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The television series, Accused is a British show that is created by Jimmy McGovern. This series was first seen on November 15th, 2010. First seen on the BBC One network and ran for 2 series with each one of the episodes following a different person as they wait on the verdict of their case. The base of the story is to tell how the court found them and accused them as being guilty. In the series, there were a few actors and actresses who participated in the film.

In the first series, the people in charge of BBC One and the Drama Commissioning announced that it would release the show in May 2010. They will walk and talk about the events that led up to being accused and what role they played in the crime. Each one of the members of the show is going to show what occurred during their trial all the way up to the time that they were found guilty.

When the show is playing, the audience is going to be questioning whether or not the person did it. The base of the show is the crime and the punishment of what crime took place. There are only two things that should matter when it comes to this show and that is the punishment for the crime.

At the end of the series, there will be an episode airing what could have happened if things were different. It will show would could have happened if the circumstances were different involving the crimes that were committed. The series finale is going to show what might have happened if the people who committed the crimes had done something different and the crime did not follow the current proceedings. The goal is to show people that if the crimes had happened differently, the outcome could have been much different. The final verdict could have led to a different verdict if things had been different.

RSJ Films
2 Seasons, 10 Episodes
July 1, 2011
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  • When a delinquent dies under the watch of two prison guards, one of the officers feels tremendous guilt, and her actions set off a series of coverups.

  • After his mother's death, 17-year-old Stephen grows suspicious of her hospice nurse. Stephen's grief fails to subside, setting off a mental breakdown.

  • When a gang orders businesses to close as a show of respect for the funeral of a gangster, one salon remains open -- and suffers the consequences.

  • Lonely teacher Simon leads a secret life as a transvestite, Tracie. After Tracie falls in love with Tony, she finds Tony has a secret life of his own.

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