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The Carlina White story is a moving television movie that stars "The Views" Sherri Shepherd. This movie first aired on Life Time on October 6, 2012. The movie is based on the true life story of young and foolish, Joy White. In 1987, in Harlem, NY Joy went in to have her beautiful baby girl. While everything was fine at the beginning, she has to take the child back due to a sickness, and then the real drama begins.

The "nurse" on duty was Ann Pettway. Ann was a drug user who had recently suffered a miscarriage and she was just posing as a nurse. Determined to take matters into her own hands, she decided that she was going to take a baby for herself and saw young Joy as naive. She encourages Joy to go home and get a shower and some sleep and she would personally look in on the young infant. Joy trusted her because she was with the hospital, or so she thought.

Ann took young Carlina home to raise her as her own. The movie never shows much during the 23 year period that she raised her, other than the fact that she uncovered this mystery when she wanted to go to college and needed a birth certificate. It does show some pretty rough moments between Ann and Netty as Ann suffered from mood swings and an obvious substance abuse problem. She raised as Nejdra Nance and called "Netty", Ann had a great deal of explaining to do to her when she found the birth certificate. Netty went on a journey to find her real birth family and to form a relationship with them.

It ages Netty pretty quickly and shows her as an unwed mother herself and a child that has no real stability. When she finds her birth family, she doesn't instantly attach. Poor Ann is hauled off to jail as the case takes a turn and shows what kind of person she really is. Netty is unable to know who she can trust and who to stay away from.

Ultimately, Netty moves in with her birth family, or the mother, as her parents split years ago over the stress of her abduction. The movie moves slow in some parts and too fast in others. This true story could never been given the time it deserves in a two hour slot, but it is a moving account of how easily a child can be abducted.

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