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  • 2014
  • 1 Season

The Prieferts is a popular television show that airs on the SPORTSMAN CHANNEL. This compelling show is a reality series that is centered around the lives of the Priefert family. The Priefert family is well-known for their innovative inventions and their passion for ranching. The show depicts the everyday adventures of this family as they work hard to maintain their ranch and handle their thriving business.

The show takes place in Texas, where the Priefert family has established their ranch. The Priefert family has a rich history in the region that dates back to the 1940s. The family has been known for their innovative ideas and they have taken their experience in ranching to a whole new level by inventing and producing ranching equipment. The show covers the story of this remarkable family and their contributions to the ranching community.

The Prieferts is a family-friendly show that caters to anyone who is interested in ranching, cattle breeding, and the general livelihood of rural Texas. The show is designed to appeal to a wide audience and it does not disappoint. It is a perfect show for families who want to get a glimpse of what life is like on a ranch and the adventures that come with maintaining a ranch.

The Prieferts has a unique blend of humor, suspense, and drama that will keep you entertained throughout the show. The show is well-produced with stunning visuals that capture the essence of rural Texas. You will be impressed by the authenticity of the show and the dedication of the Priefert family to their ranching business.

The show is divided into episodes that showcase the daily life of the Priefert family, their adventures, their ranching business, their family dynamics, and their inventions. The show also highlights the different animals that are found on the ranch such as horses, cattle, and other livestock. You will get to see how the Priefert family works hard to ensure that their animals are well-taken care of and that their ranch is thriving.

In each episode, you will be taken on a journey with the Priefert family as they face various challenges that come with running a ranch. You will get to witness the family’s ingenuity as they come up with new ways to overcome these challenges. The show also features interviews with members of the Priefert family, who share their experiences, insights, and perspectives on ranching and their business.

One of the standout features of The Prieferts is its focus on innovation. The family has a history of coming up with new and improved ways to manage their ranch and take care of their animals. The show highlights the family’s inventions, which include the Priefert squeeze chute, cattle handling equipment, and the Priefert Ranch Family Playground. The inventions are not only revolutionary in the ranching industry but also evoke nostalgia and a sense of pride amongst the Priefert family.

Throughout the show, you will be introduced to the different members of the Priefert family, who each have a unique personality and story. There is Sissy, who runs the business side of the ranch and is known for her incredible work ethic; Marvin, who has a passion for breeding cattle and horses; and Jeff, who is the face of Priefert Ranch and is known for his humor and good-natured spirit. You will also get to meet the younger members of the Priefert family who are being groomed to take over the family business in the future.

Overall, The Prieferts is an excellent show that showcases the rich history and innovative spirit of the Priefert family. The family’s commitment to ranching and their business is truly inspiring and will leave you feeling inspired and impressed. The show is the perfect blend of entertainment and education and is a must-watch for anyone who is interested in ranching and rural living.

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Colorado Mule Deer
7. Colorado Mule Deer
September 25, 2014
Ed flies to the Rocky Mountains to meet up with Quentin Smith of QRS Outdoors.
New Mexico Elk
6. New Mexico Elk
August 7, 2014
Travis and Dave are in New Mexico with their friend Morgan chasing Elk through the Horseshoe outfitters.
Stuart Ranch Showdown
5. Stuart Ranch Showdown
July 31, 2014
Eddie and Dave are at the Stuart Ranch for Whitetails in Oklahoma with PSE archery gear.
Muzzleloader In Kansas
4. Muzzleloader In Kansas
July 24, 2014
Giant Kansas whitetails early muzzleloader hunt.
Early Season Missouri Madness
3. Early Season Missouri Madness
July 17, 2014
Eddie doing some early season archery in Missouri, while Travis is on a Muzzleloader hunt in Kansas.
Tennessee's One Shot Governor's Turkey Hunt
2. Tennessee's One Shot Governor's Turkey Hunt
July 10, 2014
Travis and Eddie are at the Governors One Shot turkey hunt in Tennessee.
Meet the Prieferts (Pilot)
1. Meet the Prieferts (Pilot)
July 3, 2014
Ed, Nate and Travis Priefert take viewers through a day at Priefert Manufacturing in Mount Pleasant, Texas.
  • Premiere Date
    July 3, 2014