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Wayward Nation is the story of 5 friends and their search for the new American Dream. Each episode brings host Mikey McManus and friends to a different part of America, where they meet and learn from young pioneers who utilize their knowledge and passion to make America a better place. Always traveling by their beloved RV, named Janice, these guys know how to have fun!

Wayward Nation is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on September 3, 2014.

Wayward Nation is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Wayward Nation on demand atAmazon Prime, Amazon online.

Multicom Entertainment Group (MEG)
1 Season, 12 Episodes
September 3, 2014
Action & Adventure, Documentary & Biography, Comedy
Cast: Mikey McManus, Eric M. Rusch
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Wayward Nation Full Episode Guide

  • The last stop of the trip, or so they think, is when the group arrives in Boston, the birthplace of America. It's been a few months since the Boston Marathon terrorist attack, and their last millennial pioneer is a true American Hero, Dr. Natalie Stavas. Natalie sprung to action while running in the marathon, and as she heard the bomb blasts, she ran into harms way and starting saving lives.

  • The next stop is New York City, where they meet Jess Matthews, the inventor of the Soccket Ball, a soccer ball that charges electricity and has been championed by Bill Clinton. They take the ball through the city, playing through the streets of the Big Apple, charging up the ball. After kicking through the entire city, they retire for the night to the house in which they are squatting.

  • In Detroit the guys face a more serious challenge. They meet Jackie Zimmerman, creator of Girls With Guts, a support group for young women with IBD and Crohn's Disease. She has more guts than anyone they have met, and the one thing she has always wanted was the guts to perform as a rock star. The guys help her create a song, and she inspires Ethan and Mikey to face their own insecurities.

  • The team hits Madison, WI and meets Chris Meyer, creator of Hackerspace Sector 67. It's a co-working community of inventors, tinkerers, hackers...nerds. They embrace the guys and set the challenge of the week: a science fair! They split into teams and spend the next 48 hours working around the clock to create the best projects possible.

  • In Cleveland, the guys meet Brian "The Predator" Rogers, an MMA pro wrestler who uses his prize money and free time to tutor and run programs for autistic and troubled kids. He teaches them some moves and sets up a cage fight between the two of them. After a week of training and trash talk, the guys duke it out.

  • The next stop is Philadelphia, home of Brian Linton and United By Blue. It's a day before World Ocean's Day, and Brian asks the team to join him in a trash cleanup in Freeport, Maine. As per their usual, they turn it into a contest. After both Mikey and Ethan pull their fair share of antics, Mikey ultimately comes up short, and per the rules of the bet has to spend a night in the local dump.

  • Driving up the east coast, the guys stop by to see Mikey's old hometown friend at Fort Bragg in North Carolina. SGT Mark Meagher, an 82nd Airborne Expert Field Medic, is back from a tour in Afghanistan and is seemingly a completely different person from the person who Mikey dropped off there more than two years ago.

  • The guys arrive in Moore, Oklahoma a week after a devastating F-5 tornado destroyed several square miles of homes and businesses. It's unlike anything they have ever seen. They meet up with Chance Craven, who runs DRADT - Disaster Relief And Disaster Training - and they get to work.

  • The guys are miserable as they see their beloved Janice being hitched up and towed once again. They are stuck waiting for the tow for hours and eventually decide on a new course. They hitch to Austin with their gear on their backs and begin some much-needed therapy with the quietly eccentric Jia Jiang.

  • The Wayward Nation crew heads off to Denver next to team up with pioneer Ricky Padilla for the launch of his new company, Brown Water Coffee. The stakes are high, for right now Ricky and his young employees are less than four days to launch. With an ever-ticking clock, Mikey and the gang decide to put in four straight all-nighters, spreading awareness, coffee samples, and invites.

  • The guys meet up with Emily Niehaus, who builds straw bale houses in Moab. In exchange for helping with the construction of one of her homes, she promises to show them how much fun they can have for dirt-cheap. The biggest takeaway for them is that there are amazing young people like Emily doing DIY eco-conscious housing projects with enough love and passion to fill our hopes for tomorrow.

  • Mikey, his best friend Ethan, and their crew set out on the road in Janice the RV in search of the New American Dream. First stop is Vegas, where they meet their first pioneer, Yael Cohen, founder of the charity F*ck Cancer. Ethan falls for Yael instantly, and on a whim proposes to her.