallucinations force him to relive life behind enemy lines, when the soldiers he accompanied were killed in battle and he, the journalist, had to bear arms to protect himself and a wounded sergeant.
A Witch's Calling
9. A Witch's Calling
January 12, 2002
While Roxton and Malone search for the missing Veronica, two young witches covertly lure them away from safety. Unbeknownst to the explorers, a sorceress and her disciples plot to destroy Challenger and his science.
Hollow Victory
8. Hollow Victory
December 8, 2001
Challenger experiments with a new fuel source in the hot air ballon, and takes the other explorers along for a test ride. A storm drags the balloon into a dangerous underground world that they must struggle to escape.
Dead Man's Hill
7. Dead Man's Hill
December 1, 2001
Marguerite and Roxton discover a strange corner of the jungle, where a hangman's noose dangles from a tree and a tombstone marks the grave of one J. Roxton, who died in 1875. Suddenly, Roxton himself is transported to the wild west, where Challenger is a cruel lawman, Marguerite is a lone frontier woman, Malone is a gunslinging bounty hunter, and Veronica is a trade post owner with a shotgun.
Fire in the Sky
6. Fire in the Sky
November 24, 2001
A dying stranger issues a warning to three of the explorers, begging them to find a hunter named Pierson Rice. Roxton shares a common, painful past with the mysterious Rice, and he and Marguerite must save their friends.
The Knife
5. The Knife
November 17, 2001
While fighting a T-Rex, Malone and Challenger discover a strange campsite with a macabre raptor display. When Malone picks up a nearby knife, he suddenly becomes John Netley, a coachman in 1888 East End suspected to be serial murderer Jack the Ripper. Challenger suggests that Malone's time in the spirit world has given him psychic abilities, giving him insights at the touch of an object.
True Spirit
4. True Spirit
November 10, 2001
Much of the group has come to accept that Malone died in the Navy Ghost ship... except Veronica. After a vivid nightmare, she begins to believe that Malone is speaking to her from a spirit realm. Convinced that he is reaching out for help from an unseen world, Veronica worries her friends until Marguerite suggests that they use a ouija board to communicate with the lost Malone.
Eye for an Eye
3. Eye for an Eye
November 3, 2001
Roxton discovers a dinosaur bone yard contains more than mere remains. After killing a Triceratops that could have been allowed to live, Roxton encounters a beautiful creature named Oseena, a mystical being who is half-woman and half-dinosaur. The bone yard that he had wandered into is in fact sacred ground, and Oseena believes he must be punished for the needless taking of life.
The Travelers
2. The Travelers
October 27, 2001
Malone remains missing, and the explorers' search party crosses paths with a trio of dashing travelers. Marguerite becomes taken with the debonaire leader, Francois, especially when he offers her a way off the plateau.
Out of the Blue
1. Out of the Blue
October 20, 2001
The explorers find themselves trapped aboard a ghost ship, reliving out its fatal course through a thunderstorm. Veronica escapes from its fiery crash, but Marguerite, Roxton, and Challenger remain trapped aboard. They find that rather than dying, they have taken the place of Askwith and his crew.
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  • Premiere Date
    June 10, 2002
  • IMDB Rating
    6.7  (3,319)