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  • 2019
  • 1 Season

Tom Kerridge’s American Feast takes us on a culinary journey across America, exploring the diverse and vibrant food culture of the United States of America. The show is a six-part series that first aired in 2019 and is presented by renowned Michelin-starred chef Tom Kerridge.

Tom Kerridge's American Feast is a feast for the senses, taking viewers on a mouth-watering tour of America’s delicious cuisine. Throughout the series, Tom travels from the East Coast to the West Coast, discovering some of the country’s most iconic dishes along the way. From New England clam chowder to San Francisco sourdough bread, Tom explores the culinary traditions that make America such a foodie destination.

The show is full of fascinating stories about the people behind the food, bringing to life the passion and dedication that goes into creating authentic American cuisine. Tom meets a range of chefs, bakers, farmers and home cooks who share their stories and secrets, often revealing the rich and complex history behind their food.

Tom Kerridge's American Feast is more than just a food show, it’s a celebration of America's diverse cultural heritage. Each episode focuses on different regions and cuisines, offering a window into the unique and varied food cultures that make up the United States. Through his travels, Tom showcases the culinary influences that have shaped American cooking, from European and African flavors to Asian and Latin American ingredients.

The show is filmed in an engaging and visually stunning style that perfectly captures the vibrant energy and excitement of the American food scene. Tom's enthusiasm for the food and the people he meets is infectious, and viewers will be left inspired to try some of the dishes for themselves.

One of the standout features of the show is its focus on sustainability and responsible sourcing. Tom explores how farmers, fishermen, and food producers are working towards a more sustainable and ethical food system, and highlights the importance of supporting small-scale producers who are often overlooked in the industry.

Tom brings his own unique perspective to American cuisine, drawing on his experience as a chef to bring a fresh and contemporary twist to traditional dishes. From reinventing classic BBQ ribs to putting a new spin on New Orleans jambalaya, Tom's creativity and flair are on full display throughout the series.

Tom Kerridge's American Feast is a must-watch for food lovers and anyone interested in the cultural heritage of America. The show offers a fascinating insight into the country's rich culinary traditions, and showcases the passion and hard work of the people who make American food so special. With its stunning visuals, engaging narration, and mouth-watering recipes, this series is guaranteed to leave you hungry for more.

Tom Kerridge's American Feast
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Best of
10. Best of
October 17, 2019
Tom Kerridge looks back at his favourite moments of the American culinary road trip. He uses everything he has learned to create his take on the American beef burger.
Florida Keys
9. Florida Keys
October 17, 2019
Tom Kerridge travels to the Florida Keys to samples the tropical cuisine. Later, he cooks a blackened spice sea bass with coconut rice and pineapple salsa.
Washington DC
8. Washington DC
October 10, 2019
Tom Kerridge travels to Washington DC to sample local dishes, and he puts his own spin on mac and cheese, using luxurious truffles and four cheeses.
7. Vermont
October 10, 2019
Tom Kerridge travels to Vermont to experience the local cuisine. He makes his own version of maple and bourbon-glazed chicken wings and samples the states maple syrup.
Central Valley
6. Central Valley
October 3, 2019
Tom Kerridge travels to California's Central Valley, where he bakes a delicious walnut and orange cake and harvests asparagus.
5. Colorado
October 3, 2019
Tom Kerridge travels to Colorado to find out why people who live there are some of the fittest in America, before he makes his own take on traditional Venezuelan arepas.
4. Pittsburgh
September 26, 2019
Tom Kerridge travels to Pittsburgh to sample traditional dishes of the area. He cooks his own version of a meatball sub and learns how to make traditional Polish dumplings.
3. Tucson
September 26, 2019
Tom Kerridge travels to Tucson in Arizona to experience fantastic food. Later, he cooks his own version of beef brisket chilli and harvests cactus fruit.
2. Oakland
September 19, 2019
Tom Kerridge travels to Oakland in California, where he cooks a spiced pumpkin pie and learns to prepare traditional northern noodles.
North Californian Coast
1. North Californian Coast
October 17, 2019
The Michelin-starred chef samples the nation's best dishes and creates new recipes. In the first episode, Tom travels up the Northern California coastline, where he cooks a nori steamed pollock with a beurre blanc and beachcombs.
  • Premiere Date
    October 17, 2019