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Tracey Takes On is a sketch comedy show staring comedian Tracey Ullman. In this show Tracey brings back characters for her previous specials for sketch comedy bits. Each episode features a different topic that the comedy skits are based around. There are a total of 29 different characters that are played by Tracey and her fellow comedians that appear on the show. Some popular characters that viewer have come to like include Trevor Ayliss who is a gay airline attendant. This character fathered a child with a female coworker and the comedy is built around that situation. Virginia Bugge is another popular character. This character is a British woman married to a honorable man but her mouth is less then honorable most of the time. Each week fans can see some of their favorite characters in the comedy skits.

5 Seasons, 66 Episodes
January 24, 1996
Cast: Seymour Cassel, Alastair Duncan, Julie Kavner, Hugh Laurie, Tim McInnerny
Tracey Takes On

Tracey Takes On Full Episode Guide

  • Actress-comedienne Tracey Ullman stars in the one-off comedy special, Tracey Ullman: A Class Act. The special studies and skewers the British class system.

  • Actress-comedienne, Tracey Ullman stars in the one-off comedy special Tracey Ullman Takes On New York.

  • Chic on Sports, Ruby on Sports, Trevor on Loss, Janie on Loss, Kay on Smoking, Hope on Smoking, Janie on Sports, Sheneesha on Age, Sydney on Culture, Birdie on Man's Best Friend, Fern on Age.

  • Mrs. Noh on Food, Ruby on Mothers Chic on Crime, Trevor and Fern on Race Relations, Fern and Jobie on Sex, Birdie on Politics, Sydney on Sex, Kay on Movies, Janie on the Supernatural, Rayleen on Childhood.

  • Linda's car crash. Rayleen acts as Linda's stunt double. Midge has problems showing her affections for Chris publicly. Mrs. Noh Ning compares romance to the donut. Chic recalls the 70's complete with platform shoes, pooka beads and mood rings.

  • Ruby Romaine, Hollywood makeup artist.

  • Ruby Romaine, Hollywood makeup artist.

  • Chris Warner, "nutritionist" and lover of pro golfer Midge Dexter.

  • Sydney Kross, high-profile attorney.

  • Trevor Ayliss, flight attendant.

  • Rayleen Gibson, Australian stunt woman.

  • Virginia Bugge, wife of a member of Parliament.

  • Hope Finch, college student.

  • Fern Rosenthal, Long Island and Boca Raton matron.

  • Fern Rosenthal, Long Island and Boca Raton matron.

  • Janie Pillsworth, fashion magazine editor.

  • Kay Clark, employed at an S&L and caregiver to ailing mother.

  • Chic, cab driver of unspecified Middle Eastern origin.

  • Linda Granger, actress, singer and author.

  • Tracey describes how she would like the world to end. A meteor is about to hit Earth and all the characters take action!

  • Tracey Ullman opens the show by talking about people who've had cosmetic surgery. Hope was lied to as a kid. Fern and Jobie discuss their husbands. Sheneesha thinks men can't help themselves. Madam Nadja knows the police lie. Chic gets caught in a web of lies. Sydney never lies. Ruby on Liberace. Trevor's favorite film was Pinocchio. Linda sings.

  • Tracey Ullman opens the show by recounting a story from when she worked at 20th Century Fox Television. HRH and Pip talk about a spin-doctor. Ruby enters Buddy into a competition. Madam Nadja talks of American TV. Linda's "VIP" music video. Fern talks about the after death market. Sheneesha complains about the hype. Trevor has his own personal grooming wand.

  • Tracey hates driving behind old people. Sydney buys a hummer. Ruby gets carjacked. Linda rides in a helicopter with a traffic reporter. Fern and Jobie visit LA and rent a car. Chris and Midge get cut off by a driver.

  • Tracey Ullman reveals the most erotic thing she ever did. Madam Nadja talks the most erotic part of a woman. Why Hope took Spanish in college. Janie accepts a piece of erotic art. Fern's sculpture. Chic's "Taxi Cab Confessions".

  • Tracey admits that she has obsessions. Chic tries selling perfume. Hope talks about America's obsession with age. Sydney goes to her high school reunion. Madam Nadja talks about her "girls"' obsession. Trevor and Barry take up dancing.

  • Tracey Ullman opens the show by talking about the differences in English and American cultures. Kay explains how America brought out her wild side. Ruby remembers her love affair with Senator McCarthy. Erin has bad memories of her old boyfriend in "America". Fern runs into an old Jewish Mobster. Birdie does her award winning baton routine. Sheneesha has a "carryon" theory.

  • Tracey Ullman opens the show by talking about actors that are supposedly "clean." Sydney hates downer drugs. Ruby's hip replacement has her walking in circles. Erin's drug dealer has a career crisis. Chic has a cousin who is a vegetable. Sheneesha is going to explode unless she gets her heart medication. Chris and Midge become druggies. Madam Nadja won't let her girls take drugs. Kay helps a coworker with a drug problem and becomes a swinger herself. Linda sings of the drugs she's kicked.

  • Tracey Ullman opens the show with her theory about Elton John's hair. Kay's hair cut. Linda returns to the stage in "Hair". Ruby explains the four hair colors. Trevor remembers when he got his Beatle's haircut.

  • In "Books", Tracey Ullman opens the show by telling us how she'd rearrange book displays to promote her own book. Trevor tries to smuggle a book to England. Linda reads Chekhov. Janie always liked writers. Kay falls in love at the library. Madam Nadja may title her book "Call me Madam". Fern lends out her personally signed, Jacqueline Susann book for the last time. Chic read a book once. Birdie holds the Godson annual book-burning barbecue. Rayleen rips up a phone book to fit in with the guys. In "Hair", Tracey Ullman opens the show with her theory about Elton John's hair. Linda returns to the stage in "Hair". Ruby explains the four hair colors. Trevor remembers when he got his Beatle's haircut. Madam Nadja won't have a girl with a sloppy bush. Fern's hairdresser has died.

  • Tracey Ullman opens the show by revealing a scandal from her past. Fern is "Touched by a Dentist." Hope talks of a scandal at school. Sydney finds a hair in her bed. Madam Nadja can prevent scandals. Janie is nearly seduced by a boy. Linda is looking for publicity.

  • Tracey Ullman opens the show by explaining why she didn't go out on many dates growing up. Janie dictates the perfect date. Kay explains the mistake made in post-dating checks. Sydney goes to a dating agency. Rayleen is asked out on a date. Ruby uses reverse psychology dealing with Desiree dating. Erin doesn't want Dusty dating. Trevor learned to do the hustle. Madam Nadja dated as a child. Chic likes to keep the meter running. Linda has a reunion with an old flame.