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Untamed and Uncut is a reality show documentary on Animal Planet. It features video footage of amazing animal encounters. Encounters may involve conflict or nurturing among animal species. Encounters also involve animal and human interactions. Some of these circumstances are horrifying in nature and involve attacks while others involve compassionate, human rescue. The show generally starts with an overview of videos to be featured on the episode. The more amazing videos tend to be held to the end of the program and serve as motivation for the audience to stay tuned.

Footage is submitted from vast, wilderness landscapes to suburban neighborhoods and covers interactions from around the world. The show involves everyday people who do not expect these events. Tales of survival and recovery from impossible circumstances connects the audience to the show and allows the audience to empathize with the victim. However, the nature of these attacks is rare and capturing the event is even more rare. Untamed and Uncut is not for the faint hearted. Victims of attacks often survive. However, injuries are shown and are the main reason the show receives a TV

Sunday 9:00 PM et/pt on Animal Planet
1 Season, 46 Episodes
June 8, 2008
Cast: George Burgess, Scott Lope, Charlie Sammut, Willie Theison
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Untamed and Uncut Full Episode Guide

  • Tigers attack a keeper at a zoo in the Philippines. A massive rescue mission is put into effect when three grey whales are found trapped in the Arctic ice in Alaska. In Mexico, a bull charges out of the arena and into a section of crowded bleachers.

  • A chariot racer is catapulted 40 feet in the air in Idaho. A massive earthquake rocks China, and the race is on to save a group of pandas that have been left stranded. A dog crashes the Tour de France.

  • A rodeo unexpectedly turns into a horrifying musical. An Australian racetrack is the scene of one of the worst racing accidents in history. A baby elephant is stuck in a watering hole, and his mother works desperately to save him.

  • A Floridian alligator handler attempts a new trick with disastrous results. A man is gored by a bull at an annual festival in Spain. A husky is trapped between two concrete walls, and fire fighters must attempt a daring rescue to save the dog's life.

  • A mama crocodile fiercely protects her nest at an Australian sanctuary. A pilot whale takes hold of a diver's leg and plunges towards the bottom of the ocean. A horse and rider tumble into a 6-foot deep crevice, and both hang on for their lives.

  • A steeplechase jockey is accidentally catapulted 20 feet in the air during a race. A harness race results in an 11 rider, 10 horse pileup in a massive chain reaction crash. A 70-year-old harness racer has a heart a attack during the race.

  • Two divers are attacked by an elephant seal. A model/bullrider puts both careers at risk when she takes a horn to her face. A man climbs 70 feet in the air to save his beloved pet bird, and now both are stranded and in need of rescue.

  • Thousands of wasps attack a father and son and they make a frantic 911 call while trapped inside their car. A dog and his owner are trapped on a mountain cliffside. In Argentina, a cowboy attempts to break a wild horse, but the horse breaks him.

  • Amazing reptile attacks caught on tape.

  • Clips of the most amazing rescues caught on tape.

  • Four divers decide to play tag with sharks and pay big consequences.

  • A man is attacked by a bison, then a man is gets bitten by a mini horse, and finally an elephant gets impaled with a spear.

  • A researcher in the remote Arctic circle is infested with botflies. A man attempting to run with the bulls takes a deadly fall. A barrel racer's horse rears up and flips on top of her.

  • Del Mar, California: After his horse stumbles, a jockey ends up underneath the horse; Bali: A macaque bites a young boy; Shelby, North Carolina: A Dutch Shepherd helps subdue an escaped convict; Paso Robles, California: A bull steps on his rider's head after throwing him; Australia: A king brown snake is trapped in an aluminum can; Nasiriyah, Iraq: Soldiers attempt to rescue a baby camel trapped in a 12-foot well.

  • New Orleans, Louisiana: A bull rider is tossed headfirst against the bars of the chute; New York City: US Airways Flight 1549; Mendoza Argentina: A TV host is chased in a zoo by an agitated elephant; Greeley, Colorado: Two horses spook pulling a covered wagon; Tangalooma, Australia: Rescuers attempt to save a dolphin bitten by a shark.

  • Kenya: A park ranger is attacked by a leopard being released into the wild; Calatag, Phillipines: Four tigers attack a zoo-keeper when he turns his back on them; Maasi Mara, Kenya: Tourists videotape a buffalo heard coming to the rescue of a young buffalo being attacked by several lions; , then being rescued by its heard when it calls out; Berlin, Germany: A lion attacks its trainer; Los Angeles, California: Rescuers attempt to save a kitten that has fallen into an eight-foot drain pipe.

  • Murwilumbah, Australia: An Aussie cowboy-themed wedding goes bad when the horses leading the carriage rear up; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: A bull in a rodeo knocks over a mounted bull tender; Hingham, Massachusetts: Rescuers attempt to save a dog after it falls through ice after chasing a seal; Greensburg, Pennsylvania: Deer overrun a convenience store; Manchester, England: A jet pilot has to make an emergency landing after a bird strike; Punta Gorda, Florida: Animal control officers have to extract a boa constrictor that has climbed into a car's engine compartment.

  • Silver Banks, Dominican Republic:A humpback whale smacks an underwater cameraman with its tail; Point Barrow, Alaska: A gray whale and her calf are trapped in a blanked of ice five miles away from open water; La Paz, Mexico: A 50-ton sperm whale is trapped in shallow water; Kona, Hawaii: A diver is pulled 30 feet down by a pilot whale; Gold Coast, Australia: A young humpback whale's tale is caught in a shark net that it is dragging behind it.

  • The guest of honor at the Golden Lion Awards, a real lion, viciously turns on his trainer on the red carpet. A rodeo bullfighter tangos with a Mexican fighting bull. A dog is trapped 180 feet down the shaft of an abandoned well.

  • A jockey's life hangs in the balance after a horrific, head-on collision. A 26-foot anaconda attacks an environmental officer attempting to relocate it. A Chihuahua and her owner dangle 10 stories in the air after a terrible paraglider crash.

  • A cowboy tries to ride one of the meanest bulls on the rodeo circuit, Charlie Bullware, and fails. A frog is saved from the jaws of death by an unlikely hero. A kangaroo attacks a mascot of a children's television show in Australia.

  • A park ranger attempting to relocate a leopard is mauled in Kenya. In New Zealand, a dog is swept away by a raging river current, and his owner makes a daring rescue attempt. Killer bees attack a firefighter while he tries to rescue a fallen hiker.

  • A woman on an environmentalist mission is caught in a tug-of-war between a great white shark and rescuers. A rookie competitor in a wild horse race receives a life-threatening kick to the head. An alligator wrestler is bested by his 8-foot opponent.

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