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When a tech innovator's daughter is murdered and the police fail to find the killer, he takes matters into his own hands by creating a crowd sourcing hub where anyone can login and try to solve the crime. People from around the world can publicly share and evaluate evidence for not only his daughter's unsolved murder but other criminal investigations as well. With his innovative software, a staff filled with specialists, and the general public all working together his new company revolutionizes the way crimes are solved.

Sunday at 8:00 PM on CBS
1 Season, 8 Episodes
October 1, 2017
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  • While the team is assisting the San Francisco Police Department on a tech-based murder case, a cyber-criminal attacks Sophe and cripples the platform.

  • After Sophe users uncover recent security footage of a domestic terrorist missing for 20 years, they daringly track his every move, even as federal agents threaten to shut the platform down. Also, Tanner's former company files an injunction against Sara forbidding her to work with Sophe or communicate with the staff.

  • Cavanaugh needs Sophe's help to locate the source of a deadly online challenge that's targeting vulnerable teenagers. Also, Alex's connection to Tanner's former company may be a personal and political issue.

  • Tanner's previous company claims Sophe was created using their copyrighted codes and legally threatens to shut down the organization. Also, Cavanaugh works with Tanner to solve the murder of a retired detective after his boss removes him from the case due to a personal connection with the family.

  • The San Francisco police department seeks Sophe's help on a politically charged murder case following a rally in the city.

  • Sophe exposes a serial killer plaguing Silicon Valley and the Bay Area by connecting previously unrelated murders.

  • A user of Sophe, the cutting-edge crowdsourcing platform, uploads new footage of Jeffrey Tanner's daughter, Mia, being strong-armed by an unknown man five months prior to her murder. Also, Tanner enlists Sophe to help with Cavanaugh's case of a missing teenager.

  • Visionary tech innovator Jeffrey Tanner creates a cutting-edge crowd sourcing platform to solve his daughter's murder, and revolutionize crime solving in the process.

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