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Barbie and her friends have received a makeover, and they are now in a television series about living in a dream house. It is similar to a reality television show in that it follows all of Barbie's friends and her around the house. There are old faces like Ken and Teresa as well as a few new friends including Midge and Ryan. The little sisters of Barbie, Skipper, Stacy and Chelsea, are included in the series, too.

This show is one that captures the daily activities of the friends as they are in the home and the neighborhood. One of the things that makes this show unique is that the dolls know they are not real people, so they use items that are a little too big for them. They also tell each other not to cut hair because it won't grow back and that they will melt if they don't use sunscreen.

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1 Season, 7 Episodes
Animation & Cartoons, Children
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Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse Full Episode Guide

  • Barbie competes with her friends and family on "The Amaze Chase," an exciting reality-TV contest that has them traveling and tackling fun challenges.

  • Join Barbie and her friends in their most memorable and hilarious dreamhouse moments!

  • Barbie and Ken have all sorts of adventures in this collection of their most memorable and hilarious dreamhouse moments.

  • The girls go on a scavenger hunt; Chelsea adopts dolphins; and Stacie tries to earn a Wilderness Badge in these Dreamhouse family moments!

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