The Whitest Kids U Know

The Whitest Kids U Know is a delightful and uppity TV series that focuses on the comedy troupe that consistently come up with laugh out loud moments. Each episode focuses on a variety of random sketches that touch upon political issues, historical memories, and pop culture references.

The jokes in the show have a tinge bit of dark humor as well as containing a multitude of off-color jokes. Some episodes may also include some musical numbers like the Dinosaur Rap. The episodes also contain some recurring themes as well. The comedy troupe likes to focus on cowboy scenes and what is called the civil war on drugs, both of which are intricately scripted and acted out.

It is not necessary to watch all the episodes linearly to understand what is going on because there is no story or character development throughout the episodes.

Friday 10:00 PM et/pt on IFC
5 Seasons, 60 Episodes
March 20, 2007
Talk & Interview
Cast: Trevor Moore, Sam Brown, Zach Cregger, Darren Trumeter
The Whitest Kids U Know

The Whitest Kids U Know Full Episode Guide

  • Mom phone; it was pretty good; sophomores.

  • Worst Orchestra; come down here; spaghettio's, homeless show, cactus wasp.

  • Timmy future; baby traits; Horse announcer.

  • Going home alone; liquor store robbery; pledge of allegiance; escape artist.

  • Dad will take care of it; bad drivers; hot sister; making animals kiss.

  • Black light; stork factory; CW5 pt ; CW 5 pt2.

  • Sketches include Fire Truck Pullover, Careful Commandos, MacDougal's, Didgeridoo, Digging People Up and The Civil War On Drugs part 4.

  • Jizzle; Ants!; Darren & the giraffe; bikini day.

  • Slo-mo squirrel; wedding flip flop; ocean 2.0; first date.

  • Baked Beans, Little Hitler, Songs of Olden Times, War Letter, Finger Ring, Friends and the Civil War on Drugs part 1 are just some of sketches in this episode.

  • Sketches include Halloweiner, Things We Need, Landmine Factory, and Job Interview Mess Up.

  • Sketches include Babe Magnet, Freaky Thursday, One of You is, and Hell's Kitchen.

  • Sketches include Valentine's Day, Simple Chore, Pun Army, and Chad's Rad.

  • Sketches include Cash Quiz, Great Grandmas, and History Reset.

  • Sketches include John Cleese, 50 Cal Bar, and Juror.

  • Sketches include Jumbo Tron; Kid Mechanic; Bananas.

  • Sketches include Old Man Winters, Booger Blasters and Moon Landing.

  • Sketches include Spaghetti Dinner Date, Mission Impossible, and Walk of Shame.

  • Sketches include You Talkin' to Me, Dr. Kyle, and Changing Channels.

  • Sketches include Grandma's Cookies, My Mouth Stuck Open, and Alien Autopsy.

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