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  • 2014
  • 1 Season
  • 7.2  (32)

Young, Hot & Crooked is an American documentary television series that premiered on Investigation Discovery in 2014. The show presents real-life cases of young and attractive criminals who commit heinous crimes without remorse. The series examines the motivation behind these acts, the investigations leading to their arrests, and the subsequent trials.

Each episode of Young, Hot & Crooked features a different case of a young and attractive criminal. The crimes range from murder and robbery to drugs and burglary. The series follows the investigations from the initial crime scene to the eventual arrest and trial of the perpetrator, providing an in-depth look at the legal process and the evidence presented to prove the defendant's guilt.

The series is hosted by Michelle Sigona, an investigative journalist who has reported on some of the most high-profile criminal cases in recent years. With her investigative skills and expertise in criminal law, Sigona brings a unique perspective to the show.

The show's title, Young, Hot & Crooked, reflects the common perception that attractive people are less likely to be criminals. The series challenges this notion by presenting cases where the perpetrators were not only young and attractive but also ruthless and violent. In doing so, the show sheds light on the fact that anyone can be capable of committing a crime, regardless of their appearance.

The series also highlights the impact that these crimes have on the victims and their families. Through interviews with family members, friends, and law enforcement officials, the show explores the emotional toll that these crimes can have on those involved. The series often shows how the victims' families seek justice and closure in the aftermath of the crimes.

Young, Hot & Crooked stands out from other crime documentary series by focusing on the psychology and motivation behind the crimes. The show examines the backstory of the perpetrators, including their upbringing, family life, and social environment, to provide a better understanding of why they committed these crimes. In doing so, the show challenges viewers to consider the root causes of criminal behavior and to look beyond the surface level of appearance.

One of the strengths of the show is its ability to balance the personal stories of the victims and their families with the investigative and legal aspects of the cases. The episodes are well-paced, with interviews, archival footage, reenactments, and expert analysis seamlessly integrated to provide a comprehensive narrative. The show's production values are also high, with slick cinematography, dramatic music, and stylish editing that keeps the viewer engaged.

In conclusion, Young, Hot & Crooked is a compelling crime documentary series that delves into the dark side of human behavior. The show challenges the common assumption that attractive people are less likely to be criminals and sheds light on the psychological motivations behind criminal behavior. The series is well-paced, expertly produced, and features a strong host in investigative journalist Michelle Sigona. For true crime fans, Young, Hot & Crooked is a must-see.

Young, Hot & Crooked is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on September 5, 2014.

Young, Hot & Crooked
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12. Blindsided
October 24, 2014
Sexy 16 year-old Amy Preasmyer can have her pick of boyfriends. So, when she sets her sights on hot, rich, Ricky Cowles, Jr., they fall in love fast. But then Amy reveals something shocking, and someone won't make it out of the relationship alive.
Deadly Competition
11. Deadly Competition
October 24, 2014
In Idaho, two men become marijuana kingpins until a rival dealer tries to level the playing field.
Tycoon Killer
10. Tycoon Killer
October 17, 2014
A wealthy son of a shipping magnate starts a business catering to the high class needs of the elite, not to mention throwing the hottest parties in Palm Beach. However, he makes many enemies...and it's only a matter of time before someone gets killed.
Killer Looks
9. Killer Looks
October 10, 2014
Detectives investigate the death of a wealthy businessman and find porn star, John 'Champ' Snavely, as the main suspect.
Blood Brothers
8. Blood Brothers
October 3, 2014
Awkward teen Aaron Needle becomes fast friends with ladies man Freddy Tello. They cruise and booze through the streets of D.C. but the good times don't last long. Things turn deadly when humiliation becomes a catalyst for a shockingly brutal murder.
Real Wolf of Wall Street
7. Real Wolf of Wall Street
September 26, 2014
Examining the real "Wolf of Wall Street."
Femme Fatale
6. Femme Fatale
September 19, 2014
A student involves her current boyfriend in a plot to kill her ex-boyfriend.
Point Blank
5. Point Blank
September 19, 2014
A law student leads a double life and plans a trip last-minute to New York where an incident that's damaging is caught on tape.
Young, Fast and Out of Control
4. Young, Fast and Out of Control
September 12, 2014
A teenager is involved in reckless behavior constantly. He is left unsupervised often at home.
Love Triangle
3. Love Triangle
September 12, 2014
A man moves from East Coast to Hollywood hoping of making it big.
In Too Deep
2. In Too Deep
September 5, 2014
A woman hosting parties big time is faced with big time drug dealers.
Hot in Love
1. Hot in Love
September 5, 2014
A young man consumed with love for a girl, steals a celebrity's Lamborghini, creates a fake ID's, and breaks into mega mansions. But when his attention-seeking behavior fails to get the girl, Max Wade is forced to take desperate measures.
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  • Premiere Date
    September 5, 2014
  • IMDB Rating
    7.2  (32)