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Explores a world of gangs made up of those sworn to protect, defend and shed light on corrupt and secret societies. The Oath (2018) is a Action & Adventure, Crime, Drama series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (18 episodes). The series first aired on March 8, 2018. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 6.5.

The Oath (2018) is available for streaming on the Sony Crackle website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Oath (2018) on demand at Crackle Amazon, Vudu, iTunes, Crackle online.

Thursday at 8:30PM on Sony Crackle
2 Seasons, 18 Episodes
March 8, 2018
Action & Adventure, Crime, Drama
Cast: Ryan Kwanten, Katrina Law, Cory Hardrict, J.J. Soria, Arlen Escapeta
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The Oath (2018) Full Episode Guide

  • The death of a Raven has everyone on edge. Carmen and her allies gun for Victor and all the other loose ends before heading home. Steve and Agent Andrews race to take down the cartel before more blood is shed. Kraley tries to regain control of the group while Cole suggests a shocking way out.

  • Carmen approaches Steve and Agent Andrews with an offer to turn over Ricardo. Ramos’s family goes into hiding, leaving Pete scrambling for answers. Cole lashes out in the wake of recent deaths, while Christine turns to fellow Ravens for help in getting Dani back from the state.

  • Ricardo’s coup now complete, he sets out to seize control of the cop gangs. With Price’s disappearance, Steve is confronted by a DEA agent who claims to be her handler hellbent on bringing down the cartel. The Ravens redouble their efforts to rescue Cole when they find G’s ransom too steep a price.

  • The DEA raids the Ravens' security business and Carmen’s legitimate assets. Tensions flare as everyone searches for the source of the DEA leak. To put an end to the bloodshed, Cole tries to broker a truce between G and Clinton. Karen presses Michael to come clean about his past with Abigail.

  • Steve proposes opening a legitimate company to replenish the Ravens' pension. Amber presses Cole to act on the mounting violence on Metro county streets. Karen investigates her mother’s claims about her father. Pete resists Victor and Lourdes’ petition for sole custody of Veronica

  • The Ravens are left reeling from a failed stash house robbery that has the Cartel out for blood. Cole and Christine learn of a turf war heating up on their patrol streets. Steve wrestles with how to silence Agent Price before her testimony at the Police Commission.

  • Christine is inducted into the Ravens, making her a target of cartel assassins. Cole takes the lead on the community outreach initiative, hoping to combat the heat the article caused. Beach and Ramos find out who the reporter’s second source is.

  • After Hammond and Cole's worst fears are realized, their search for Neckbone escalates. Byrd pursues WMD's shady connections with big pharma, but gets no help from the Bureau. Agent Price confronts Tom in an effort to flip him. Foster reveals to Beach explosive evidence he stole off Winters.

  • An FBI raid gone wrong takes WMD off the streets but leaves Neckbone out for Raven blood. Agent Price demands Hammond bring his father into the fold by any means necessary. Tom uses a successful heist to assert his precarious power. From hiding, Neckbone begins to exact his revenge.

  • Tom's revenge against Winters risks an all-out gang war. With a fresh body on his doorstep, Neckbone gives Hammond a deadly ultimatum. Father and son vie for control of the Ravens, creating a deep gang rift. Hammond and Cole take action to replenish the pension fund, but their plans backfire.

  • Beach shares a crucial piece of information to prove her loyalty to the Ravens, leaving Foster to fume. Hammond and Ramos make a surprising discovery about The Ravens. Ramos realizes that Lourdes and Veronica aren't safe in their home. Neckbone summons the cop gang chiefs to announce a bounty on the WMD ringleaders. Tom starts a campaign to take back control of the Ravens, exploiting and stoking discontent with Hammond's leadership. Winters makes a direct attack on the Ravens.

  • With Neckbone suspected in a WMD-related massacre, Price comes under pressure from her superiors to shift the Raven's focus to tracking down the source of the deadly new drug. Meanwhile the pressure of the indictment starts to fracture the loyalty of Hammond's fellow Ravens, and the FBI learns Tom's case may be getting dismissed. The Ravens identify a major WMD manufacturing lab, but their victory is short-lived.

  • A text message from an unexpected source has both the Ravens and Byrd on edge. Neckbone pays an unannounced visit to the Ravens at their off-duty hangout, asking pointed questions and leaning on the cops to find the source of WMD, a powerful new synthetic drug that's cutting into his business. Lourdes makes a discovery that Ramos is hard-pressed to explain. Lourdes' father, Colombian cartel lawyer Victor Morales challenges Ramos about his ability to ensure the safety of his wife and their young daughter Veronica. Meanwhile, the lines between friends and enemies begin to blur for Byrd. Beach's clandestine romance with Vipers gang member Sam Foster complicates the Ravens' lives in unexpected ways.

  • Price orders Byrd to broaden his focus to include local criminals in league with the cop gangs, specifically the local drug kingpin Neckbone and his brother Sleep. Hammond comes up with a strategy to stall Price, leveraging new information about a cop gang's ugly business with Ukrainian gangsters. Tom is threatened when Neckbone becomes suspicious of his new high-priced lawyer. The Ravens learn that Teresa Winters, the ruthless leader of the cop gang The Vipers, has taken Tom's place as Neckbone's partner in crime. Ramos faces a series of uncomfortable questions from his wife Lourdes, who has little tolerance for lying. Byrd finds himself being pulled deeper into the workings of the gang, forcing him to make some questionable decisions.

  • A group of corrupt cops known as The Ravens are arrested by the FBI, which is putting together a RICO case targeting the multiple organized cop gangs in the Department. Led by Steve Hammond, the Ravens are pressured to inform on the other gangs and forced by Agent Aria Price to take on undercover agent Damon Byrd and sell him as one of their own. With the threat of prison hanging over their heads, it's up to Hammond to ensure that his fellow Ravens - his adopted brother Cole, his partner Pete Ramos and Karen Beach stay in line. From now on, they will have to operate under the shadow of the Feds while keeping the deal a secret from the other Ravens, including their imprisoned former leader, Tom Hammond, father of Steve and Cole.