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  • 2008
  • 2 Seasons

The Mighty Jungle is an educational children's show produced by the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) and is hosted by Frank Meschkuleit. The show first premiered in 1994 and has been a favorite of children ever since. The show is tailored towards preschool children and focuses on teaching them life skills and values such as teamwork, friendship, and problem-solving in a fun and interactive way.

The show is set in a jungle where different animal characters live and embark on different adventures. The animals have different personalities, and their interactions provide excellent opportunities for fun and learning. The jungle is also filled with plenty of sights and sounds that make it a fantastic visual experience for its young audience.

Frank Meschkuleit, known for his talent in voiceover and puppetry, is the host of the show. He plays the character of a wise old owl who guides the animals and helps them solve problems along the way. Part of what makes the show so engaging for children is the use of puppets and live-action footage to bring the animal characters to life.

The show's format typically involves a short animated segment introducing the theme of the episode, followed by live-action footage of animals exhibiting similar behavior or traits. The segment is then followed by a puppet skit where the characters have to overcome a problem or learn a new lesson. The skits are usually filled with catchy songs and dance routines that make it easy for children to follow along and remember the lessons learned.

Each episode has a clear message and a set of learning objectives that are easily identifiable. For example, one episode might focus on the importance of teamwork, while another might focus on developing vocabulary skills. The show also covers different topics such as science, math, and social studies, making it an excellent tool for parents and teachers alike to incorporate in lessons or at-home learning.

Overall, The Mighty Jungle is a great show for preschool children. It is educational, engaging, and teaches important life skills and values in a fun and interactive way. Frank Meschkuleit's use of puppets and live-action footage make the show visually appealing, while the catchy songs and dance routines keep children engaged and ask that they absorb the teachings of the show. If you're looking for a fun, educational show for your children, The Mighty Jungle is an excellent choice.

The Mighty Jungle is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (38 episodes). The series first aired on September 1, 2008.

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Mighty Jungle Time Machine
10. Mighty Jungle Time Machine
September 10, 2008
A trip back in time is a trip away from his blanky for poor Bruce. Our intrepid time travelers meet a real dinosaur, but realize they would rather be back home with pretend dinos and real blankies!
9. Cindergorilla
September 9, 2008
Bruce is horrified to be given the part of Cindergorilla when the Jungle friends play Fairy Tale. At the Prince's Ball, Cindergorilla is granted her most special wish -- to be a plain old gorilla again!
Babu and the Tooth Fairy
8. Babu and the Tooth Fairy
September 8, 2008
Babu is determined to get a prize for a lost tooth from the Tooth Fairy, but there's a problem -- he doesn't have any teeth to lose! After he puts some fake teeth under his pillow, he has a dream that the Tooth Fairy takes his friend Bruce in return for being tricked.
Mighty Jungle Safari
7. Mighty Jungle Safari
September 7, 2008
Bruce and Babu set off on a safari to look for four-headed dragons, but Rhonda would rather spend time with butterflies. At first, the boys think she's missing out on fun, but when a real-live dragon shows up, its butterflies that come to the rescue!
Friends For Life
6. Friends For Life
September 6, 2008
On a day when Babu, Bruce and Rhonda are arguing with each other, a visit from Mr. Bristle turns into a trip down Jungle Memory Lane, as he gets them to tell the story of how they first met. Charging rhinos, tasty snacks, and a new helmet all remind our friends of why they love to hang out together!
Bruce Loses His Helmet
5. Bruce Loses His Helmet
September 5, 2008
Bruce can't get out of a tree safely after he loses his helmet, no matter what Babu and Rhonda do to help him. But luckily Ellie the elephant shows up with a new basket that just happens to look just like the missing helmet!
Rhonda's New Friend
4. Rhonda's New Friend
September 4, 2008
Bruce and Babu don't want to play Tea Party, so Rhonda finds a new friend -- Ellie the elephant! But Rhonda soon learns there's more to Jungle life than playing Tea Party all the time...and that it can be fun to teach new games to new friends.
Bruce's Surprise Party
3. Bruce's Surprise Party
September 3, 2008
Rhonda can't believe Bruce is planning a surprise party for himself, and on her birthday, too! But the surprise is on her when Bruce reveals she's the guest of honour, after all!
The Wishing Star
2. The Wishing Star
September 2, 2008
A wishing star that falls to the Jungle isn't making wishes come true...until Bruce, Rhonda and Babu use a bouncy trampoline to get it back into the sky. Four hundred bananas, coming up!
Babu and the Giant
1. Babu and the Giant
September 1, 2008
A glowing beanstalk leads Babu and Bruce on an adventure to the clouds, where they meet a Giant! At first, they are afraid, but Lionel (that's his name) is a friendly giant, and just wants to play Hide-and-Go-Seek with the boys.
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The Mighty Jungle is available for streaming on the PBS website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Mighty Jungle on demand at Google Play and Apple TV.
  • Premiere Date
    September 1, 2008