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  • 2019
  • 4 Seasons

Imagine stepping inside your home, but suddenly it is transformed beyond your wildest dreams, without ever opening a can of paint or lifting a single brick. Angela Scanlon presents a property makeover series like no other. In a first for British television, cutting-edge virtual reality and visual effects enable people to see what the future of their home could look like, before building it in reality.

Never have plans come to life like this: people can instantly explore a stunning transformation of their bedroom, walk around an incredible double-height kitchen or see how adding a gigantic picture window will turn a dingy lounge into a showstopping sitting room. In each episode, a family is presented with two radically different designs by two extraordinary architects. Which ambitious renovation will they choose to become their perfect home?

Your Home, Made Perfect UK is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (31 episodes). The series first aired on April 16, 2019.

Your Home, Made Perfect UK
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Liz and Paul
9. Liz and Paul
August 22, 2023
After nearly 40 years of marriage, Lizzy and Paul moved to a three-bed semi. They loved the views and location, but the layout of the house has become impossible for Lizzy to navigate. Architects Lynsey Elliott and Damion Burrows offer solutions.
Louise and Stephen
8. Louise and Stephen
August 15, 2023
Lou and Steve moved to Devon from London so their children, Maisey and Jesse, who are both deaf, could attend a specialist school. When they first saw the house, it wasn't love at first sight, but they decided to buy it because of its beautiful location. The problems start with the front of the house, with its imposing steps making it look like a Spanish nightclub. The family love the big garden with the swimming pool, but it's totally cut off from the house by a high retaining wall. Determined to unlock this property's potential are top architects Lizzie Fraher and Damion Burrows. After investigating the problems, Lizzie has some clever ideas to make the front more attractive, while Damion has a radical solution to make the most of the sea views. Will the couple go for Lizzie's wildflower hill or Damion's radical house flip?
Fiona and Andrew
7. Fiona and Andrew
August 8, 2023
One year ago, Fiona and Andy and their young sons Ted and Josh moved into their dream home, a 300-year-old barn in Solihull. But it's not quite the fairytale they imagined. They originally fell for the barn's quirky and characterful features, but this hotch-potch of a conversion needs a radical overhaul to make it work for them as a family. Coming to their rescue are top architects Laura Jane Clark and Julian McIntosh. After investigating the problems, Julian wants to bring the barn up to date while celebrating its original features. Laura has been won over by the long hallway and central courtyard. She thinks linking these different parts is key to unlocking its potential. Will they have gone for Julian's giant window or Laura's long vistas?
Caitriona and Kevin
6. Caitriona and Kevin
July 25, 2023
Moving from a tiny city flat to a three-bed house in Rickmansworth was initially a dream come true for Caitriona and Kevin. But as their twins Lilly and Fionn get older, there are nightly squabbles over who has to sleep in the box room.
Reena and Wes
5. Reena and Wes
July 18, 2023
When Reena and Wes bought their three-bed terrace in Borehamwood, it was the perfect fit. But with the arrival of their daughter, the house they once loved has become a problem. Taking on the challenge of a redesign are Will Foster and Lizzie Fraher.
Irene and Richard
4. Irene and Richard
July 11, 2023
Irene and Richard bought their three-bedroom home in Croydon 19 years ago, but as the family grew, the house began to feel too small for them. With three teenagers in the house, Ella, Emily, and Lewis are all fighting for space.
Jill and Harvey
3. Jill and Harvey
July 4, 2023
After renting for many years in London, actress Jill Halfpenny and her 13-year-old son Harvey made the big decision to start a new life in the north east, where Jill was brought up. They both love the sea views of their new home in Tynemouth, but the flat's layout is revealing its glitches. The kitchen is right at the back of the property, making it feel dark and disconnected. The bathroom has no windows and the only outside space is a tiny balcony. Having moved around so much, Jill is determined to make a forever home for her son, but she needs help unlocking the flat's potential. Taking on the show's first ever flat are architects Will Foster and Lynsey Elliot. After looking around, Lynsey thinks the priority is sorting out the gloomy kitchen, but Will is keen to find out more about the history of the area so he can work the story of the house into his design.
Lee and Darren
2. Lee and Darren
June 27, 2023
IT project manager Lee and actor Darren bought their first house together in Southampton, but so far their big plans to renovate it have come to nothing. The house was originally build in the 1960s but has had several extensions added on over the years, creating a rabbit warren of a layout with a huge unused garage and a double staircase splitting the house in two. The couple can't agree on a way forward, so they have come to a complete standstill. Coming to their rescue are top architects Laura Clarke and Damion Burrows. Damion plans to open up the house, giving it a better connection to the garden, whilst Laura is drawing inspiration from the property's original 1960s features. Will the couple choose Damion's double-height hall or Laura's micro-fluted glass bar?
Yesim and Hasan
1. Yesim and Hasan
June 20, 2023
Yes and Has bought their 1920s semi in Enfield four years ago, wanting a family home to raise their two children. Despite a major renovation, they haven't managed to inject their personality into their home and are struggling with the disconnected layout. Taking on the challenge of redesigning this house are top architects Will Foster and Julian McIntosh. After investigating the problems, Julian thinks the key is to sort out the isolated kitchen, but Will is keen to dig deeper into the couple's style. Will they go for Julian's calming, minimalist design or Will's pyramid ceiling?
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Your Home, Made Perfect UK is available for streaming on the BBC Two website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Your Home, Made Perfect UK on demand at Hulu.
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    April 16, 2019