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Though there have been many film adaptations of Alexandre Dumas' classic work, this may be one of the most successful TV series. The series stars Howard Charles, Ryan Gage and Luke Pasqualino as the Musketeers here. There have been eleven episodes produced so far.

There are plenty of other characters that have been drawn in to the series. Peter Capaldi stars as Cardinal Richelieu, who will be playing a heavily role in the politics. Ryan Gage stars as King Louis, who will be involved in different components. The series itself will take place in 17th century Paris.

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1 Season, 14 Episodes
April 7, 1960
Action & Adventure
Cast: Jeremy Brett, Brian Blessed, Jeremy Young, Gary Watson
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The Three Musketeers Full Episode Guide

  • In the thrilling conclusion of the story, Lt Wayne ventures into the secret lair of The Devil's Circle disguised as an Arab in order to capture El Shatain. At last, Lt. Wayne and The Three Musketeers shall emerge victorious. All for one, and one for all!

  • While Elaine has gone to present evidence to Lt. Wayne's senior officer to prove his innocence, El Shatain has dispatched one his best soldiers do away with Wayne once and for all.

  • Milady exacts revenge against D'Artagnan; the Musketeers hand her over to the executioner, but Richelieu has other plans.

  • Lt. Wayne and The Musketeers manage to locate El Shatain's newly-acquired bounty of guns and ammunition in a secret cave in the desert. Standing guard over the stash is the Arab leader El Kadur, who could also be the man they call El Shatain!

  • Richelieu decides to eliminate Milady, but she is already on her way to the monastery where D'Artagnan hid Constance.

  • The Three Musketeers spring Wayne from prison so he can help capture a large shipment of arms intended for the rebel Arab uprising. But, in a daring nighttime raid, El Shatain's soldiers manage to recapture the weapons.

  • Lt, Wayne's execution has been put on hold, but he remains imprisoned. Outside, The Three Musketeers continue to look after his interests, and assist Elaine in a search for El Maghreb.

  • The Musketeers have been forced by Colonel Duval to join the firing squad that is to execute Lt. Wayne. Luckily, Elaine has secured a stay of execution for her sweetheart, her plane crashes, and time starts running out for her to deliver the document!

  • Things are getting desperate for The Three Musketeers. Colonel Duval remains their foremost suspect in the murder of Armand, but they don't have the evidence to prove it. Meanwhile, their friend is headed for the firing line.

  • Lt. Wayne's sweetheart, Elaine, is kidnapped when El Shaitan discover that she also knows her brother's real killer. The Three Musketeers remain loyal to their D'Artagnan and track Elaine to an abandoned prison out in the desert, coming to her rescue.

  • Now that Armand's letter has revealed El Shaitan as the murderer, Wayne must somehow prove his innocence by tracking down the real killer. But just who is the mysterious El Shaitan, and what was his motive for killing Armand and framing Wayne?

  • Lt. Wayne and The Three Musketeers now believe El Shaitan to be Armand's real killer. After trailing a suspicious Arab chief with ties to El Shaitan, their spying mission is interrupted when Armand's sister Elaine suddenly appears on the scene.

  • Still on the lam, Lt. Wayne helps The Three Musketeers by flying a mission out to the desert to investigate a possible weapons stash. But they find themselves engaged in a dramatic land-air battle with El Shaitan's troops.

  • In the first of 12 episodes_4-18, Lt. Tom Wayne is introduced to the "Three Musketeers" when he rescues them from a desert ambush. But when he's framed for the murder of his sweetheart's brother, Armand, Wayne suddenly becomes a fugitive.

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