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Two twins, one boy and one girl, with very different personalities. They have two things in common - extremely vivid imaginations and the same name, Yo! They can be upbeat or sad, noisy or quiet, they can bicker like other children or laugh out loud. When they work together, they'll prove two heads are better than one!

YoYo is a Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (52 episodes). The series first aired on November 30, 2016.

YoYo is available for streaming on the Giggle Mug website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch YoYo on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon online.

Giggle Mug
1 Season, 52 Episodes
November 30, 2016
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
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YoYo Full Episode Guide

  • The twins and Ragoo come to a house where objects speak. Tim, the young master, is still asleep and must arrange the party for his birthday. Tim is awakened by Ragoo but, despite being late, he wants to do everything himself.

  • In a prehistoric desert the twins meet a lizard and a chameleon who are playing hide and seek. The chameleon prides itself on being the best hide and seek player in the world. His natural talent will be providential when our protagonists meet a very lively dinosaur.

  • Yo and Yo meet Tim. Tim is sad because his cuckoo clock is past its sell-by date and has been replaced by a cute young alarm clock.

  • The twins make peace between a witch and a young girl who's been messing with her book of spells.

  • The twins help a tiny lizard, who everyone was ignoring, find a princess' ring and save the day.

  • In a northerly winter world that sees little to no sunlight, the twins meet a snowman who is afraid of the dark -- and too scared to travel through the night to enjoy the Northern Lights with his friends.

  • The twins visit a world where everything is falling apart.

  • The twins learn the benefits of cleanliness when they encounter an ailing dinosaur.

  • The twins help a little frog who is discriminated against because of her color.

  • The twins meet a mother dromedary and her child - they have a long trip across the desert ahead of them but the baby is too fussy an eater to have a healthy lunch.

  • The twins help a nervous Tortoise whose only friend is a face drawn on a rock.

  • The twins travel to a medieval castle where they meet a king who is too comfortable and lazy to ever leave home.

  • The twins help a girl become a movie star.

  • Ragoo brings in a sticky wrapper and the twins arrive in a sandy desert. They travel to the pond world and to the winter world before they can put it in a bin.

  • The twins help a robin who misses his best friend bear.

  • The twins give a grumpy crab a lesson in good manners.

  • The twins meet a little Snowgirl who lacks self-esteem but they help her discover a hidden skill which makes her the hit of the 'North Pole's Got Talent' competition.

  • The twins help a Dinosaur cope with his clumsiness by attaching wing-mirrors to his flanks so that he can check on his trailing tail.

  • Ragoo brings the twins an ice cube tray and they find themselves in a winter wonderland where snow-kids are waiting in line to enter a wonderful amusement park made of ice. Here, Yo, Yo and the snow-kids will learn how to be patient.

  • The twins visit a park for dogs that is ruined by pooches fouling on the grass which their owners can't bother to clear up.

  • The twins meet Imelda, a very anxious lizard. Because she can see a small cloud in the blue sky, Imelda is preparing to face a hurricane.

  • The twins encounter an owl who can't see very well, but won't admit it. The twins give him a strange pair of glasses.

  • The twins jump into a story and find out that the characters are stuck, because the last pages of the book are missing. The twins invent the ending themselves, discovering the power of imagination.

  • Ragoo brings in a violin and the kids find themselves under the sea where they meet a little octopus who is disappointed in his two friends. The friends talk, talk, talk and never listen to him or let him speak.

  • Ragoo brings the twins a banjo and they find themselves in a fantasy castle where a King and a Queen keep fighting about everything. The Twins will play a song that will bring peace in this land.

  • YoHe wants to be like YoShe. Together with his sister, he jumps into a world in which everyone and everything is a copy of a copy and he learns how important it is to be different.

  • The twins meet a lizard who doesn't like the place where she lives and is convinced that other animals are luckier than her. When they help her settle in the "perfect" place, the lizard realizes what she'd be missing if she left home.

  • A young prehistoric boy is struggling with a dinosaur that, in its frantic race, threatens to overwhelm all. With the help of a chameleon, the twins will help the young man resolve the situation.

  • The twins help a girl to overcome her fear of thunderstorms.

  • The twins find themselves in the gaming world where a snowman and a dromedary are playing. The irascible frog is very angry, especially because nobody ever wants to play with him because he doesn't like to lose.

  • The twins find themselves in a lush forest where a young panda steals Ragoo's bamboo stick. The twins chase him along with Ragoo, and they all end up lost.

  • Ragoo gets off the lead in a fantasy world and the twins have to train him.

  • Ragoo brings a treasure map and the twins find themselves on a desert island where they meet pirates with a problem.

  • The Twins help an old tortoise deal with a loud party that's been keeping him awake.

  • The twins use their joke-kit to help a young Snow-witch with a cold be accepted by her severe wizard colleagues.

  • The twins look for Ragoo in a fantasy house where objects are alive and don't like humans. The twins take care of a door that won't open.

  • Ragoo brings the twins a golden marker. They find themselves in a place where all the kids have to obey a kid king's orders.

  • The twins clean a wasteland to make it a nicer playground to play in.

  • Ragoo brings in a small seashell necklace and the twins find themselves under the sea. They meet a little fish who's too shy to play with the other fish.

  • The twins help a little pharaoh find his lost pet, a baby dromedary.

  • The twins find themselves in a world made of sand in which an evil crab-creature destroys everything.

  • The twins meet a little witch who has no friends because everyone is afraid of her.

  • The twins meet a girl who lost the key to her bike lock because she lives in a messy house.

  • The twins find themselves in a world in which time is stuck! They have to find the original grandfather clock to which the pendulum belongs and fix it.

  • The twins use a flashlight to solve a problem for a self-conscious little snowman.

  • The twins help a toad who is rejected because of his appearance.