Wild India

Wild India is a documentary nature series presented by the famous Indian tiger expert Valmik Thapar. In each episode, Thapar explores one of India's bio regions ranging from the jungles where tigers prowl to the vast, arid deserts along the Indian border with Pakistan. Thapar shares his in depth knowledge of animal behavior with the viewer in order to help viewers understand how each species is uniquely adapted to its environment.

1 Season, 6 Episodes
November 17, 1997
Animals, Documentary & Biography, Nature
Wild India

Wild India Full Episode Guide

  • Valmik travels to the lush monsoon rainforests of the Indian sub-continent. He journeys from Assam in the northeast, to the Western Ghats in southern India and across the seas to Sri Lanka.

  • In the beginning, the god Vishnu drank up a great sea and left behind Mother Earth. As Vishnu slept, a demon ravished her so violently that her limbs created the greatest range of mountains in the world - the Himalayas.

  • Strange things happen in the great Indian or "˜Thar' desert. The desert states of Rajasthan and Gujarat are steeped in the history of fierce Rajput warriors and huge fortresses still dominate the skyline.

  • Valmik sets sail on a voyage of discovery, from the Arabian Sea to the Bay of Bengal, helped by the same ocean currents that drove the first explorers around the coast of India.

  • Valmik travels along the great river basins of India following the Ganges on its 1,000-mile path to the sea. As the monsoon ends, the rivers flooded the wetlands. Both humans and other animals thrive in this waterland which supports 400 million people.

  • On the first stage of his journey,Valmik encounters lions in the Gir Forest, the last remaining home of the Asiatic lion. Nowadays the "˜king of the jungle' is the tiger which, like many other creatures that share its kingdom, is considered sacred.

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