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Bar Rescue is a show that focuses on failing bars across the United States that enlist the help of Jon Taffer, president of Nightclub & Bar Media Group, who has over thirty years of bar experience. Each show begins with Jon and his colleagues observing hidden camera footage from the bar in question before entering the bar undercover to get a first-hand experience.

After making their judgments, Jon confronts the owners and staff of the bar and explains what he believes is currently causing the bar to fail. He then gives the bar's employees a stress test which involves letting patrons enter the bar in droves and assessing how well they can handle the crowd, including pouring hundreds of drinks and serving the most impatient of customers.

The next portion of the show focuses on making changes to the owners, the staff, and the bar itself. Jon often brings in specialists to teach bartenders to make better drinks, to help hostesses improve their service, and to redesign some or all of the bar. After all the changes are made, the bar has a grand re-opening, often under a new name, and Jon is able to observe whether or not the owners and staff have learned from Jon and his colleagues' teaching.

After seeing that the bar is prospering thanks to his help, Jon is on his way to seek yet another failing bar. To sate viewers' curiosity, a statement about how the bar has improved, or sometimes declined, several weeks or months later is always provided.

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Sunday 9:00 PM et/pt on Spike TV
5 Seasons, 70 Episodes - Currently Airing
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  • A family seeks to take back control of their Staten Island bar, which has become overrun with customers cooking and drinking their own food and drink.

  • Customers at a New York sports bar are raging mad at Taffer's crew when they find out the booze is cheap, but has been sold on at a higher price.

  • A night club handles a bug issue and rowdy teenagers.

  • Counting down Jon's toughest rescues yet.

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