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This is a British comedy drama that focuses on the different personalities of people that all live on the same street. It shows old people, young people, men, women, and so forth. It is meant to show how the different lifestyles of people contrast from each other and how they grow and develop throughout their time of living on the street. It is meant to be a comedy but often times the TV series finds itself becoming a bit of a drama, while the people are trying to sort out their life.

1 Season, 77 Episodes
April 13, 2006
Cast: William Roache, Helen Worth, Sally Dynevor, Simon Gregson
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The Street Full Episode Guide

  • Johnny becomes the prime suspect in Susie's abduction. Chesney makes a date with Gemma.

  • Johnny tells Liz that he intends to leave Jenny. Chesney comforts a heartbroken Gemma.

  • Johnny and Eva fight dirty during a mediation session.

  • Sally stands accused of losing 40,000 pounds of council money.

  • Kayla and the Platts await the outcome of Neil's appeal, and Kevin has bad news for Jack.

  • Liz accuses Sean of treachery when he steals her old job.

  • Kevin faces the toughest decision of his life, while Duncan puts Sally under pressure.

  • Bethany's date with Ryan ends in disaster. David's proposal leaves Shona in shock.

  • A poorly Jack gets sent home from school. Tracy requests her engagement ring from Steve.

  • Flora interrupts Simon and Tyler's burglary attempt. Liz declares her love for Johnny.

  • Johnny exploits the situation when Susie has an accident.

  • Toyah refuses to let go of Peter without a fight.

  • Adam hatches a plan to help Eva, while Kayla attempts to turn Craig against Bethany.

  • Craig goes on a date with Kayla, and Alya's staff object to her employing Sarah.

  • Eva and Toyah face the consequences of their lies, while Craig reveals his crush on Kayla.

  • Toyah's confession turns Peter's world upside down. Johnny declares his feelings to Liz.

  • Johnny seeks sanctuary with Liz. Peter questions Eva about her photo of Susie.

  • Emotions run high for Eva and Johnny at Aidan's funeral. Sean bags himself a date.

  • Liz takes Jenny's place by Johnny's side in the chapel of rest.

  • Rosie jumps at a sensational career opportunity. Imran makes a startling discovery.

  • Rosie, Gemma and Craig appear on This Morning. Carla goads Alya into quitting her job.

  • Roy resolves to expose Rosemary as a fraud, while Rosie basks in media attention.

  • Rosie faces a race against time, while Gail lies on a payday loan application.

  • Chaos reigns following a gunshot at Number 11. Phelan takes a hostage at the Bistro.

  • Eileen finds Phelan on her doorstep armed with a gun. David opens up to his family.

  • Gary snaps when Phelan pushes him too far. Robert does a runner from his wedding.

  • David reports Josh to the police. Steve's intervention could scupper Michelle's big day.

  • David finds the strength to face his demons, while Gary has a surprise package for Sarah.

  • Nicola falls foul of Eileen's tormentor. Josh tries poisoning Max against David.

  • Rana begs Zeedan to change his mind. Gary enters the witness box at David's court hearing.

  • Eileen is spooked by the sound of her prank-caller's voice.

  • Zeedan acts on his suspicions of Kate. Kevin and Tyrone interview Abi for a job.

  • Michelle divulges the contents of Aidan's will.

  • The Connors visit Aidan's flat to sort his belongings.

  • David faces arrest for missing his court appearance.

  • David insists on attending court without his family. Johnny makes an upsetting discovery.

  • Johnny and Jenny throw a leaving party in the Rovers. Toyah's arouses Aidan's suspicions.

  • Toyah introduces Peter to their baby daughter and David fields unsolicited feedback.

  • Mary and Jude pull out all the stops to keep Angie in the dark and Kirk gains a fan.

  • Simon finds incriminating evidence in Toyah's car and Angie surprises Jude at work.

  • Soap opera set in Manchester. Rana stands accused of reporting her mother to the police.

  • Imran offers Zeedan an investment and Tracy orders Billy to move out of his flat.

  • Alya has a bad day at home and at work and Zeedan's future is thrown into doubt.

  • Eileen becomes the target of unwanted attention and Sophie learns of Rana's affair.

  • Rana jumps at the chance to reconcile and Nicola proves a welcome ally for Eileen.

  • Carla and Ali agree to tackle Robert together and Liz worries for a downbeat Eileen.

  • Eva reaches a big decision about the baby and a suspicious Carla follows Robert.

  • Eva struggles with the prospect of giving up her baby and Robert becomes a pin-up.

  • David releases his pent-up anger in the boxing ring and Carla surprises Aidan.

  • Mary and Tracy spring a surprise on Jude and Bethany fights Craig's corner.

  • David pays a secret visit to a clinic and Mary suspects that Jude is ashamed of her.

  • Shocking news reaches the residents of Coronation Street.

  • The truth about Phelan catches up with Eileen and Fiz and Tyrone row in public.

  • Gary and Seb unearth more than they bargained for and Jenny enlists Liz's support.

  • Phelan convinces Eileen to have a seaside break and Peter confides in Carla.

  • Audrey tests Rosemary and David's plan to uproot his family causes tension.

  • Martin's fresh start gives David food for thought and Sally shows off her new wallpaper.

  • Fiz waits too long to be honest with Tyrone and David's tetchy behaviour causes concern.

  • David is sickened by the events of last night and Steve advises Ali to swallow his pride.

  • When Margie leaves Eddie to look after her elderly father, Eddie's lonely colleague Sandra decides to seize her chance. But Eddie's compassion for Sandra leads to unexpected and devastating consequences.

  • Bigoted chef Kieran hates all foreigners until a house fire brings a beautiful Polish woman into his life; but when the truth about the fire is revealed will Kieran hold onto her?

  • Disfigured soldier Nick returns from Afghanistan. But his hero's welcome is short-lived as he struggles to deal with the haunting memory of a suicide bomb attack.

  • Desperate single mum Dee is fighting to get her sons out of a violent school. But her own future happiness is jeopardised when she meets her new boyfriend's father; who knows her terrible secret.

  • When Paddy, landlord of The Greyhound, bars a teenage footballer from his pub for smoking, he risks a life-threatening beating from the boy's father; the local gangster.

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