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Bad Girls is a British television drama detailing the lives of prisoners and staff at a fictional prison in England. The show ran for eight seasons featuring 107 episodes, including a number of Christmas specials acting as the finale's to season six and seven. Produced by Shed Productions for the British broadcast network ITV, Bad Girls proved controversial for its adult subject matter and language used to depict the real life of prisoners in an all female prison. Despite being a drama the show also featured comedic characters and light storylines, which ran alongside the tougher aspects of life behind bars.

Set in Larkhall Prison in England Bad Girls features the lives of people entering G Wing of the all female prison, including staff, inmates, volunteers and visitors. Stories would often be featured and be resolved through the course of a single episode, with other storylines lasting throughout an entire season. Some stories progress over the course of a number of seasons, such as the relationship between inmate Nicki Wade and wing governor Helen Stewart which ran for the first three seasons. One of the most popular characters featured on British TV, prison guard Jim Fenner was a creation of Bad Girls and managed to complete a reign of terror as he abused and used the inmates and staff for his own gain over seven seasons of Bad Girls.

As a sister show to other ITV broadcast shows produced by Shed Productions Bad Girls would often feature overlapping storylines and characters from shows such as Footballers Wives. The main character of Footballers Wives, Tanya Turner serves time for her crimes in Footballers Wives in Larkhall Prison as characters from both shows crossed over in season six of Bad Girls. As seasons eight had been designed as the last for the popular show the majority of storylines are tied up towards the end of the season with a number of popular cast members returning for the final episodes.

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  • TV celebrity designer Catherine Earlham arrives in Larkhall after embezzling money from a pension fund and promptly gets the inmates scrubbing the place clean for an `at home' makeover feature. Darlene falls under the spell of the star prisoner and also Costa cons Phyl and Bev fall out over her and new wing governor Bodybag Hollamby's efforts to make her mark on the place pale into insignificance.

  • Lou is glowing after the surprise proposal from Doctor Rowan, unaware he has no intention of divorcing his wife. She asks her sister Vicky to be bridesmaid and she reluctantly agrees despite knowing the truth about Rowan. Vicky is so desperate for him to continue to supply her drugs she is keeping the truth from her sister, but when she begins to demand stronger drugs, Rowan realises that he may have bitten off more than he can chew.

  • Tina suffers from a guilty conscious as she is shipped back to Larkhall.

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