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Join your favorite VeggieTales friends, including Bob the Tomato and Larry the cucumber, as the explore inside their house. Enjoy new silly songs and fun stories and skits while they help spread their faith based message with children. Filled with plenty of new and original stories and ideas.

VeggieTales in the House is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (52 episodes). The series first aired on November 26, 2014.

Where do I stream VeggieTales in the House online? VeggieTales in the House is available for streaming on Netflix, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch VeggieTales in the House on demand at Netflix, Amazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes online.

4 Seasons, 52 Episodes
November 26, 2014
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Phil Vischer, Mike Nawrocki, Rob Paulsen, Tress MacNeille
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VeggieTales in the House Full Episode Guide

  • When Bob's Bible study class turns into a car race, Larry urges him to compete; To stop Motato from camping on his lawn, Ichabeezer hires a Yambot.

  • Pa tells Larry about the Good Samaritan while a stranded Ichabeezer waits in vain for help; Larry's impatience leads to a crazy trip to outer space.

  • Bob feels sad when his pals buy all Larry's new Veggie trading cards except his; Bob and Larry must work together to stop a huge, rampaging Motato.

  • Bob and Larry's friendship is tested when a TV producer takes over their comedy show; When Granny's cat disappears while under his care, Larry panics.

  • Enchanted by his new puppy, Ichabeezer neglects Rooney, who runs away; Larry's confidence takes a hit when his amazing cousin George visits.

  • Bob begs his way onto Larry's superhero team, then demands to lead it; Confident she will be a fun boss, Tina starts a volunteer fire department.

  • Larry wins a bulldozer. Then, egged on by his pals, he wrecks havoc with it; Ignoring Bob's advice, Larry sneaks a wild parakeet home from the woods.

  • After Bob hides Larry's noisy rubber ducky, Larry tries to find it while sleepwalking; Madame Blueberry and Larry hunt for the mayor's lost monocle.

  • Bob tries to help Jimmy and Jerry conquer their messy habits; Bacon Bill becomes a solo beatbox sensation, much to "front man" Larry's dismay.

  • While taking a stunt driving class with Larry, Bob learns a valuable lesson; Bob faces a tough choice picking a fill-in conductor for the town train.

  • To avoid arm wrestling with Ichabeezer, Larry tells a whopper, then must act on his lie; Larry vows to be more serious and seeks direction from Bob.

  • When Motato shrinks Ichabeezer with his laser, Larry and Bob race to the rescue; Motato moves next door to Ichabeezer, and a wild neighbor war erupts.

  • Larry wants to be a master chef but needs Bob's cooking skills to succeed; When Larry and Bob take the mayor camping, they all get lost in the woods.

  • LarryBoy learns that jumping to conclusions never pays off. Madame Blueberry discovers that giving her all leads to more success and even more fun.

  • Larry becomes mayor for a day and makes the most of it. The gang has to find a way to tell Petunia she isn't funny without hurting her feelings.

  • Jimmy steals LarryBoy's identity and gives them both a lesson in humility. Larry uses his imagination to conduct his own Western adventure.

  • Larry discovers the value of a faithful friend when he loses his tooth. Larry's laziness leads to a sinking feeling for both him and Bob.

  • Larry misreads a Bible verse and creates a very sticky situation. When the newest action figure hits the store, everyone must learn to share.

  • Bob changes his look to appear smarter but things don't go exactly as planned. When Larry volunteers to help direct traffic, power goes to his head.

  • With his granddaughter visiting, Ichabeezer only has a day to learn how to be a good grandpa. A spiny friend gets between Motato and an evil plan.

  • Motato lets a greedy monster loose that puts everything in town at risk. When Laura's painting gets more attention than Bob's, feelings are hurt.

  • When Madame Blueberry wins tickets to a Jenna Chive concert, she becomes very popular. A class project to build a clubhouse leads to conflict.

  • When Madame Blueberry wins tickets to a Jenna Chive concert, she becomes very popular. A class project to build a clubhouse leads to conflict.

  • Larry gets some extremely evil competition at his new job. Mr. Pea and Mr. Asparagus go too far when trying to find the best pets for their sons.

  • After Mr. Lunt loses Junior's jetpack, he makes things worse by lying. Bob worries that Larry has found a new best friend.

  • Mr. Pea forces the gang to face their fears, only to discover a fear of his own. Ichabeezer moves away and discovers how special his home is.