The Night Watchman

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The Night Watchman is a science fiction action series that first aired in 2014 in South Korea. The series centers on a group of night watchmen who are given the task of defending a length of wall that separates their city from the outside world. The watchmen need to protect the city from a number of ghouls and monsters who come out at night in order to terrorize the city, take away persons, and generally caused chaos. However, one of the watchmen finds out that the ruler of the city has a much famed power that is actually a danger to him and the city.

Monday, Tuesday 10:00 pm on MBC
1 Season, 20 Episodes
August 4, 2014
Cast: Seong-oh Kim, Chang-Seok Ko, Jae-yong Lee, Se-chang Lee
The Night Watchman

The Night Watchman Full Episode Guide

  • The Prime Minister attempts to overthrow the monarchy with the help of Sadam and his evil ghosts. Moo Seok's loyalties are tested when he is forced to choose between the Night Watchmen and the King.

  • The Night Watchmen discover a doppelganger in their midst and embark on a mission to undo Sadam's spell. Kisan's demands to build the temple faster takes a toll on the people of Joseon and his court.

  • The Night Watchmen have a plan to take down Sadam, but they've greatly underestimated their foe. Meanwhile the king's split personality becomes an issue when the darker side takes control of the king's body.

  • Sadam attempts to control Prince Wolgang using the same ghost that he cast on Wolgang's father so many years ago.

  • Wolgang tracks down Handmaiden Kim to find her side of the story and see why his mother died. Sadam's hold over Yeon Ha weakens.

  • The newly formed Night Watchmen try to stop Sadam from resurrecting the monster serpent when construction begins on a pagoda that will aid the serpent to ascend to the heavens.

  • When Moo Seok's sister becomes further entwined to the goddess of smallpox, he is propelled to join the Night Watchmen and stop the goddess before she attains her ultimate goal.

  • As smallpox spreads unchecked, the king's authority is threatened. Sadam pins the blame of the smallpox epidemic on Wolgang.

  • Sadam calls on the goddess of smallpox to wreak more havoc in the capital. Soo Ryun is arrested, and it drives Wolgang and Moo Seok further apart.

  • The King comes up with a plan to make the Prime Minister and Prince Wolgang attack each other politically. He begins to lose his trust in Sadam, who resorts to desperate measures to regain his influence.

  • The Prime Minister comes up with a plan to help Wolgang clear his name. We learn more about the backstory of Jo Sang Heon, the blacksmith.

  • Wolgang tries to find out who tried to kill him. Sadam tries to maintain power over the king by setting ghosts to wreak havoc on the capital.

  • The hunt is on for Prince Wolgang, who now believes that everyone has abandoned him. Sadam uses Do Ha to help him locate the dragon god.

  • Do Ha needs to find a job so that she can pay for her lodging. An assassin, seemingly sent by the king, comes after Prince Wolgang.

  • Prince Wolgang sets the test for shamans to enter Sogyukseo, but in doing so puts himself in the king's line of fire.

  • Haunted by his nightmares, Kisan calls back Sadam to help him with his Taoist powers. Wolgang is continually followed by three friendly ghosts even though he does everything he can to ignore them.

  • 12 years pass and Prince Wolgang is living outside palace walls, seemingly unfocused and carefree about the life that he leads. Meanwhile, Do Ha makes her way to the capital in search of her sister.

  • King Haejong manages to save the shaman and save his son, but he brings an evil force back with him to the palace.

  • When mysterious ghosts attack the royal palace and the Crown Prince, King Haejong must battle an evil tribe and a monstrous serpent to save his son.