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In this animated series, CGI dinosaurs fight against each other to see which of the ancient reptiles would come out on top in a head-to-head battle. The series is hosted by George Blasing, who has no formal training as a paleontologist but who has a vivid imagination. The series aired for a single on the History network in 2008.

1 Season, 12 Episodes
July 29, 2008
Nature, Documentary & Biography
Cast: Erik Thompson, George Blasing, Thomas Holtz, Lawrence Witmer
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Jurassic Fight Club Full Episode Guide

  • Bear witness to the final days of dinosaurs on Earth.

  • A site in South Dakota unearthed evidence that there was a battle between a Edmontosaurus, a Dromaeosaurus and a T-Rex.

  • A site is explored in northwest Canada where an excavation was conducted back in 1986 which revealed a herd of Pachyrhinosaurus and Albertosaurus had been massacred.

  • An exploration of pair of huge North American predatory mammals, which includes a 750-pound ancestor of the lion. Their remains were found in Wyoming.

  • Gastonia versus Utahraptor.

  • Utahraptor and Tyrannosaurus Rex are examined.

  • Megalodon versus Brygmophyseter.

  • A search in a Colorado quarry where the bones are found for four different dinosaurs. The Paleontologists reconstruct the battle after examining the pairs of herbivore and carnivore bones.

  • Allosaurus versus Ceratosaurus.

  • Deinonychus versus Tenontosaurus.

  • Majungatholus versus Majungatholus.One of the most terrifying predators of its age, the Majungatholus may have also been one of the first cannibalistic dinosaurs. Experts recreate a scenario where a male Majungatholus goes in search of a mate, only to found a female who was more interested in protecting her young than mating.

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