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  • 2014
  • 1 Season
  • 6.0  (165)

The Night Watchman is a South Korean television drama series that aired on MBC from August to October 2014. Set in the Joseon dynasty, the show follows the story of four individuals who work as night watchmen, responsible for maintaining the peace and protecting the citizens from supernatural creatures.

The show features an impressive cast, led by Seo Ye-Ji, who plays the female lead, Park Soo-ryeon. Soo-ryeon is a noblewoman who has the ability to see ghosts, a power that she inherited from her grandmother. Despite her noble status, she becomes a night watchman to use her gift to help others and investigate a conspiracy that threatens the Joseon throne.

Kim Sung-oh plays the male lead, Kang Moo-suk, a former slave turned night watchman. He is a skilled fighter and a loyal friend, who desires equality for all, regardless of social status. He joins the night watchmen to overthrow the corrupt officials who have oppressed the lower classes for too long.

Seo Yi-Sook portrays Lady Kang, Kang Moo-suk's mother, who was also a former slave who became a courtesan. She is now a wealthy merchant and an influential figure in the city. Lady Kang supports her son's involvement with the night watchmen and helps fund their activities.

The show also includes an ensemble of supporting characters, each with their own storylines and motivations, adding depth and complexity to the plot. Among them are Heo Jun, a doctor who works with the night watchmen to investigate and cure illnesses caused by evil spirits; Jin Yi-hyun, a female assassin who joins the night watchmen after they save her life; and Do Ha, a half-human, half-demon who works to suppress his demonic nature and become a responsible night watchman.

The Night Watchman combines elements of fantasy, action, and romance, with a dash of political intrigue. The show creates a rich, immersive world filled with supernatural creatures such as ghosts, demons, and goblins. The night watchmen's job is to keep these creatures in check and prevent them from causing harm to innocent people.

The show is also notable for its detailed portrayal of Joseon-era society, touching on issues such as class inequality, political corruption, and gender roles. It explores the struggles of the lower classes and their fight against the oppressive upper class, while also depicting the complex relationships between men and women of different social standings.

Despite its heavy subject matter, the show also incorporates moments of humor and levity, often through the interactions between the characters. The chemistry between Seo Ye-Ji and Kim Sung-oh is particularly noteworthy, as their characters' contrasting personalities create a dynamic and engaging relationship.

Overall, The Night Watchman is a captivating drama that combines action, fantasy, and historical elements to create a unique narrative. With a talented cast, engaging storylines, and impressive production values, the show is sure to appeal to viewers both in South Korea and around the world.

The Night Watchman
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Season 1, Episode 20
20. Season 1, Episode 20
October 7, 2014
The Prime Minister attempts to overthrow the monarchy with the help of Sadam and his evil ghosts. Moo Seok's loyalties are tested when he is forced to choose between the Night Watchmen and the King.
Season 1, Episode 19
19. Season 1, Episode 19
October 6, 2014
Yeon Ha's soul is so corrupted that she begins to wreak havoc on the palace, and not even her sister can save her. Soo Ryun takes over Maeranbang in an attempt to ensure her future as Wolgang's wife.
Season 1, Episode 18
18. Season 1, Episode 18
September 30, 2014
The Night Watchmen discover a doppelganger in their midst and embark on a mission to undo Sadam's spell. Kisan's demands to build the temple faster takes a toll on the people of Joseon and his court.
Season 1, Episode 17
17. Season 1, Episode 17
September 29, 2014
The Night Watchmen have a plan to take down Sadam, but they've greatly underestimated their foe. Meanwhile the king's split personality becomes an issue when the darker side takes control of the king's body.
Season 1, Episode 16
16. Season 1, Episode 16
September 23, 2014
Sadam attempts to control Prince Wolgang using the same ghost that he cast on Wolgang's father so many years ago.
Season 1, Episode 15
15. Season 1, Episode 15
September 22, 2014
Wolgang tracks down Handmaiden Kim to find her side of the story and see why his mother died. Sadam's hold over Yeon Ha weakens.
Season 1, Episode 14
14. Season 1, Episode 14
September 16, 2014
The newly formed Night Watchmen try to stop Sadam from resurrecting the monster serpent when construction begins on a pagoda that will aid the serpent to ascend to the heavens.
Season 1, Episode 13
13. Season 1, Episode 13
September 15, 2014
When Moo Seok's sister becomes further entwined to the goddess of smallpox, he is propelled to join the Night Watchmen and stop the goddess before she attains her ultimate goal.
Season 1, Episode 12
12. Season 1, Episode 12
September 9, 2014
As smallpox spreads unchecked, the king's authority is threatened. Sadam pins the blame of the smallpox epidemic on Wolgang.
Season 1, Episode 11
11. Season 1, Episode 11
September 8, 2014
Sadam calls on the goddess of smallpox to wreak more havoc in the capital. Soo Ryun is arrested, and it drives Wolgang and Moo Seok further apart.
Season 1, Episode 10
10. Season 1, Episode 10
September 2, 2014
The King comes up with a plan to make the Prime Minister and Prince Wolgang attack each other politically. He begins to lose his trust in Sadam, who resorts to desperate measures to regain his influence.
Season 1, Episode 9
9. Season 1, Episode 9
September 2, 2014
The Prime Minister comes up with a plan to help Wolgang clear his name. We learn more about the backstory of Jo Sang Heon, the blacksmith.
Season 1, Episode 8
8. Season 1, Episode 8
August 26, 2014
Wolgang tries to find out who tried to kill him. Sadam tries to maintain power over the king by setting ghosts to wreak havoc on the capital.
Season 1, Episode 7
7. Season 1, Episode 7
August 25, 2014
The hunt is on for Prince Wolgang, who now believes that everyone has abandoned him. Sadam uses Do Ha to help him locate the dragon god.
Season 1, Episode 6
6. Season 1, Episode 6
August 19, 2014
Do Ha needs to find a job so that she can pay for her lodging. An assassin, seemingly sent by the king, comes after Prince Wolgang.
Season 1, Episode 5
5. Season 1, Episode 5
August 18, 2014
Prince Wolgang sets the test for shamans to enter Sogyukseo, but in doing so puts himself in the king's line of fire.
Season 1, Episode 4
4. Season 1, Episode 4
August 12, 2014
Haunted by his nightmares, Kisan calls back Sadam to help him with his Taoist powers. Wolgang is continually followed by three friendly ghosts even though he does everything he can to ignore them.
Season 1, Episode 3
3. Season 1, Episode 3
August 11, 2014
12 years pass and Prince Wolgang is living outside palace walls, seemingly unfocused and carefree about the life that he leads. Meanwhile, Do Ha makes her way to the capital in search of her sister.
Season 1, Episode 2
2. Season 1, Episode 2
August 5, 2014
King Haejong manages to save the shaman and save his son, but he brings an evil force back with him to the palace.
Season 1, Episode 1
1. Season 1, Episode 1
August 4, 2014
When mysterious ghosts attack the royal palace and the Crown Prince, King Haejong must battle an evil tribe and a monstrous serpent to save his son.
  • Premiere Date
    August 4, 2014
  • IMDB Rating
    6.0  (165)