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Weird, True and Freaky is an Animal Planet Discovery Channel original program. Each episode is approximately twenty five minutes and showcases a couple of different animals in each episode. This is a documentary style program, and its subject matter may disturb some viewers.

Weird, True and Freaky showcases some of the strangest and unbelievable creatures encountered in the animal kingdom. From two-tailed deer to exotic pets, they show it all. Each encounter uses real footage and pictures of actual true animals with unusual characteristics.

Each show has a theme that they follow for the animals that will be discussed in the episode. Episodes are done in a fast-paced countdown from least to most bizarre on the topic of the show. Some topics include mutant animals, animal cannibals, and creature infestations. Locations of these animals are disclosed at the beginning of each critter's profile in the countdown to the freakiest.

The show not only covers strange animals and insects, but also different aspects of their use. One episode centers around strange animal cures and venom treatments. They also showcase dangerous jobs to have when dealing with unusual creatures and even unbelievable animal rescues. There is even an episode dedicated to restaurant horror stories involving the weird and freaky.

When it comes to animal encounters, nothing is left out with this show. There are a few episodes that are dedicated to different ghost stories and even animal hauntings. In addition to traditional medical uses for animals, there are also episodes that count down the different creatures that have been removed from the body and medical mysteries involving the freaky.

With three seasons and sixty-five episodes available, there are a number of different topics that are covered in the Weird, True and Freaky series. Although this is an educational program, content may not be suitable for young viewers.

Weird, True & Freaky is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (75 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 2008.

Weird, True & Freaky is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Weird, True & Freaky on demand atAmazon, Hulu, Vudu, Animal Planet, Google Play, iTunes online.

Tuesday 9:00 PM et/pt on Animal Planet
4 Seasons, 75 Episodes
January 1, 2008
Nature, Reality
Cast: Kenneth L. Bacon, Brad Davidorf, Gita R. Kolluru, Rich Ross
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Weird, True & Freaky Full Episode Guide

  • Awesome adaptations; incredible interspecies rescues; and an urban legend that becomes reality are explored.

  • Explosive river invaders, trespassing reptile behemoths, and tyrants fighting to end all competition. These clashers and crashers battle to the death. When an animal strays from home, anything can happen. We're counting down the top ten Deadly Duels.

  • Saviors turned savage, camouflaged ambush killers, and creatures too bizarre to be true. Each mind-bending moment is so unbelievable, you'll question whether it's fiction, or frightening fact. We're counting down the top ten moments of a World Gone Mad.

  • Friendly animals on the attack...the deadliest annual migration in the world...and an unrelenting avian rain straight from a horror movie. Attacks so shocking, there's barely any time to react. We're counting down the ten most Outrageous Animal Ambushes.

  • Gentle giants riled...real life zombie slaves...and biblical swarms out of a horror film. Each frightening tale is so extreme, it seems like a living nightmare. We're counting down the ten most terrifying True Horror Stories.

  • A hostile takeover...invading forces take over an island...and the deadliest jacket you'll ever see. These stories are so freaky, you'll have a hard time getting the images out of your head. We're counting down the top ten tales of Strange Things.

  • Battles of David vs. Goliath...animals overcoming impossible odds...and gangs of predators ambushing their prey. Each event is more terrifying than the last. We're counting down the ten most gut-wrenching stories of Life On The Dangerous Edge.

  • Sudden deadly collisions...strange otherworldly beings...and terrifying insect invasions. Prepare to witness terrifying examples of human and animal interactions gone wrong. We're counting down the top ten Crazy Close Encounters.

  • While some people feel that animals that have been preserved are horrid, others feel it is an art and a form of respect. Watch as taxidermists eternally stuff animals.

  • Preserved for an eternal after-life...these strange taxidermies make some cringe in fear or horror. Yet to others, this ancient art is the ultimate form of respect, even worship. Counting down astonishing cases of animals...Eternally Stuffed.

  • To some, rodents, insects, and wild mystery meats are somewhat of a nightmare, while for others they are a delicacy. Watch the countdown of some of the most outrageous, disturbing, and extreme food that's Nasty... And On The Menu.

  • A countdown of case files of smuggled animals.

  • DNA deformities, strange sub-species, and confounding mutations that cause a wide variety of the smallest of animals.

  • Whether pushed, pulled, or exploded into this world, some of the animal kingdom's alien offspring may cause queasiness.

  • Natural cure-alls that make your skin crawl, exotic elixirs, and death defying procedures.

  • Strange DNA disorders that cause severe obesity in some animals.

  • An ancient civilization once worshipped them as gods and we keep them as pets. How do these extra-ordinary cats defy their species, and survive?

  • Animals that should be dead due to wounds, disease, or being trapped survive the impossible.

  • A look at mutant shades and alien colors of furs, feathers and skins.

  • Mysterious medical conditions and abnormal adaptations creating animals without hair.

Weird, True & Freaky Video Clips & Extras

Chimpanzee Cannibalism Clip (02:50) The Birds! Clip (02:24) Dramatic Dog Rescue Clip (02:32) Lion Cannibal Clip (03:17) Mouse Ears Clip (03:10) Cat Circus Clip (03:02) Reptile Religion Clip (03:21) Cat Lady Clip (02:55)