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The film entitled Dirty Pretty Things is about the adventures of Okwe. Okwe is a Nigerian based in London. During the day he works as a cab driver. At night he works at the main desk of a hotel where he checks guests entering and leaving the hotel. Okwe always chews a stimulant all night to keep him alert and awake. Before relocating to London, Okwe was working as a medical doctor in Nigeria. So while in London he also offers consultation to his friends and his fellow immigrants like himself who cannot afford to go to hospital. He provides treatment to cab drivers. Okwe has a friend known as Guo Yi. Guo Yi works in a hospital mortuary. He supplies Okwe with medications that he smuggles from the hospital.

One day, a harlot known as Juliette asks Okwe to come and inspect her room. There was a blockage in the toilet. Okwe goes there and finds a human heart in the toilet. Juan who is the manager of the hotel where Okwe works asks him to join him in his illegal business. Juan does business with illegal immigrants. He encourages them to exchange their healthy kidneys for fake passports. Okwe however refuses to join him in the business.

Okwe lives in the same flat with a lady known as Senay. Senay works as a servant in the same hotel as Okwe. The two become very good friends. Okwe moves out of the flat when immigration police start chasing Senay. He then moves in with Guo Yi in the hospital mortuary. Senay moves in with Okwe and Guo Yi.

Senay then decides to give her kidney to Juan in exchange for a passport. Okwe accepts to carry out the surgery in exchange for his own passport. On the day of the operation, he drugs Senay and removes his kidney and sells it.

At the end, Senay relocates to New York while Okwe returns to Nigeria.

Sergie Lopez, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Audrey Tautou, Sergi Lopez, Sophie Okonedo
Stephen Frears
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Dirty Pretty Things
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