This New House

This New House is a series on the Do It Yourself Network that brings viewers inside homes across the United States. It incorporates innovative building materials combined with new techniques and instruments that make a house much more durable and effective to live in. The show explains how viewers can make their homes much more smarter with a few do-it-yourself remedies that go a long way in making a more cost effective living situation. The show gives advice for residents living in unique rural areas about how to build or create a home with the right type of wood, glass, sheet rock, foundation, and concrete.

This New House implores to younger generations that their homes in the future may look a lot different and that resources may be scarce in certain areas. The need for a cost effective way of creating your home, while at the same time using less building material, is the key for longevity in your home. As the cost of materials may go up in the upcoming years, it is imperative that a home is built right the first time around. With the technological advances that we have today combined with smart planning, the basic designs and functions of a new home can be attributed with the appropriate energy usage. If a house in a given neighborhood abides by these principles, it will not only help them financially, but it will help other houses in that neighborhood as well.

This New House gives viewers a new look at how homes can be built for a modern era. No matter the area in which you live, a home can be built the right way for your value and comfort. The focus of the show also describes the usage of a combination of different materials that can perform a myriad of tasks that accentuate a better living. The new innovative ideas that the show expresses brings a different aspect to home building that can potentially be life-saving, especially if a resident lives in harsh weather conditions or disaster prone areas.

Wednesday 9:00 PM et/pt on DIY Network
2 Seasons, 19 Episodes
July 29, 2010
Cast: Amy Matthews, Kevin O'Connor
This New House

This New House Full Episode Guide

  • It's all about respect for architectural heritage, 21st-century amenities and performance exceeding certification standards, all on a schedule that makes these homes move-in ready in just a few weeks. Kevin finds a safe, natural way to kill ticks and mosquitos and get your backyard back.

  • With 13-inch-thick walls filled with low-density foam, point source mini-split heaters and a photovoltaic system that knows how to work the incentives, this "reverse saltbox" home gets taken to Net Zero and beyond, all on a mere $140 per square foot, which has Kevin asking "Who needs central heating?"

  • Kevin goes to Tennessee to build a circular house and finds out it's hip to be round. Round homes are ideal for both coastal and mountain living. You can even order the pieces online and put them together yourself!

  • Amy heads to New Jersey to check out a new modular company that's builds homes like automakers make cars. It's housing on demand with cutting-edge prefabrication and limited options. These super-efficient, modern homes come at $140 per square foot and are delivered in 30 days to the lot of your choice. Amy finds a super strong concrete tile roof that doesn't just look cool, it is cool, keeping the building underneath comfortable and safe through high heat and natural disasters.

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