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  • 2014
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Time Scanners is a documentary series produced by PBS that premiered in 2014. Hosted by well-known presenter Dallas Campbell, renowned engineer Steve Burrows, and expert technician Caitlin Stevens, the show takes viewers on a journey through some of the world's most iconic structures, delving deep into their history using cutting-edge technology.

Each episode of Time Scanners is dedicated to a particular structure, and the team uses a variety of innovative techniques to explore its past in incredible detail. The show combines historical research, expert interviews, and state-of-the-art technology, including LiDAR scanning and photogrammetry, to create hyper-realistic 3D models of the buildings.

The show's hosts use these models to reveal secrets about the structures that have never been seen before, providing a unique insight into the incredible feats of engineering and construction that went into creating these masterpieces. Along the way, they also uncover fascinating stories about the people who built them, and the events that shaped the societies in which they were constructed.

One of the standout episodes of Time Scanners sees the team investigating the incredible construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Using LiDAR scanning and photogrammetry, they create a hyper-realistic 3D model of this ancient wonder, allowing viewers to explore every detail of its complex design. They also reveal the story of the pharaoh who commissioned its construction, and the slaves who were forced to build it.

Another episode focuses on the stunning medieval cathedral at Canterbury, which has stood for over 1,400 years. By using thermal imaging and ground-penetrating radar, the team is able to uncover important details about the building's structure, such as hidden wells beneath the floor. They also explore how the cathedral became a pilgrimage site of such importance, and how it survived numerous disasters over the centuries.

Other episodes of Time Scanners explore the secrets of the Colosseum in Rome, the Petra archaeological site in Jordan, and the ancient Mayan city of Tikal in Guatemala. Each episode uncovers new and fascinating details about the structure in question, as well as providing insights into the societies that built them.

One of the unique features of Time Scanners is that it details the technology used in the program and the knowledge it brings. The team regularly explains the scientific principles behind the techniques they use to investigate the buildings, making the show both informative and engaging.

Overall, Time Scanners is a highly informative, visually stunning documentary series that provides a unique insight into some of the world's most iconic structures. Capturing the essence of history, the show redefines archaeology and explores the marvels that humans can create when working together over generations. Its combination of advanced technology and expert storytelling makes it an accessible and enthralling show for viewers of all ages.

Time Scanners is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (6 episodes). The series first aired on July 1, 2014.

Time Scanners
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6. Jerusalem
December 23, 2015
Explore Jerusalem’s building legacy, from the walls of Temple Mount to the man-made mountain of Herodium. Experts use 21st-century technology to analyze constructions from the time of Christ and solve centuries-old mysteries behind their creation.
5. Colosseum
December 16, 2015
Uncover some engineering secrets of the ancient Roman arena. How did the Romans produce gladiatorial games there? How did the Colosseum’s roof really work? How does the structure perform in computer testing against 21st-century sports stadiums?
Machu Picchu
4. Machu Picchu
December 9, 2015
Join a team of laser-scanning experts in the Inca city to answer three main questions. How did the Inca build a city atop a mountain ridge? How were the terraces constructed? How did they supply water to the city?
3. Petra
July 15, 2014
Steve and his team head to the middle east desert.
St. Paul's Cathedral
2. St. Paul's Cathedral
July 8, 2014
From PBS: Venture inside Wren's majestic dome for genuine revelations and insight into the iconic masterpiece.
Egyptian Pyramids
1. Egyptian Pyramids
July 1, 2014
From PBS: Scan the pyramids to learn how the necropolis evolved from simple structures to impressive buildings.
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    July 1, 2014
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    7.1  (79)